Walmartone Two Step Verification

In this article, you will get to know about the Walmartone Two Step Verification process which involves adding a code to your Asda login, why it is required and how to set up your account on the employee portal of the company. 

About Walmart

The largest retailer in the world, Walmart, has been operating in the United States for over 60 years with a working family of over 10,500 employees. With a revenue of over US $500 billion, it is the market leader in all the major markets of the world. This could be understood from the fact that the company was included in the list of Fortune Global 500 in the year 2020. For the success of the company, the family running Walmart should be credited and praised. 

To make it easier for everyone, Walmart has developed separated portals for employees and customers. Walmartone two step verification is a portal for employees, there is a specific process to set up the account. Stay connected till the end to know the complete procedure. 

What is Walmartone Two Step Verification portal?

Walmart has a separate portal for its employees that only they can access. The portal updates them on the current news and events in the company, future events, payroll, managing work, tracking leaves, getting added benefits like insurance covers and bonuses. It is an all-in-one portal for employees to manage and track their work and coordinate with the company. 

What is Walmartone two step verification process?

The wmlink/2step is a process to verify the accounts of the employees using a six digit code that is sent to them on mobile phones via text or phone call and should be entered in your account while logging in. The process has been added to provide an extra layer of security to your employee account. 

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Why is this verification process required?

  • Walmartone Two Step Verification process is required while connecting Walmartone portal with your mobile phone to make sure that your data remains secured.
  • Suppose you are away from Walmart network for quite some time and wish to access your details, then you will need to visit the employees portal and enter the six digit rotational code on the portal along with your login credentials. 

How to set up Walmartone Two Step Verification?

Setting up wmlink/2step process is pretty easy, all you need to do is to visit the link and enter the link. The step-by-step process nis mentioned below:

  • Visit the official Walmart’s employee portal Walmartone Two Step Verification on your browser and click the ‘login’ option on the top-right corner of the page. 
  • On the new window, enter your User ID, select your region and location (store/club, store/ club pharmacy, home office or DC) and then click sign up. This will log you into your employees portal account.
  • After logging in, you will be directed to the two step verification page where you can choose to receive the code on a call, text or app.

Receiving six digit code via text message

If you opt to receive the verification code over a text message, follow the steps below:

  • Select the option ‘Setup text messaging’.
  • Now select the country ‘United Kingdom’ and enter your mobile number.  
  • Click on the ‘Send code’ button given in blue color. 
  • You will now receive six digit code on your mobile that you need to enter in the verification code box and click the ‘Submit’ button. This way your account will be verified and secured.

Receiving the code over a call

If you wish to receive the code over a call, then follow the steps below. 

  • To receive code on the call select the option ‘Setup voice call’.
  • Select the country and enter the mobile number. 
  • Enter ‘area code’ and click on ‘submit’ button and you will receive a call telling you the code.
  • Enter the code in the specified space and click on ‘submit’. Now you are verified. 

Receiving code on the App

  • Select the option ‘Setup app’. 
  • Download the VIP access app from the app store of your phone.
  • After the download is complete, you will be asked to enter your User ID and a security code sent to you. 
  • Now the app will send you the security code, enter that code in the right place and click submit and now you are verified and ready to go. 

Do I need the Walmartone two step verification process even after being a member of Walmart BYOD and using another authenticator?

  • If you are enrolled for Walmart’s BYOD program, then logging in to your account is sufficient. The program itself gives you access to all the portals of Walmart. 
  • If you are using an authenticator like Google or Yubikey, then you will have to enroll for Symantec VIP for the 2 step verification process to access the Walmrt’s employee portal.
  • If you are using a Walmart or Sams club computer, then the verification process is not required.

Common issues faced during the two step verification problem

Since no methods guarantees you for a smooth process and so the thing is sometimes similar with Walmartone Two Step Verification  process. It too creates issues while conducting the process, the major reason behind this is the large cache and cookies  files stored on your browser or device. Clearing them can make the process smooth and trouble free. Another reason for slowing down of the process is the slow or unstable internet connection. Also make sure that you have the latest version if you are using application. 

Walmart Support Contacts

What would you do in case you get stuck while applying the 2 step verification process?

If such a thing happens, contact the support team of Walmart on the below numbers:

  • For US employees and associates: 479-273-4357, 800-775-5944, 844-292-4796.
  • For employees and associates in other countries, contact the Walmart help-desk within your country. 
  • You can also mail them your issue or query on: [email protected]

WalmartOne Reference Link


Walmartone Two Step Verification- FAQs

What is a Walmartone two step verification process?

The walmartone two step verification process involves verifying your employee account with a six digit rotational code so that no other person can access it. 

Is two step verification really necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to add an extra layer of security to your account since passwords are not always enough to protect your account. 

How do I find my 6 digit code?

You will receive the verification code over a text message, a call or on the app depending on whatever way you have opted for. 

How safe is two step verification?

The 2SV method is vulnerable to attacks from the hackers since a user may give all the permissions accidentally without being aware of it. 

How can I reach Walmart customer support?

You can connect with them on 479-273-4357, 800-775-5944, 844-292-4796 if you are an American resident. You can reach out to Walmart support through help-desks if you are a native of other countries. You can also email your query to them on [email protected]

What to do if the Walmartone app is not working?

The app may not be working due to the stored cache and cookie files in large numbers, try clearing them for the smooth working of the app.