How to Watch Peacock on Roku?

The Peacock app may be found most easily by looking for it in the Streaming Channels option Peacock on Roku home screen. Install the service after selecting it from the results.

Additionally, you may look for Peacock on the official Roku app for Android and iOS as well as the Channel Store’s web version. When you locate the right item, a button labeled “Add channel” will appear, adding the app to your Roku account. The automated triggering of downloads on your Roku devices could take some time.

Go to the registration page using a web browser. Create an account and choose the plan you want, on your Roku device, go to the Home screen

Use these Roku streaming devices to watch Peacock.

  • Roku 2 (4210X model only) (4210X model only)
  • Roku 3 & 4 (model 4200X or later) (model 4200X or later)
  • Streaming Stick for Roku (model 3600X or later)
  • Express Roku (model 3900X or later)
  • Roku Prime Plus (model 3920X or later)
  • Roku LT Ultra (model 4640X or later)
  • TVs with Roku and smart speakers (model 5000X or later)

Peacock does not support or work on other Roku devices.

You might be upset to find that Peacock doesn’t provide its content in 4K quality if you have a Roku device and TV that are 4K ready.

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Peacock on Roku, how do you watch Peacock?

Create a Peacock account first:

Go to the registration page using a web browser. First, create an account and then choose the plan you want (Peacock Free, Peacock Premium, or Peacock Premium Plus).

Start your Roku device now:

On your Roku device, go to the Home screen.

Insert Peacock

  • Search Select “Peacock,” then click “Add Channel.”
  • Return to the Home screen when it has been installed.
  • In your list of available channels, look for “Peacock TV” and choose it.
  • When you launch it for the first time, you’ll log in with the account information you already established.

All it takes is that. You are now prepared to explore the Peacock content.

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Cancel Peacock on Roku

Using the Roku device

You must cancel through Roku if you subscribe to Peacock Premium or Premium Plus directly. What to do for Peacock on Roku device is as follows:

  • On your Roku home screen, choose the Peacock app by holding down the Alt key.
  • On your remote, press the star/asterisk button.
  • Decide on Manage subscription.
  • Simply choose Cancel Subscription. You’ll receive a notification letting you know how long the service will be operational.
  • Once again click Cancel Subscription, then click Done.

Using the Roku website

  • Open a web browser and go to
  • Log in using your Peacock on Roku credentials.
  • Choose to Manage your subscriptions from the screen that displays.
  • Select Cancel Subscription after locating Peacock under Active Subscriptions.

You’ll be prompted for a justification for canceling. Choose the one you like.

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The Roku interface makes it simple to find Peacock programming quickly and comfortably, while the lack of 4K video may be a turnoff for some viewers.

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