Verify Youtube TV App on Any Device [2024]

Visit ‘‘. Tap the ‘Try It Free’ button. Enter your Email Address or Password and click the ‘Next’ button. Choose how to sign in: verification code or call. Tap ‘Continue’ and enter your Zip code. Select your plan (base and Spanish plan). Click ‘Checkout.’ Complete the payment process and enjoy YouTube content on your TV.

Activate Youtube with Free Trial on Any Smart TV

  • Visit the YouTube website (
  • Tap the > ‘Try It Free’ > button.
  • If your gmail is already created and active go to the next step.
  • Enter your > ‘Email Address’ and click > ‘Next’ > button.
  • Again Enter your > ‘Password’ > and click > ‘Next’ > button.
  • Choose how you want to sign in: log in with a verification code or verify with a call.
  • If you choose to verify with code you need to confirm your mobile number then type > number > click > send > button.
  • Text message sent with 6-digit verification code or enter > 6-digit code > click > next > button.
  • Tap > continue > button then Type > Zip code.
  • Go with > ‘Start Free Trial’ > button.
  • Choose your plan with a base and Spanish plan.
  • Click > ‘Next’ > button.
  • If you want to customize your ‘plans’ or add more channels.
  • Click > ‘Checkout’ > button.
  • Complete the payment and enjoy the YouTube content on your Smart TV.
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Register and Verify on Youtube using Gmail


  • Go to the official YouTube website ( tv/verify) and click > sign in > option.
  • Click the Create Account button and open three options or choose anyone.
  • On the next screen type > First and Last Name.
  • Select > Date of Birth and gender > click > next > button.
  • Click > ‘Get a Gmail address instead’ > select > any one or you want to create a new Gmail.
  • Type a valid email you want to activate and click > next > button.
  • Confirm your password and click the next button.
  • If you want to add your phone number for verification, you can do so. Otherwise, you can skip this step.
  • Then click the> next >button and your Gmail is active.

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Importance of YouTube verification

As a content creator getting verified is the most important initial step, as it brings authenticity and credibility to your channel. After verification, you get a verification badge from YouTube which helps you grow and build trust with your audience. It separates your channel from the bot spammers on YouTube.

Here are some features offered to the verified accounts:-

Upload videos longer than 15 minutes

The non-verified channels on YouTube can only upload videos with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Whereas after verification there is no duration limit, you can upload long-form and creative videos.

Create custom thumbnails

YouTube TV allows verified accounts to add custom thumbnails to their videos to attract more users. With eye-catching thumbnails, you can make your videos more engaging and increase your views. But if your channel is not verified, you have to select the default thumbnails which are not engaging.

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Stream live

If your channel is verified, you can stream live content and increase the engagement number. It is seen that nowadays live streams have become popular among the audience and give more engagement. You can share your creativity and long-form content through live streams.

Appeal for content ID

If your YouTube channel is verified then, in case of a copyright claim by the YouTube content ID system you can appeal against it if it is wrong. The appeal will be reviewed by the copyright owner, who can either release the claim or maintain it. If the copyright owner maintains the claim, the creator can dispute it further by submitting a counter-notification. 

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Verify Youtube TV Channel using Desktop 

Here are the step-by-step instructions to verify the YouTube channel using a desktop:-

  • Open your web browser and go to tv
  • Sign in to your Google account if prompted.
  • Click on the settings option on the left sidebar.
  • On the next screen, click on View Additional features next to the ‘your channel’ section.
  • Under your channel name, there will be a verify button. Click on it.
  • Enter your valid mobile number and select all the required options. To receive the verification code, click on the confirm button.
  • Enter the verification code you received in the input box and click submit.

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Verify Youtube TV Channel using on your mobile

  • Launch the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Tap on the profile icon at the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on the camera icon next to the Search icon and tap on go live.
  • Don’t worry, you will not go live as your channel is not verified.
  • To start with the verification process, click on Get Started.
  • Select your country and enter your mobile number.
  • Choose whether you want to receive a verification code through text or phone calls.
  • Fill in the required options and click submit.
  • On the next screen, enter the verification code you received and submit it.
  • That’s it, your YouTube account is now verified.

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  • If you want to report a security issue with the YouTube site please do not hesitate to visit us here (
  • You can also go with help support (

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Conclusion gives a trustworthy and user-friendly technique for signing up and getting access to YouTube TV. By following the simplified steps furnished, you may quickly set up your account, pick your plan, and revel in a wide range of content material on your TV. Whether you are interested in the base plan or want to personalize your revel with additional channels, the platform presents a continuing and handy way to get entry to YouTube TV’s offerings.

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