The best way to Watch Disney Plus With Friends [2024]

You can virtually Watch Disney Plus With Friends movies with your close friends and family members with GroupWatch. When you’re apart, GroupWatch will automatically synchronize your streams so that everyone in your group may watch together.

How to invite friends to a GroupWatch

The procedures listed below can be used by the host to invite other Disney+ subscribers to the GroupWatch via their mobile device or web browser:

  1. Visit or launch the Disney+ app on your smartphone.
  2. Look up the book you want to set up a GroupWatch for.
  3. To begin a GroupWatch, select the GroupWatch icon on the Details page.
  4. Choose (+) Request an invite link in the GroupWatch room.
  5. Copy the invitation URL or choose your preferred sharing option.

The only person who can invite people to a GroupWatch is the host, but anyone in the group can direct the viewing by pausing, fast-forwarding, or rewinding the video. In the midst of your GroupWatch stream, as the host, you may also extend an invitation to more individuals by backing in the player section and the Invite icon.

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How to join GroupWatch

  • The procedures listed here can be used to accept a GroupWatch invitation in either the Disney+ app or a web browser if you’ve received one.
  • Select your profile by launching the Disney+ mobile app or visiting Watch Disney Plus With Friends.
  • Look up the GroupWatch you’re joining by its name.
  • Access the title page.
  • Select Join Stream from the GroupWatch icon.
  • After accepting the invitation, customers can switch to a connected TV to watch on a larger screen by doing as follows:
  1. Open Disney+ on the linked TV.
  2. choose the same sign-up profile that was used
  3. You’ll receive a notification from the app telling you to return to your GroupWatch.
  4. To rejoin, choose Join Stream.

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How many people can Watch Disney Plus With Friends

  • The group can grow to 7 members, including the host. 
  • A Disney Plus membership allows up to 4 separate profiles to stream and watches content concurrently.
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What devices can I use for My GroupWatch

  • With the exception of the PS4 and a few Roku models, Watch Disney Plus With Friends is accessible on the majority of platforms and devices that are supported. 
  • As an alternative, Disney+ users can use SharePlay to stream entertainment together while on a FaceTime chat if they have an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV running iOS, iPad, or tvOS 15.1 or later.

How to watch Disney Plus with Friends with GroupWatch on a Smart TV

  • Use the mobile app on your phone or visit the Disney Plus website.
  • locate the movie.
  • On the GroupWatch button, click or tap.
  • Send your pals the invite link.
  • Watch for their response to the invitation.
  • your Smart TV’s Disney Plus app should launch.
  • Locate the GroupWatch title that you initiated.
  • the first page, please.
  • The GroupWatch icon can be chosen using your remote control.
  • Make your way to “Join Stream.”

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Can I have a GroupWatch with people in different countries/regions

Only groups watching together in the same nation or region can use GroupWatch. Users who have been invited to a GroupWatch will be informed if they are unable to participate owing to geographical or content restrictions.

If we are having problems with GroupWatch and require assistance

Please keep the following in mind if you’re having issues with GroupWatch

  • GroupWatch participants must all be current Disney+ subscribers.
  • GroupWatch is not available for child profiles.
  • Users are prohibited from joining GroupWatches if there are currently seven participants or if there are more than four streams coming from a single account.
  • The accessibility of the content may differ by nation or location.
  • Users invited to a GroupWatch will be told if they are unable to join owing to cross-country/region or content restrictions as GroupWatch is only intended for viewing groups in the same country/region.

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