Causes and Fixing of the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light

Many people have complained about the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light. We’ll go over the most prevalent reasons for this, and the simplest approach to repair it. The Xbox One power brick has become an iconic component of the current XBOX console design. It is the component that fuels your system, providing it with all the necessary juice to run magnificent AAA games with outstanding graphics.

However, there may be moments when your power brick malfunctions. One issue, in particular, causes Xbox players to suffer, and that is the problem of the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light. What exactly does the orange light indicate? And how are you going to solve it? If you find yourself pondering this subject, take a deep breath and relax!

What Do the Red, Green, and Orange Lights Refer to in Xbox One?

A flickering red light on the power button indicates that your console is under-ventilated. The red light will blink indefinitely until the console cools down.

  • The green light on the Xbox One console’s power button flashes when the system executes the following two actions:
  • When the disc drive tray opens or closes, the light flashes quickly.
  • When the console is switched off, the light flashes slowly.
  • The orange light indicates that there is insufficient power to switch on your console, which is why it is on standby. The Xbox One has built-in surge protection that guards against electrical harm.
  • Your console will go into surge mode and stop the power whenever a surge is detected. The Xbox One power brick’s orange light is thus typically caused by a power loss.

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What Is the Orange Light Problem in Xbox One?

The Xbox One power supply orange light indicates that the computer is in standby mode. It’s not getting enough electricity, therefore you won’t be able to switch it on. The Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light indicates that the power supply has failed. It indicates that your power supply is malfunctioning and is unable to give the necessary power to the console.

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What Are the Causes of the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light?

Power Supply:

  • The orange light on your Xbox One power brick indicates a faulty power source. It means that your power supply isn’t working properly and isn’t supplying enough power to the console.


  • Overheating of the power source or brick can also lead to the death of Xbox One and thus the blinking problem of orange light.

Power brick or power adapter problem:

  • There can be an issue with the Power brick or power adapter of the box One. Electronic items have a finite amount of life and need replacement.

Power outage:

  • There can be a problem of the insufficiency of power outrage. Loss of electricity to the power source can lead to the orange blinking.

Unclean parts:

  • Sometimes the parts also get dirty and need regular cleaning for uninterrupted work.

Hardware Malfunction:

  • A problem in the hardware of the device can lead to an interrupted working.

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Ways to Fix the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light Problem?

You may reset your console to factory settings: All cache files and incorrect Xbox settings may be removed this way. Follow the steps to factory reset:

  • See that there is no disc in the console.
  • Press and hold the Power button for roughly 10 seconds, then release it when the screen turns off.
  • Unplug the power line from your console and wait 10 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power cord and turn on the console by pressing the Power button.

Clean your power brick: A blocked power supply is also blame for the Xbox One power brick not turning on and blinking orange. This is because it cannot receive enough electrical energy from your source when it is blocked with dust. To avoid this issue, thoroughly blow out the particles using a hair drier. After cleaning, restart the console to see whether the problem has been resolved.

Power cycle the Xbox: You can power cycle your Xbox One in the following ways:

  • Disconnect the power adapter from the power source
  • Wait for five minutes.
  • Try to reconnect the power adapter of the Xbox to the power source.

Use an alternate power outlet or supply: Power outlets will undoubtedly wear out over time. Therefore, you should try utilizing a different power outlet for the Xbox. Here’s how to properly plug your Xbox into an alternative power source:

  • Unplug the Xbox One from the power supply.
  • Disconnect the HDMI cord from the TV or receiver linked the Xbox to.
  • Find a suitable alternate power source for your device.
  • Reposition the Xbox while taking care not to harm any of the components.
  • Connect the Xbox to the power supply as well as the HDMI cable.
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Replace the wiring or power cables: There is most likely a problem with the components in your Xbox One’s power supply. The power supply is made up of two parts: a power brick and a power adapter, which connects to the power brick and subsequently to the source. You should try changing the power adapter and the power brick. Begin by changing the power adapter:

  • Take the power adapter out of the brick.
  • Obtain a new (universal power adapter) that is compatible with the item in your possession.
  • Connect it to the Xbox, then to the source.

Replace the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light:

  • If the problem persists, remove the power brick from your setup.
  • Purchase a fresh new device for around $20-$30.
  • Connect the new brick to your existing configuration.

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How to Disassemble the Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light?

You can disassemble the Xbox one power brick by following these steps:

  • Remove the rubber boots and screws to open the power brick – Use your fingernails underneath and gently pull the boots up. Using your T10 security bit driver, remove the four screws.
  • Disconnect Fan Cable – Gently peel back the tab keeping the fan power cord in place with the tip end of your plastic spudger tool or your fingers. Pull the cable gently up and away from the circuit board.
  • Remove the screws – Remove the two larger screws with a Phillips head screwdriver. Once the screws are removed, remove the plastic frame from the left side of the power brick and flip it over.
  • Remove the fan from the frame – Lift the fan from the opposite side of the cord. Pull the cable through the frame hole and set the fan to the side.
  • Disassembling the fan – Remove the top of the fan housing by removing the four screws with a Philips head screwdriver. Then grab the fan and gently lift it up.


To summarise, there are several reasons why your power brick might not be working properly. We hope that this post has helped you diagnose and resolve the issue. If you still have questions, see below for our FAQ guide, which can help you with any remaining queries!

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Xbox One Power Brick Orange Light – FAQ’s

How Many Different Types of Xbox One Are There?    

There are 4 models of Xbox One:
> Xbox One (November 2013)
>Xbox One S (August 2016)
> Xbox One X (November 2017)
>Xbox One S All-Digital-Edition (May 2019)

Why Is The Orange Light Flashing?

If the light is still off or flashing orange, the power supply unit needs to be replaced.

Why does the Xbox One power brick’s orange light remain on when unplugged?

If the Xbox One power supply’s orange light is on all the time, there may be a problem with the cable or power outlet. Therefore, before attempting any other alternatives, we advise you to check the outlet.

Why won’t my Xbox turn on despite being plugged in?

Your Xbox One console might not be turning on for a variety of reasons. The power supply could be broken or connected incorrectly. The console can be overheated or broken. Maybe, the controller just needs a recharge.

How do I know if my Xbox 360 power supply is bad or broken?

A light is present on each Xbox One power brick to indicate that it is receiving power. The power source is in good operating order if you notice a solid white or solid orange light. If there is no light or if it flickers, it must be replaced.

Why is my 360 not working?

It could only require a power reset. Power problems are frequently brought on by the power supply restarting after a power shock.

How do I fix the orange light on my Xbox 360 power brick?

Perform a Power Supply Reset:
> Disconnect the console’s power cord and the cable that connects to the wall outlet.
> Wait for Ten seconds.
> Reconnect the power cable to the wall outlet, but don’t yet connect the console’s power.
> Verify the LED light is turned on.

How do you reset an Xbox 360 Slim?

> Select Settings > System from the Xbox dashboard screen.
> Select the Storage Option.
> By selecting your Hard Drive or Memory Unit and pressing Y on your controller, Select Device Options.
> Select the Format option.
> An alert will let you know that doing this will delete all of the data on your device.

How do you turn on an Xbox 360 without a power supply?

Try holding the power button on the front of the console for 10 seconds if you’re trying to turn on your Xbox 360 without the power brick.
You can also try unplugging the console, waiting a short while, and then plugging it back in if that doesn’t work.