Latest Releases on Disney Plus| What’s New on the Platform?

Latest Releases on Disney Plus: Since its launch, Disney Plus has never failed to keep its audience entertained. It’s yet another time of the year when Disney Plus is back with more new releases of the month including original shows and movies and new episodes of the already existing shows. Although there’s a long list of TV show and movie releases throughout the month, we have here summed up the latest releases on Disney Plus streaming service. These releases are sure to keep you entertained. Do watch and review them.

Latest Releases on Disney Plus

Mira, The Royal Detective

Released on May 11.

The Indian American CGI animated mystery TV series is produced by the Wild Canary Animation. Mira, Royal Detective is inspired by the culture and customs of India and features the first South Asian protagonist. 

Appointed as the royal detective by the queen of Jalpur, Mira, the resourceful common person is all geared up for mystery-solving adventures alongside her friend named Prince Neel and two sidekicks named Mikku and Chikku.

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The Quest

Released on May 11.

The Quest revolves around the eight teenagers who by mistake are put in the fictional world of Everealm, they try to save the Kingdom by fulfilling the prophecy existing from the ancient times.

Something Bit Me!

Released on May 11.

Something Bit Me explores the stories of individuals who have got a bite from the wild animals and insects which results in severe health issues and how they recovered from those issues. Narrated by Jeremy Brandt, the show will be broadcasted on the National Geographic channel. 

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The Chicken Squad

Released on May 11.

Created by Tom Rogers, The Chicken Squad is an animated TV series scheduled for the release on May 11. In the series, three Chicken siblings rescue the dog mentor named Captain Tully. The group of these chickens works on problem solving to help their animal friends in the house backyard. 

The Wizard of Paws

Released on May 11.

The show to be aired on National Geographic channel shows the animal orthotist of Virginia, Derrick Campana who creates prosthetic limbs for the injured pets and wild animals of the sanctuaries. The show shows how Campana helps the animal in restoring their life somewhat back to normal.

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Marvel Studios: Assembled- The Making of Moon Knight

Released on May 11.

The American TV docuseries, Marvel Studios: Assembled explores the journey and the process of the making of the Moon Knight movie. Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke put forward the story of how the movie was brought to life. It includes interviews of the cast and the crew alongside footage from the sets. It also has a roundtable discussion of the directors involved in it. 

Just Like Me 

Released on May 11.

Tommy and his friends are YouTubers and meet up regularly in a bar built on a boat. The group members collaborate with each other and develop new ideas. They also help one another to increase their following and develop and improve their skills. The coordination of the group inspires the new age YouTubers and collaborators. The series drama will be released on May 11 with the first two seasons. 

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Released on May 13.

Sneakerella revolves around El, an aspiring designer of sneakers who works as a stock boy at a store while hiding his talent. After encountering Kira King, the daughter of the sneaker royalty, the spark within him flies and he somehow gathers the courage to dream big. This American movie is directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum and is written by David Light and Joseph Raso. Know more about Latest Releases on Disney Plus

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