Activate Hulu via URL on any Device

Visit  > link in your web browser. Click on the > “DISNEY BUNDLE DUO BASIC” or “DISNEY BUNDLE TRIO BASIC” and you also select the > “Sign up for Hulu only” option. Choose whichever subscription plan suits you, whether ad-supported or ad-free and think about some premium add-ons like Hulu + Live TV or Disney+. Put your details like email, password, and billing information in the spaces given, then click the > ‘continue.’ Open Hulu on the device of your choice. If you will also watch on other devices, be sure to use the code included during the activation. Enjoy Hulu content hassle-free!

How to Create an Account on HULU

  1. Open your > web browser and Type the >
  2. Click on the > ‘DISNEY BUNDLE DUO BASIC’ or ‘DISNEY BUNDLE TRIO BASIC’ > button and you will also choose > ‘Sign up for Hulu only‘.
  3. Choose the > subscription plan that best suits your needs. There are ad-supported and ad-free options available. You can also add premium add-ons like Hulu + Live TV or Disney+.
  4. Fill in the required information, including your email address, password, and billing details then click the > continue > button.
  5. Create a new user name, and customize the default settings.
  6. Open the Hulu on a particular device you wish to watch Hulu TV. Check if you want to watch Hulu content on another device you need to activation code to activate Hulu.

How to log in with Hulu Account

  • Using the web browser go to > or www.hulu login/activate.
  • At the top right side of the site, you will find a cleanly worded “login” button.
  • Enter your Hulu email address and your password.
  • Click the ‘Log In’ button and if you hold more than one profile under your account choose the corresponding profile to be used for watching Hulu.

How to Activate Hulu on Roku via

  • Click the > Home button with the help of the Roku remote.
  • Find the > Hulu channel and choose the > Add Channel.
  • Download to finish Go back to the > Home and launch the Hulu app.
  • Sign in with your existing Hulu account or create a new one.
  • Wait for a few seconds until your activation code is displayed on your TV screen.
  • Go to Hulu Activate Code Roku with your computer or phone, visit
  • Enter the > activation code from your Roku TV.
  • Click the > Submit > button on the Hulu website.
  • You’ll see a confirmation message on your TV and computer/phone.

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How to Activate Hulu on Smart TV via

  • Visit the > “Streaming Channels” > tab in your Smart TV menu button.
  • Enter the > “Hulu” into the on-screen input.
  • Find Hulu, select the > app, and proceed to > Add the channel for downloading and installation.
  • Select the > “Activate” > option from the current page.
  • Your Smart TV device will display a unique 6-digit activation key.
  • Access the > Hulu activation page using any media device like a computer or phone browser.
  • Visit the > Hulu Activate Smart TV using webpage and enter the code on your Smart TV device.
  • Click on > “Activate” to complete the activation process.

How to Activate Hulu on Samsung TV

  • Open the > Hulu app on your Samsung device. If you don’t have the app, download it from the Samsung App Store.
  • If you already have a Hulu account, select the > “Sign in” option and enter your Hulu email address and password.
  • After login, you will see the activation code displayed on your Samsung screen.
  • If prompted to activate at a specific URL: ( or, use your device’s browser to visit the provided link.
  • Once on the activation page, enter the activation code on your Samsung TV screen into the designated box.
  • Click on the > “submit” button to complete the activation process.

How to Activate Hulu on Apple TV:

  • Find the > App Store on your Apple TV.
  • Search for > “Hulu” and download the > Hulu app.
  • Launch the > Hulu app on your Apple TV.
  • Log in with your existing Hulu account or create a new account if you’re a new user.
  • Choose your > preferred subscription plan.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate Hulu on your Apple TV.
  • Once your iPhone or iPad displays the activation code.
  • Use another device, like a computer or another iPhone/iPad, to open a web browser. Visit activate or the provided activation link. 
  • Enter the > 6-digit activation code from your Apple TV on this page. 
  • Finally, click the > “submit” button and enjoy the Hulu content.

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How to Activate Hulu on All Gaming Console

  • Find the > Microsoft Store on your Xbox One.
  • Search for the > “Hulu” app and install it.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the Hulu app on your Xbox One.
  • You’ll likely be prompted with options to either “Sign In” or “Activate.”
  • If you have an existing Hulu account, choose the > “Sign In” and enter your Hulu email and password.
  • If prompted to activate, an activation code will be displayed on your Xbox Device screen.
  • Using a web browser on your computer or mobile device, go to the > Hulu activation page: on Xbox One.
  • Enter the > activation code shown on your Xbox One into the designated field on the activation page.
  • Click on the > “Activate” > button on the activation page to finalize the activation process.

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Activate Hulu on Verizon (Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+)

  • You can log in log in via Facebook or create a Hulu account.
  • Enter a valid email ID and a preferred password for Hulu accounts at Disney.
  • Click the “Your Disney+ account has been activated” screen to access it.

If you cannot find the Activate Hulu option, Try this:

  • Navigate to with your computer.
  • Sign in with the email address if necessary.
  • Click on the profile you are interested in.
  • Click here the Icon of a profile(upper-right).
  • Click Account.
  • Click Hulu.


Hulu+No Ads and Hulu+Live TV allow you to watch videos, browse episodes, and access live streaming to always be up-to-date with the latest news. You can access all this content from the comfort of your couch once you activate your device at activate.

Reference Link: – FAQ’s

How to Activate Hulu on Apple TV and iOS devices?

To activate Hulu on Apple TV and iOS devices, open the Hulu app on your device and go to the Account tab. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to enter the activation code and link the device to your Hulu account..

What to Do if Hulu Activation is Not Working?

If Hulu activation is not working, try restarting the device by turning it off and on again. You may also need to unlink and relink the device to your Hulu account. Also, make sure you are entering the correct activation code

How to try Hulu’s free trial?

To try Hulu’s free trial, go to and click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button. Then, enter your payment information and create your account. Once you finish, you can stream your favorite shows and movies for free.