Why does Peacock Keep Freezing on my Smart TV [2023]

Why does Peacock keep freezing? Reasons and other related problems regarding peacock buffering issues. Quickly solve Peacock buffering and freezing Problems with a few simple steps and you can watch your shows easily. Follow the Instructions Below.

What is Peacock

  • Peacock is one of the fastest-growing digital streaming service platforms. It has emerged at a rapid pace and gained global recognition. It is an American video streaming platform developed by NBCUniversal, and it launched the service on the 15th of July 2020.
  • Peacock is a vast library of entertainment content, including NBC thrill, comedy, shoes, sports, Universal Studio films, and more. As per recent records, Peacock has over 70 million users from all over the world. 

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Why Does My Peacock Keep Buffering

Why does Peacock keep freezing? Peacock users keep complaining about the buffering issues. The users face many problems like slow loading, unwanted freezing, lag, etc. Following are the probable reasons why your Peacock streaming is buffering –

  • This can be because of the late transfer of data. 
  •  It is a premium streaming service that needs high-speed internet access; sometimes, low data speed causes buffering in Peacock.
  • Inefficient internet speed.
  • Peacock buffers when you do multiple things simultaneously on your device.
  • You play high-graphics games, stream high-quality videos, and download large files simultaneously. It degrades performance efficiency, which results in buffering.
  •  Using your Peacock account on multiple devices can also cause buffering. 
  •  It can be due to an old version of operating software.
  •  Multiple devices are connected over the same internet connection.
  • If you are using an unauthorized VPN, this can cause buffering in between the streaming. 
  • Your streaming device is not up to date. 

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How to Fix Peacock Streaming Issues

Despite all the intense reasons for buffering in between streaming in Peacock, there are numerous methods through which you can quickly get rid of buffering and other Peacock streaming issues. Following is the list of fixtures you can try and resolve the problem – 

  • It is always recommended to have an internet speed of around 3 to 4 Mbps for a smooth streaming experience on Peacock without interruption.
  •  Keep your streaming device up to date with the latest available update.
  • Install the latest software update of Peacock.
  •  Reset your streaming device.
  • Log out of all the devices and stream in a single device with your Peacock account.
  •  Remove the Peacock app’s corrupted data and cache.
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Clear corrupted data and cache
In This Image, Remove the Peacock app’s clear cache
  • Remove VPN and third-party apps.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Peacock app. 
  • Sign out and sign in.
  • You can try streaming via the browser if you are having trouble streaming in the Peacock app. 
  • If you are streaming through a firestick, then reboot it.
  • Close all the other apps that are running in the background.
  • Seek out for the Peacock support team’s help. 

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How to Activate Peacock TV on Your Smart TV

You are likely to face a few difficulties while setting up the Peacock service on your smart TV. It consists of a simple method to activate Peacock TV on your smart TV. Keep a smartphone handy to verify the activation code. Kindly obey the below-given instructions properly – 

  •  First, make your account and sign up for the Peacock.
  •  Go to your smart TV app store and install the Peacock app.
  • Then, launch and open the app.
  • Here, you will see a TV activation code.
  • Using other devices visit Peacocktv.Com/Tv Activation.
  • Now enter the TV activation code.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Complete the signup process with your Peacock account.
  • Upon completion of signup, you will be redirected to the Peacock streaming service; now, you can relax and watch your favorite shows.

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Why Does Peacock Keep Freezing – FAQ’s

Why Does the Peacock Buffer so much?

*There can be multiple reasons why your Peacock streaming service keeps buffering so much. The most common reason which results in buffering is the incapable internet speed.
*However, it can also be due to slow internet, cache, storage issues, old software, third-party apps, and much more.
*You can fix it by improving the speed of your internet service broadband. All the remedies have been provided above in this article to resolve the problem.

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Why Does Peacock keep Crashing on Roku?

*The most common reason Peacock keeps crashing on a Roku device is the random addition of channels. Bugs and bloatware are other common reasons for that.
*To avoid crashing, please ensure that you always restart your Roku device when removing or adding a channel.
*You can also try to delete the cache and force-stop the app to prevent it from crashing. 

Why is Peacock Slow?

*Many subscribers complain about the lag or slow working of the Peacock streaming service; it has recently reduced the number of subscribers.
*In most cases, the internal issue of the app development causes the lag and has nothing to do with the user’s resource efficiency.
*Many times it was questioned by the Peacock team but received no genuine answer. But sometimes, internet speed and incapable software can make the Peacock app work slowly.