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Winning is a special feeling and an extremely desired emotion when it’s about money. The best place to go to find a win like this is, where you can win for free. All you will have to do is visit and register yourself for free to get a activation code on your email. Now save the code and continue to read the article for further instructions. This content will carry the information in a very detailed form.

What Is

Understand this way, is a portal by Publishers Clearing House, to which you will have to navigate after getting an activation code from PCH. And getting an activation code from PCH on your mail is a big deal as it maximizes your chance to win a big prize.

How To Register Yourself on

Here are the steps to register yourself on

  • First, visit
  • Click WIN IT! In blue.
  • Complete all the required entries on the next loaded page.
  • You will have to select your title “Mr., Mrs., or Ms.”.
  • Then type your First Name and Last Name.
  • Now also fill in the crucial details like “Street Address, Apt/ Suite, and Zip Code”.
  • Next, enter your E-mail id and then again to confirm it.
  • Fill in your Date of Birth in this format ‘MM/DD/YYYY’.
  • As the final step clicks on the WIN IT! In green.

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Your Simple Guide To Activate Your PCH Activation Code At WWW.PCH.COM/ACTNOW And Win Big

If you received an official email or postcard carrying an activation code from PCH.COM then you are in luck, as it increases your chance to win big money. But things are not done until you complete the activation process and enter the code at either of the sites or they are the official page of PCH.

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Now follow these steps to do so:

  • Receiving the card was the first step, now open it by removing the tabs carefully. They are present on the top and bottom of the card.
  • Open the letter and find these words, “Please confirm receipt of this notice immediately at the following web address: ”. (Remember you can use both and )
  • Now you will see the activation code on the right side.
  • Enter either of the above-mentioned URLs on your pc or laptop or smartphone.
  • As soon as the site opens enter the code in the required field called “Activation Code Input Form” and then click on submit.
  • Then, you will be asked a few questions, just answer them.
  • Wherever the site asks for your details like “First Name, Last Name, Address, Zip Code, and Email address” just fill them up,
  • You will be notified about the winners on Mail.

About PCH or Publishers Clearing House or

Publishers Clearing House or favorably known as PCH was founded by Harold and LuEsther Mertz in 1953, is a direct marketing company for valued consumer products and magazines having multi-channel doorways to execute business.

This B to C means, a business direct-to-consumer company offers a multi-channel mix of shopping and free-to-play contest services. It provides consumers the chance to win across multiple platforms.

In today’s era, the name, Publishers Clearing House or is now a synonym for the word sweepstakes, with the company’s famous marketing strategy of promoting magazine subscription services and prize-based gaming contests.

If we look at the figures the company has donated over $553 million as prizes. PCH always overwhelms their winners by granting them cheques valued anywhere from one thousand dollars to a million.

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Offering huge winnings is the style of PCH to show its loyalty and respect toward its consumers, retailers, and marketers.

Getting A Postcard From PCH

Received an official letter or postcard from PCH or Publishers Clearing House carrying an activation code? If yes, then the next and only thing to do is to visit and enter the code to win.

Well, it’s our way of explaining a detailed process in brief but if you want to know the details then continue reading.

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How To Identify An Official PCH Postcard?

An official PCH postcard carrying the activation code from will be packed with black, white, and orange colors, with URL written on it along with pch com final activation code and a few instructions to enlighten you about the activation process.

Who is Eligible to Get an Activation Code and Win Prize Money From PCH?

Only those who can play and win the PCH contest who:

  • Are the legal citizens of the US.
  • Aged 18 years or above to register themselves on
  • Are having all the required identity proof documents.

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