You should know about MacDonald’s breakfast hours

The concept of Mcdonald’s breakfast hours was introduced back in the 1970’s .It was the first one to launch fast-food breakfast items for the customers. According to expert opinion, skipping your breakfast may lead to many health hazards. So why not visit your nearby McDonald’s restaurant to treat yourself to a good breakfast and stay healthy!

Check these necessary details about MacDonald’s breakfast menu items, their prices, and why it remains one of the top favorites for customers of all age groups.

MacDonald’s breakfast hours

It typically begins in the very early morning at 5 am to 10.30 am. It is a norm followed across the US, yet some restaurants even start breakfast much earlier than 5 am. While some start it at 3 am, some open it at 4 am. However, on Sundays, the breakfast will be open till 11 am.

Often when you are working you don’t get much time to prepare your food including your breakfast, so visiting a restaurant like MacDonald’s is the best option for you in such instances. It benefits those who have an early morning schedule or have a night job and looking forward to eating something.

The breakfast McDonald’s hours are followed everywhere in all the places of the United States. As one of the widely renowned fast-food chains, MacDonald’s started offering breakfast in the year 1970 with only limited items such as doughnuts and sweet rolls.

Now it has a huge range of items available for breakfast which you can order at the click of a button. Here is the list.

  • Hotcakes and sausage
  • Big breakfast with hotcakes
  • Sausage, egg and cheese mcgriddles
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel
  • Sausage mcmuffin with egg
  • Sausage biscuit with eggs
  • Sausage mcgriddles
  • Hash browns
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese mcgriddles
  • Sausage burrito
  • Sausage mcmuffin
  • Fruit and yogurt parfait
  • Fruit and maple oatmeal

MacDonald’s breakfast hours’ time

Nearly 4000 MacDonald’s restaurants are in operation across the world and hence they adjust their breakfast schedules accordingly.  It all depends on the store owner as to when the Mcdonald’s breakfast hours will start and at what time it will be stopped.

Usually in busy cities and busy places like the airport, the hours of operation start early while in other places the normal time is followed from 5 am to 10.30 am.

MacDonald’s breakfast menu with prices

We would like to present here a few MacDonald’s items to show you how much affordable it is to buy breakfast from this restaurant. However for a full list of menu items with prices you should check on their website.


Item Cost
Egg McMuffin$2.79
Mcdonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal$1.99
MacDonald’s sausage burrito$1.19
McDonalds big breakfast$3.69
Hash Browns$1.09
Sausage Biscuit$1.19
Bacon McDouble$2.00
Double Cheeseburger$1.69


Side dishes


Mozzarella Sticks (3 PC)$1.19
Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap (Crispy or Grilled)$1.69
French Fries (Large)$1.89
French Fries (Medium)$1.79
French Fries (Small)$1.39


These are combo offers that you can customize along with your main dish.

McDonald’s drinks

Several drinks are available in MacDonald’s which you can take along with your dish including sweet tea, orange juice, soft drink, ice coffee and espresso and chocolate, smoothie, milk, and premium-roast coffee, etc. which are offered in portions small, medium, and large.

Mcdonald’s breakfast hours deals

Choosing your breakfast from McDonald’s is fulfilling as you can avail yourself of those great breakfast deals from time to time which makes your meal economical.

Mcdonald’s lunch time

The lunch time at McDonalds approaches after 10.30 am. The lunchtime menu includes Fillet-o-fish, Buttermilk crispy chicken, double fillet-o-fish, Big Mac, Bacon clubhouse burger, Premium chicken bacon clubhouse, Premium McWrap chicken, Artisan grilled chicken and bacon etc. its lunch menu is equally impressive like your breakfast menu.

McDonalds closing days

McDonalds observe holiday on Christmas and Easter Sunday. Otherwise it is always open from Monday to Sunday.

It is easy to eat McDonald’s items  

The convenience of the MacDonald’s items is that you just pick from the restaurant and enjoy it on the go. So once people visit this restaurant they tend to become regular for breakfast. The brilliance in taste and easy eating are two factors that led to its popularity.

A large variant of items available in MacDonald’s breakfast menu

There are so many versions of the same item available in McDonald’s breakfast that it is impossible not to find what you want to eat. It caters to all types of customers.

Final words

Looking forward to visiting McDonald’s to have your next breakfast? Before going there, you should also inquire about Mcdonald’s breakfast hours deals closing days to get the best deals possible for you and your family.  Change is necessary once in a while, so check out McDonald’s breakfast hour’s dishes to start your morning.

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