YouTube Error 429: Here’re The Different Ways To Fix

Are you seeing an YouTube Error 429: Too Many Requests’ while enjoying YouTube? This error display, which is a sign to hold on from the platform, is a result of too many requests that YouTube has received from your web browser. And the key to resolving this issue is to learn when and why the browser has sent too many requests to the video-sharing platform. So, that’s why we are here to help you understand this type of error on YouTube and the different ways to resolve it. You can easily learn all the troubling shooting methods here without much effort.

What is 429: Too Many Requests on YouTube

YouTube Error 429: Too Many Requests on YouTube is an error type that displays when the site’s server has received too many requests to perform a task from your side, either from a Windows device or android, in a very short amount of time. Behind this, there can be multiple reasons, which you will have to find and solve accordingly. However, you should remember that in most cases this error only occurs if your IP is blocked or the YouTube server is receiving too many requests from your side.

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Here’s The List of Possible Causes For YouTube 429 Error

Weak Internet Connection

The weak internet connection can completely be the cause of the YouTube Error 429: Too Many Requests error on YouTube. With low connectivity, your browser or app will not be able to send requests in time. Thus, it will have to forward another request to make it work and with multiple requests coming in a short time, YouTube will have to show a YouTube Error 429 to make it stop.

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Your IP Is Blocked

If YouTube found your IP address to be suspicious, then it may block your device from accessing the content and you may see a 429 error on your screen. Try avoiding the VPN services while using YouTube as it increases the chances of your address being suspicious.

Cache Size Build-Up

If you are accessing with your browser, then this can be another reason for this platform to show you a 429 error. To access it without any disruption, clear your cache data of the app or browser.

YouTube Server Is Down

Rarely happens, but possible. A 429 error can be displayed on your screen if the YouTube server is down. If the server is down, then your browser will send multiple requests to receive data in return and this will be stopped by showing a 429 error.

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Here’re The Different Ways to Fix YouTube Error 429?

Reconnect Your Network Connection

Slow or weak internet connection is an issue that gives rise to many problems. The first step towards troubleshooting your YouTube Error 429 is to restart your internet connection. You can do this by either disconnecting your current device which is showing the error, or you can restart the router.

Clear Cache Data or Cookies

Large cache data or cookies can also be the reason for a 429 error on video-sharing platforms. You can clear these types of files on a weekly basis to ensure more space and less junk on your device. Thus try this method to rectify the 429 error on YouTube.

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Unlock Your IP

If your IP address is blocked, then you can never visit the platform and it will always show you the error. You will have to unblock your IP to access YouTube, first by deactivating your VPN and second by contacting your Internet service provider.

Disable Adblockers or Suspected Extensions

While accessing YouTube, maybe your ad blocker or any other type of extension is causing trouble while sending lots of requests to the platform. So, you will have to remove any sort of ad-blocking software or extension to remove the 429 error.

Wipe Out DNS Cache

To wipe the DNS cache to remove the YouTube Error 429 follow these steps:

  • First access ‘Command Prompt’ through administrative powers.
  • Right-click the window.
  • Type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ and enter.

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Q. What is the meaning of rate limited?

Rate Limited or Rate Limiting is a method to reduce the incoming network flow or traffic. It restricts the user’s actions within a specific time range. Mostly this technique is used to limit malicious bot activities on certain platforms including YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Moreover, the load on web servers is also reduced by this process.