Activate Samsung TV Screen Mirroring on My Smart TV [2024]

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring not functioning issues can arise for several reasons that are connected to either the mobile device or the Samsung television.  If screen mirroring from your iPhone does not function on your Samsung TV, you must restart both your TV and phone. Check that your phone is linked and connected to your TV over the same Wi-Fi network, and then restart the Wi-Fi router. If it isn’t functioning yet, don’t worry; there are various more tried-and-true measures you may take to resolve this problem.

What is Screen Mirroring

  • Screen mirroring is the technique of replicating the screen of your iPhone onto a Mac, Apple TV, or Smart TV. Whatever you are playing or doing on your smartphone is displayed on the TV through a Wi-Fi connection in screen mirroring.
  • It enables consumers to display the screen of their phone on a large TV or computer monitor. You may have also utilized it if you’ve ever viewed a movie on a big screen from your phone. The function works well on the vast majority of supported devices. 

Why Is Samsung TV Not Showing Up on the Screen Mirroring

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring problems can arise for several reasons that are either specific to the mobile device or the Samsung television. Try restarting your phone and television first. Restart the WIFI router after making sure that your phone is paired with and connected to your TV over the same Wi-Fi network. If it’s still not working, follow the instructions listed below, and your issues will be fixed.

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Fix Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Not Working

There are no technical skills needed to carry out the following procedures. If you follow every step below, I’m certain you’ll be able to get Samsung TV Screen Mirroring to function on your Samsung TV. The following are options to repair the screen mirroring not functioning issue if you can do basic operations on your device:

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Compatibility With Devices

The first thing you should check is compatibility if Samsung TV Screen Mirroring does not function on your Samsung TV. Different mobile devices and TV models have varying degrees of compatibility with screen casting. Some older Samsung TVs may not support screen casting natively, but you might be able to use an additional device to connect to them, such as Chromecast, to stream content from compatible mobile devices to your TV. 

Verify Your Wi-Fi Connection

One concern is that screen mirroring necessitates being connected to the same Wi-Fi network, which consumers might not be aware of. It transmits the signal from your device to the TV via the Wi-Fi in your home. Therefore, you may need to reset the modem and router if the Wi-Fi connection is giving you problems. 

Switch on and off Bluetooth

Wi-Fi, not Bluetooth, is required for Samsung TV Screen Mirroring on a Samsung TV. In the settings menu on your Samsung TV, consider disabling Bluetooth if you’re having difficulties connecting your mobile device to the device or connecting from the Samsung TV to another device. You might be able to fix your screencast with this.

Keep Both Gadgets Near Together

Another potential screen mirroring method is to move closer to the TV. Even though Wi-Fi has a long-range, you may be limited if you are towards the edge of that range in your home network.

Moving your mobile device closer to the TV will allow it to connect more readily. You may be able to put some distance once you’re connected and Samsung TV Screen Mirroring has begun.

Attempt a Different Smartphone

To determine whether the problem is with the TV or the mobile device, connect to another device. If the second phone begins Samsung TV Screen Mirroring, there was an issue with the first. If the problem remains, seek a different remedy.

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Reboot Your Samsung Television

Your smart TV may also be having problems, and restarting it would most likely resolve all of the minor difficulties. To turn it off, use the TV remote or the button on your television. Then, restart the television.

Restart Your Smartphone

Sometimes a little software fault in your smartphone prevents you from mirroring your phone to your TV. These minor flaws may be fixed with minimal effort. Simply reset your devices, and these problems should be resolved. You may then connect your phone to your TV and test whether it works.

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Maintain Your Software

If there is an issue with the software, make sure your smartphone and TV are up to date. The problem can be resolved by updating the software on the devices.

Remove All Practical Barriers

As far as we are aware, wireless technology supports Samsung TV Screen Mirroring. Therefore, any obstruction between your smartphone and Samsung TV might interfere with the transmission. Thus, before connecting devices, remove any physical items to enable flawless Samsung TV Screen Mirroring.

Use Any App From a Third Party

Use any third-party app if, after trying all the methods listed above, you are still unable to connect your mobile device to a Samsung TV. You can easily screen mirror any device to your Samsung TV using third-party software.

Samsung Smart TV Screen Mirroring No Sound

There may not be any sound when your screen mirrors your phone to a Samsung TV. Simply check your settings to make sure you’re set on the correct speaker, whether it’s internal or external, to repair this. The Samsung Smart TV screen mirroring with no sound may be fixed as described below.

  • Check the TV’s settings for sound options.
  • Verify the wires connecting your TV and external speakers.
  • On your Samsung TV, be sure to turn on the Sound Mirroring feature.

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Samsung TV Screen Mirroring Keeps Disconnecting

Samsung TV Screen Mirroring occasionally keeps disconnecting. To repair this, just adhere to the guidelines listed below.

  • Look into your Wi-Fi connection.
  • Toggle off the power-saving mode on your device by checking.
  • Restart or reset your wireless router.

You may effectively mirror your phone to your Samsung TV after the settings are complete.

How to Cast iPhone to Samsung TV

Ensure that your Samsung TV and iPhone are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network before attempting to cast from your iPhone to your Samsung TV.

  • To activate AirPlay on a Samsung TV
  • Make sure the function is turned on your TV before you attempt to utilize Samsung TV Screen Mirroring or AirPlay.
  • On your TV’s remote, select “General” under “Settings.”
  • From the menu option, select “Apple AirPlay Settings.”
  • Choose “AirPlay” and select “On.”
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You can now use the Control Center to Mirror the whole iPhone screen.

  • To open the Control Center on your iPhone, swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. The Control Center may be reached on earlier iPhone models with a home button by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the “Screen Mirroring” button next to the symbol of two intersecting rectangles.
  • From the list of available devices, pick your Samsung TV.
  • If your Samsung TV prompts you for a passcode, input it into the pop-up window on your iPhone.
  • At this point, your Samsung TV should start to reflect your whole iPhone screen. Your TV ought properly to format a video played from your iPhone to full-screen mode automatically.

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Check out this post to learn how to fix screen Samsung TV Screen Mirroring problems on a Samsung TV if you’ve run into any of the aforementioned issues. They don’t require specialized knowledge and are straightforward and simple to follow.

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Samsung TV Screen Mirroring: FAQ’s

Why won’t Airplay won’t connect to Samsung tv

Ensure that your Samsung TV and iOS smartphone are sharing the same internet connection.
* Check for the most recent update on both devices.
* Shut down the router.
* Restart your Samsung TV and iPhone.
* Verify the restrictions and settings for AirPlay.

How Can I Cast Videos to My Samsung TV?

* Select the TV you wish to mirror to after opening the SmartThings app on your phone or tablet.
* On the TV’s settings page, choose Mirror screen by tapping More options (the three vertical dots) (Smart View). Tap Start immediately if required to give your TV access to your device.

How Do I Reset Samsung Screen Mirroring?

Try restarting your electronics, including your phone and TV.
* Using the same Wi-Fi, pair and connect your phone to your TV.
* Restart the wireless router.
* Turn off the Bluetooth on your TV.
* Consider using a screen-mirroring app from a third party. ApowerMirror and * LetsView are suggested in this case.