Methods To Fix Samsung TV Remote Not Working

Here are some ways to troubleshoot to determine if you’re experiencing issues like why is my Samsung TV Remote Not Working. Samsung’s smart TVs always appear as the top choice on any recommendations list as well as the brand’s performance on display shining through even on larger screen sizes. While sleek and brilliant as you think your Samsung TV might be, there’s nothing that can ruin a TV viewing experience more than the remote that my Samsung TV Remote Not Working with the cable box. 

How to Fix Samsung TV Remote Not Working

Check For Network Issues

  • Samsung Smart TVs as well as remotes could need the use of an Internet connection to function correctly. If your television connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi, you can follow the different steps within the WI-Fi Troubleshooting manual to resolve the issue. 
  • If you are using wired connections, disconnect the Ethernet Samsung remote not working with the cable box and make sure that it’s not frayed or torn. You can try plugging it into another device to see if the cable is the issue. 

Use The Samsung Remote Control App

  • The first step is to ensure you have connected your television to SmartThings app. Start the app, click the “+” icon at the top right corner, and then select Device > TV. 
  • Tap Samsung and then enter the room’s location and identifier and then wait until the television appears in the app (make sure that the TV is turned on). Enter the PIN on the TV and confirm that you want to link the TV with the SmartThings app. The TV that was added should show up as a tile within the app.
  • After connecting the television to your app simply click on the name of the TV and then tap the Remote. You can select between the 4D pad and a Channel Navigator (CH) as well as 123 options (for a numbered remote) and begin controlling the TV using your smartphone. 

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Clean Your Samsung Remote IR Sensor

  • Check your IR sensor to identify streaks, stain dust, powder, or other signs of contamination before every print to ensure that it is successful.
  • Access your IR sensor door located in the bottom compartment of your printer.
  • Grab the IR cap of the sensor and pull it. Its IR sensor is secured by magnets, and it comes out using a small amount of force.
  • Check the lens on the bottom of the cap IR cap of the sensor:
  • If your lens has been cleaned, install it with the IR sensor.
  • If you suspect it is dirty, clean it with a swab of polyester that has been which has been wetted with ethanol, before returning it to its original position.

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Replace Your Samsung Remote Batteries

The most frequent reason that can be reason for the Samsung TV remote not functioning is the remote’s battery. If you’ve been using your TV for a long time or only a few days you could have this problem. 

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To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  • To begin, you must start by opening the compartment for batteries. Test removing and switching on the batteries for remote controls.
  • Sometimes, they’re not properly inserted. Use your (+) and (-) labels on the Samsung remote and then install the batteries according to the label.
  • If you’ve used your remote for more than an entire year, it could be an indication that it’s time to purchase new batteries.

Confirm Samsung Remote Pairing

  • When you purchase a new television, the maker typically pairs them up before purchase to make it a simple plug-and-play procedure.
  • If it appears that you are unable to get one or both to function correctly it could be necessary to pair your devices manually to each other again. Make a hard reset of the remote of your Samsung Smart TV Remote (see instructions below).
  • In the case of any model TV launched in 2016 or after, this is how you begin repairing them.

Update Your Samsung TV Software

  • If the above steps fail the TV could be out of date and requires a software update.
  • Samsung televisions regularly release updates to enhance the efficiency of televisions. It also means that you regularly check your settings to ensure the TV you have is operating the most recent TV software.
  • To check this, head to the settings. Examine the software on your TV and updates pending (if there are any) through Support.
  • Start the update process by clicking on the Update or Install button. If your TV is experiencing problems with the software (ie. why is my Samsung remote not working sometimes an installation failure, update not supported) Try calling customer service to assist you or schedule the TV’s check-up.
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Reset Your Samsung Smart TV

  • Make sure that the TV is operating with the latest software update. A software error could trigger you to lose your Samsung TV Remote Not Working. 
  • Remember that you’ll need to utilize the physical buttons on your TV or touchscreen controls to navigate to the correct menu, or you can use Samsung SmartThings. Samsung SmartThings application.
  • Our guide to resetting your Samsung smart TV contains steps to follow when the remote has stopped working. It is best to only reset the TV as a last resort because it will erase all your data, and you’ll need to sign up and download your apps and over.

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Samsung TV Remote Not Working will depend on the issue you’re experiencing with the remote. If it appears that it’s pressing buttons all by itself It could be that your remote’s buttons are dirty. If Samsung remote not working with the cable box when you attempt to connect it to your television, Odyssey Ark gaming screen, or projector there’s an easy test you can do to determine whether it’s your remote or the device that’s to blame.

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