How to Fix YouTube Not Working on Smartphone, Smart TV?

Facing issues while watching Youtube not working? Don’t worry, we will help you find the possible reason and the best troubleshooting steps to fix your problem. In this article, we will give you detailed troubleshooting instructions and you don’t have to go anywhere.

Reason for YouTube Not Working On My Smartphone

Follow are the possible reasons why your YouTube Not Working:-

Unstable Internet Connection

To stream YouTube, you need a stable internet connection, so if your internet connection is not good then you will face problems. You can reset your router or change the internet connection to the mobile data and try again.

Browser Issue

It can be possible that there is some issue in your browser to fix it, you can update the browser app. The security settings on your browser can cause problems in the loading of contents.

Software Updates Not Installed

If you are using outdated software on your device then most probably you will face problems in playing YouTube videos and other tools. So it is better to install all the software updates to make sure your device works smoothly.

Out of Storage on Your Device

If the storage on your device is full or insufficient then it can affect its functioning. You will face problems in using apps including YouTube, you can free some space by deleting unnecessary files.

Insufficient Storage for the Working of Apps

To work properly on your device, the apps need some memory to store the temporary files. And if you fail to provide memory for their functioning, the apps will not work. For streaming videos online, YouTube needs space to access or load the content.

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Best Troubleshooting Steps to Fix YouTube Not Working

Check the Internet Connection

The first troubleshooting step to try is to check the internet connection. First, make sure your internet connection is stable and provides at least 5mbps speed. And if your internet connection is not working properly, then reset your modem or router. After resetting the router, if your problem is not resolved then change the internet connection and try to stream YouTube videos.

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Check the Cable Connection

Take a good look at all the cables that are connected to your tv and make sure they are plugged in correctly. A poor cable connection can result in buffering or buffering issues. If the cables are outdated or not compatible, the data will not be transferred quickly and cause buffering in YouTube. You can check out the manufacturer’s website to find the compatible cables and connectors for your tv model.

Reboot Your Device

To restart your device, unplug the power cable and wait for a few seconds then plug it in again. It will automatically free the device’s memory and resolve issues related to streaming services like YouTube.

Check for Updates

If you use outdated software then you can face buffering problems on streaming services like YouTube due to minor bugs and glitches. Go to your manufacturer’s website or tv settings menu, and check if an update is available.

Clear the Cache File

It is possible that the cache files can be causing the buffering issue on YouTube. To get deleted the corrupted files, clear the cache memory. From the TV’s settings menu, go to the ‘clear cache’ or ‘delete temporary memory’ option and delete all the temporary files.

Delete and Reinstall YouTube

First, delete YouTube and all its files, and again install it from scratch. Reinstalling can resolve the playback issues which you were facing earlier. And if the problem is not resolved check for updates after reinstalling.

Adjust your tv Antenna

On antenna-based TV, the antenna must be positioned in the right direction to get good signals. If the antenna is not placed correctly or damaged then you will not be able to enjoy streaming services like YouTube. And in case, the broadcasting station is too far, try a better and outdoor-rated model.

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If you are not able to access YouTube videos due to geographical limitations then you should try the VPN. It will connect you to the server of another country and help you stream videos without any issues.

Reset your Smart TV’s Network Settings

If none of the steps works for you, then the last option with you is to reset your smart tv’s network settings and set it to default. It will fix the YouTube playback issue due to your device’s configuration. To reset it, just navigate to settings and select network. Then select the reset network settings under advanced settings and follow the on-screen instructions. Now, open YouTube and check if the problem is still there.

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