Crackstreams: The Sports Streaming Service in 2022

The world famous sports streaming service Crackstreams is a free sports streaming service that anyone can access free of cost. All that is required to access the service is to visit the website on the internet browser of your device and select the sports they want to watch.  What is Crackstreams? The sports streaming website

How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription?

Cancel Your Netflix Subscription: Subscribing to streaming apps is much easier than unsubscribing to these apps. Many of the streaming apps at times make it difficult to unsubscribe to their services. But this is not the same with Netflix. It does not trouble users while they are unsubscribing to the app. It takes only a

How to Download Disney Plus on MacBook?

Since the release of Disney Plus, Macbook users have been waiting eagerly to download the Disney Plus on Macbook to watch their favorite content. Well, if you too are one of them, then your wait is over. Disney has already launched a version of Disney Plus for Macbook users.  Now that the Macbook compatible version

How to Watch Disney Plus on Linux?

The on-demand video streaming service Disney Plus is a source of entertainment for millions of viewsers across the world. However, many users are still waiting for the Disney Plus versions that are compatible with their devices. One such category is the users of Disney Plus on Linux. They have been waiting for the Linux compatible

How to Fix Disney Plus Protected Content Licence Error?

The issue of the Disney Plus Protected content Licence error has been troubling users for quite some time now. Numerous users reported that they faced the issue while accessing Disney Plus on the web, mostly the users with a VIP subscription have reported this issue. While some other users stated that they face this issue

Does CyberGhost work with Disney Plus Across the World?

Well yes, Cyberghost works with Disney Plus since it has a range of more than 6800 servers across 91 countries and just at $2.75 per month and comes 6 months free when you purchase an annual subscription.  What is CyberGhost? Owned by Kape Technologies, It is a VPN service that works with iOS, Android, macOS,

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on iPhone?

Have you bought Disney Plus to watch your favorite content? Do you want to cancel Disney Plus subscription since you do don’t have time to stream videos or got bored of it? If yes, then this article will guide on how to cancel Disney Plus subscription on your iPhone. Read till the end to know

How to Fix Disney Plus Error 1026 on Samsung Smart TV?

Streaming and watching your favorite movies and series on big screens is a completely different experience than watching the same content on a mobile device. Same with the Samsung Smart TV users, however, some of these users can not have such an experience due to the Disney Plus error 1026. The following error message pops – Crunchyroll is an American distributor, production, publisher, and licensing company focused on streaming anime, dorama, and manga. It was established in 2006 by an assemblage of University of California, Berkeley alumni. Its headquarters are located in San Francisco, California, U.S. Crunchyroll’s distribution channel and partnership program provide entertainment to more than 100 million users

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