How To Fix Peacock Error Code Ovp_00021 [2024]

Peacock error code Ovp_00021 is the most common. Let’s see how you will fix it if you encounter one. Peacock TV offers some of the most entertaining original shows and movies. The services of this platform are geo-restricted to only US and are streamed in high definition 4K. However, while streaming your shows you can face some error codes that can disrupt your entertainment until they are fixed. 

What is Peacock Error Code Ovp_00021? 

Peacock error codes are the short messages that appear on your screen when there is any problem in streaming Peacock content. Specifically, a Peacock error code OVP_00021 occurs when there is any connection problem. But don’t worry there are many ways to fix this issue. 

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How to Fix Peacock Error Code Ovp_00021? 

Checking Internet Connection 

  • Before applying another type of fix to solve this issue you will have to first check your internet connection for instability or weak network strength.
  • To stream Peacock tv you will need a fast internet connection with a minimum speed of 25 Mbps. 

Restart Peacock App 

  • Most of the issues get fixed when you restart an application. However, these issues should be software related.
  • This technique eradicates any bug or small glitch giving a fresh start to the process. 

Restart Device 

  • The most common solution to any device problem, whether from hardware or software, rebooting a device can solve any major problem. Only the rarest will continue to show. 
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Update Peacock App 

  • An old outdated peacock app can also cause the error code Ovp_00021.
  • So, it is advised to update your app whenever a new version is out or set app updates on auto mode. 

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Contact Customer Support 

If all the Peacock error code Ovp 00021 solutions are wasted then you can now finally make a call to peacock customer support. The hardworking professionals working there will guide you till the end. 

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