Wmlink/2step: Boosting Walmart Associates’ Security [2024]

Wmlink/2 step : Today, one can have his or her life savings stolen in mere seconds by an anonymous online hacker. As a major retailer, Walmart realises that there is a need for protection on their associates’ accounts and has therefore put strong safeguards in place. An example is Wmlink/2step which is a two factor authentication (2FA) where there is one more security protection on the inside platform, OneWalmart.

What is Wmlink/2step

Every walmart associate must pass through the two step process called wmlink-Two step or WML before being allowed to use their own devices to access the OneWalmart using it at home. It plays into users’ login credentials requiring additional verification code to prevent any unauthorized access from trespassers into users’ login accounts. Unique identifier, such as a temporary password or a one-use token that is sent by the system to the user’s registered mobile phone or email.

Benefits of Wmlink/2step

The implementation of Wmlink/2step offers several benefits for Walmart associates:

  • Enhanced Security: Although a user’s password may be cracked by hackers, it reduces the likelihood of an unauthorized account access attempt.
  • Protection of Sensitive Data: WMLINK/2STEP secures confidential files like salary slips, schedules of activity and pension info.
  • Peace of Mind: Thus, associates know for sure that their private and financial data are protected.

Get the Access at Walmart

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to accomplish it

Step 1: Enroll in 2SV

  • Access the enrollment page: Use wmlikc/2step through the Walmart intranet.
  • Enter your credentials: Please enter your WIN number and password.
  • Choose your verification method: You can choose one of these methods for obtaining verification codes – either by SMS or e-mail.
  • Provide contact information: Type in your preferred mobile phone number or email where you can receive the verification codes.
  • Verify contact information: Verify through a confirmation code sent to your selected contact method (SMS or email). You enter the confirmation code of your contact data.
  • Complete enrollment: Upon successful confirmation, proceed with enrollment.
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Step 2: Use 2SV

  • Access OneWalmart from a personal device: Go to one.walmart.com using your smartphone, home computer or tablet and open your web browser.
  • Enter your credentials: Provide your WIN and password.
    Enter verification code: You will then proceed to input the verification code sent to your selected mode of contact (either SMS or email).
  • Complete login: Type in the verification code, then hit “Sign In” to finish your login.

Note also one will need to use Two Step Verification to login OneWalmart through a personal computer or other personal device! If you have not registered yet, follow the instructions above in order to lock your account before getting crucial data stolen.

Problem faced in two phase verification at Walmart

Here are some common problems that users may encounter when using 2-step verification (2SV) at Walmart:

Not Receiving Verification Codes

  • Check your contact information: Make sure that the phone number or email address for submitting verification codes is correct.
  • Check spam or junk folders: Verification codes sometimes land in spam or junk boxes. If the codes are not being sent to the inbox, check these folders.
  • Check for network connectivity: Make sure that your gadget has a steady connection to the web. The verification code can be sent through an SMS or email, hence connectivity matters a lot.

Unable to enroll in 2SV

  • Access from a Walmart workstation: It’s important to note that 2Sv enrollment only works if one has an access from a pc connecting Walmart’s corporate network. It will not work if you are trying to enroll from a personal device.
  • Check for system updates: It is also possible that some enrollment problems might be caused when using out-of-date software programs and computer operating systems. Make sure that the device you are using is equipped with the current version of the software or operating system.
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Verification Code Not Working

  • Enter the code correctly: Make sure that you are not entering any space or unnecessary characters while verifying the password verification code.
  • Code validity: Validity period on verification codes. However, if the code expires due to a delay on your part, it will no longer be valid. Request a new code.
    Contact customer support: Contact Walmart customer care if your code is still not working out after several attempts.

The loss of access to this verification method

  • Update contact information: You’ll need to have new contacts if your mobile phone number and corresponding email change. Call Walmart customer support to open this process.
  • Use backup codes: Backup codes are an alternative in case of failing verification at Walmart. Keep these codes safe and use them in case you can’t be verified through your initial mode.


Finally, it can be concluded WalmartOn2SV is a necessary step on Walmart’s side to safe-keeping of personal and financial data of its associates. In this sense, Walmart has resorted to 2FA to protect its associate’s data as well as maintain the safety of its internal platform.