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Using the link, we’ll show you how to install and activate the MHz Choice app on these devices in this article. Apple TV, Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV are all supported.

It features well-known serials, programs, dramas, comedy shows, and mysteries from throughout the world. MHz Networks owns MHz Choice, a video-on-demand service. On October 20, 2015, MHz Choice was introduced. Steps to Follow:

  • Go to the MHz Choice’s activation page.
  • As soon as the page loads, a sign-in section appears.
  • ‘Sign up to activate’ is written on the website’s sign-in area.
  • Then, enter the email address that is linked to your account. To continue, click the Next button below.
  • After logging in, It will direct you to the activation page to activate your device.

What to enter MHz Choice Activation code?

  • The web portal was built for new MHz Network subscribers.
  • It is vital to activate your subscription before you begin using the entertainment services.
  • You must first activate the device before you may watch TV or movies on it.
  • You’ll be able to manage your channel on any device, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV
  • After it’s been activated.
  • On the MHz Choice website, you can activate your gadget.

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MHz Choice Login –

  • Go to the sign-in page for MHz Choice Login:
  • There is a sign in part in the middle.

MHZ Website log in Webpage:

  • You must enter the email address you used to create your account.
  • Below, press the ‘Next button.
  • You will be logged in after entering your password on the new page that appears.

Overview of the MHz Choice:

International television programming is a specialty of MHz Choice (an American public broadcasting channel). The broadcaster began operations in 1996. Any device on the channel, such as Amazon TV, Roku, or Android, can be used to view seamless entertainment.

The public broadcaster’s international television programming service provider focuses on giving the most outstanding programs to its subscribers. Millions of people in Canada and the United States subscribe to MHz Choice. You’ve come to the right place if you want to activate MHz Choice.

Activate MHz Choice on Roku TV

Activate the Mhz network on Roku using watch mhz choice com activate. Using these instructions you will know how to activate MHz choice on Roku.

  • From the home screen, press the home button on your Roku remote.
  • Go to the streaming channels option and click on store.
  • Search MHzChoice and install/download the app on your Roku device.
  • Launch the app and acquire an activation code on your TV screen.
  • Log in with your specified account credentials.
  • On a different device, open any browser and go to
  • Submit the registered email account in the form provided on the next page.
  • In the appropriate field, type your activation code.
  • After you’ve completed the activation process, your screen will immediately refresh.

How to Activate MHz Choice on my Apple TV?

  • Turn on your Apple TV and go to the App Store.
  • Search MHzChoice and install/download the app.
  • Open the app and acquire an activation code on your TV screen, sign in using your specified account credentials.
  • On your computer or mobile device, open any browser and type into the URL area.
  • To receive an activation box, you will need to provide a valid email address.
  • In the appropriate field, enter the activation code It provided you.
  • The TV screen will be refreshed automatically.

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Activate MHz Choice on Android TV

  • Download and launch the MHz app (mhzchoice) if you’re not familiar with Android TV activation.
  • After that, open the app and wait for the preview screen to appear.
  • Now is the time to enter the activation code (remember to use watch mhz choice com activate code).
  • Next, go to on your phone or PC to access the activation pages.
  • After that, input your activation codes and your email address.
  • To finish the activation process, follow the steps.
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Activate MHz Choice on my Amazon Fire TV & Fire Stick

Using the instructions given below you will be able to know how to activate the mhz choice on Firestick and FireTV

  • Connect your Amazon Fire TV and go to the app store.
  • Search “MHz Choice”, and click the download/install button.
  • Wait a few minutes for the installation to finish before launching the MHz app from the home screen.
  • Use your account credentials to log in and get an activation code.
  • From any other device, go to
  • In the next section, type your registered email address and click the Next button.
  • To finish the activation process, follow the onscreen directions. Then, please fill up the form with the activation code It provided you.
  • Your screen will immediately refresh after the activation process is completed.
  • Now you can do MHz streaming on your amazing device.

Activate MHz Choice on my Xbox One

  •  From your home screen, click on the Store button.
  • Search “MHz Choice”, install/download the app
  • Wait for the installation procedure to complete before launching the app.
  • Use your account credentials to log in.
  • On your TV screen, an activation code will appear.
  • From any other device, go to
  • Submit your email address and then click the Next button.
  • In the area below, enter the activation code you were given.

How to Activate MHz Choice on my Samsung Smart TV?

  • On your TV remote, press the home/smart hub button.
  • Go to the top-right side of the screen and click the search Symbol.
  • Select “MHz Choice”, install/download the app.
  • To obtain an activation code, you must log in using the MHz Choice provided login and password.
  • From any other browser, go to
  • In the appropriate field, you must provide a valid email address.
  • Then press the Next button.
  • In the area below, enter the activation code that It provided.

Activate MHz Choice on Xfinity X1

  • By saying “MHz Choice” into their X1 voice remote or locating it in the networks part of Xfinity on Demand, Xfinity X1 customers can subscribe to and access the entire MHz Choice collection.
  • For $7.99 per month, X1 subscribers can add an MHz Choice subscription to their service.
  • Only for consumers in the United States.

Watch MHz choice login on Cox Contour

  • MHz Choice on Cox Contour and Contour Stream Player subscribers can subscribe to and access the entire MHz Choice collection by saying “MHz Choice” into their Contour voice remote or searching for it under Apps, Networks, or Store under On Demand.
  • For $7.99 per month, Cox subscribers can add an MHz Choice subscription to their package.
  • Only for consumers in the United States.

Is it possible to stream from my phone to my TV?

  • You certainly can! You can stream from your Apple iPhone or iPad to a compatible Apple TV using the MHz Choice iOS software.
  • You can stream from your Android device to a Chromecast device using the MHz Choice Android app.
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MHz International Mysteries Schedule

The MHz Channel has one of the best mysteries collection to offer the world. All content under the International Mysteries Genre can be watched as VOD.

Program Name Series
Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games 4 Seasons
Agatha christie’s Family Murder Party 1 Season
Allmen 1 Season
Anotomy of Evil 2 Season
Aresene Lupin 2 Season
Aresene Lupin: 813 1 Season
The Art of crime 5 Season
Banking District 2 Season
The Bastards of Pizzofalcone 2 Season
Beck 7 Season
Bulletproof Heart 3 Season
Camilla Lackberg 1 Season
Camilla Lackberg’s Fjallbacka Murders 1 Season
Captain Marleau 3 Season
Cherif 1 Season
Detectives 2 Season
Detective Ellen Lucas 2 Season
Detective Montalbano 1 Season
Don Matteo 8 Seasons
Donna Detective 1 Season
Donna Leon’s Brunetti Mysteries 1 Season
Flemming 3 seasons
Fog and Crimes 3 seasons

Troubleshooting Guide for Login and Activation Process:-

  • Use our official link below to access the Mhz Choice Portal official login page (
  • When you click the link, it will open in a new tab, allowing you to continue reading the guide and, if necessary, follow the troubleshooting steps.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  • These must have been given to you by MHz Choice Portal, either when you signed up or by your Mhz Choice Portal authority.
  • You should now see a message that says “successfully logged in.”
  • Congratulations, you have successfully logged in to

If you are unable to access the MHz Choice Portal website

please refer to the following troubleshooting guide:

  • You may only need to erase your cache and cookies from your Internet browser if you’re having difficulties logging in.
  • Go to your browser’s support page or search for “How do I clear cache and cookies in?” in the search box if you need assistance.

If you’re unable to log in because you’ve forgotten your account’s email address or password

follow these steps to regain access:-

  • First, use any of the above links to get to the login page.
  • Next, click Have you forgotten your password, or are you having problems logging in?
  • Finally, click Next after entering the email address you used to create your account.
  • You should select next.
  • If your email address is recognized, you will receive a password reset email with instructions on how to change your password.
  • Check your email inbox for instructions on how to change your password.
  • Log in with the new password this time.

If you’ve forgotten your username

follow these steps:

  • Use the Forgot Username? Link on the login page if you’ve forgotten your username.
  • The Recover Username option will send your username to the login’s contact email address.
  • It will send your username to you through email.
  • Use this username to log in again.

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  • Here are some guidelines and step-by-step guides for activating the MHz Choice on your smartphone.
  • After you’ve completed the activation process, you’ll be able to watch comedies and strange episodes.
  • To download and install the MHz Choice app on your mobile device, go to the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • An Amazon Prime membership is required to subscribe to MHz Choice on Amazon.
  • A subscription is not transferable to an MHz Choice on Amazon subscription, even though the programming is identical on both platforms.
  • Your Amazon username and password will not function on and vice versa.
  • Only Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States have access to MHz Choice.
  • We hope you find this information on how to activate on your user device beneficial.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What is MHz Choice?

MHz Choice is the platform where you can enjoy the streaming services featuring new and exclusive international mysteries, dramas and comedies or you can say MHz Choice gives an online video library of the shows that you can watch whenever you want to watch. MHz Choice is a web-only channel. Therefore, you can access it without a cable or satellite subscription.

Is MHz available on Roku?

You may easily access the content on your TV by using the MHz Choice Roku channel.
On your Roku, go to the MHz Choice Roku channel and select SIGN IN.
It will generate an activation code for you.
Then, visit the Activate page on a separate device (computer or phone) and log in (if you are not).

Is MHz going off the Air?

MHz Worldview will be decommissioned on March 1, 2020.
Therefore, as of March 1, 2020, MHz Worldview will no longer be available on the 26 public television stations in the United States that now broadcast it.
Please Note: The closing of MHz Worldview has no bearing on MHz Choice, our streaming service.

On FIOS, what channel is MHz?

In the Washington, DC area, Verizon Fios broadcasts MHz Worldview (ch 451).

How do I cancel my Amazon MHz subscription?

First, select ‘Settings’ from your circular profile symbol in the top right corner of the screen: Click ‘Cancel Subscription’ under the ‘Purchases’ tab.
If you don’t want to be charged again, choose cancel instead of one of the ‘Pause’ alternatives.

On DirecTV TV, what channel is MHz?

Channel 2183 on DirecTV

Who purchased Wycc?

Window to the World Communications

Is Mhzchoice worth it?

The streaming quality is excellent. The captions are excellent, although they do leave out four-letter words. MHz is a very welcome break from United States TV. For the small monthly charge, it’s incredible.

How to get MHz choice?

You can get Mhz Choice by going to the Appstore/playstore on your phone or streaming devices. Alternatively, you can watch the network channel by using the reference link give on this page.

Can I Watch Mhz choice on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can watch MHz on prime. To watch MHz on prime you must have Amazon Prime member ship and An MHz choice add-on subscription which for cost you $7.99/month.