What is Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322 [2023]

Hulu is a worldwide known American based on-demand streaming service that offers incredible content to watch. However, with all its advanced technology and features it still encounters errors. The most known error for which millions have complained about it Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322. Reasons for these errors can be multiple including server problems, weak internet connection, an outdated version of the app, or oversized cache data. That’s why to make your work easy and rectify the problem follow this article. 

How to Fix Hulu Error code P-DEV 322

There are multiple solutions to rectify the Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322. Every solution has a different procedure to follow. So, this article will make your work simpler by explaining the most effective ones in detail. 

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Most Effective Ways To Fix Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322:

Logging out from all devices:

Logging Out of Hulu From Android or Smart TV

  • Open the Hulu App on your device. 
  • Got to the accounts section. 
  • At the bottom, you will find the option to logout of your HULU app

Logging of Out Hulu From iPhone or Ipad Device 

  • Open the Hulu app on your device. 
  • Simply go to settings and then the accounts section. 
  • After scrolling down you will get to see the log out option. 

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Logging of Out Hulu From Apple TV

  • Access the Hulu on your Apple Tv
  • Now open the Hulu application and go to the settings menu. 
  • Find the account section and scroll all the way down. 
  • After that, you will see the logout option just press it. 
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Logging of Out Hulu From Xbox One or 360

  • Open the Hulu application on your Xbox one or 360
  • Go to the settings option and access the accounts section. 
  • In the accounts scroll down and you will find the option to log out. 
  • Press it and the process will complete

Remove Caches and Cookies:

Hulu app saves some data to load pages faster. But over time this data gets stale and corrupted. Thus can be the possible reason to display a Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322

Here’s the way to clean it:

  • First open settings of your device. 
  • Then go to the apps sections and open Hulu app. 
  • Go to the storage option. 
  • Click on clear cache then clear data. 

Check your Internet Connection:

Another reason for which Hulu is showing an Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322 can be that your Internet connection is weak and responding very late. You can take an internet speed connection test with the famous Ookla app to confirm it. 

On XBOX One or 360

  • Follow the steps to rectify the Hulu app error on Xbox:
  • Select Menu on your Xbox controller. 
  • Now navigate to apps and games. 
  • In the app list now find Hulu app. 
  • Now given under the Menu select Manage Apps. 
  • Tap on clear data to delete the junk. 

Restarting / Resetting your Router or Modem:

  • Restarting or resetting your router or modem can also help rectify the Hulu Error code P-DEV 322. 
  • Restarting is very easy, just turn off your router or modem and then turn it on again. But to reset you will have to push the tiny button installed at the back of the modem or router. 

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Execute a Clean Cycle:

  • First power off your device, whichever you are using. 
  • Disconnect all chords, and don’t let it get any type of power supply even if the switch is off. 
  • After a few minutes reconnect the chords and start the complete system. 
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Check for Hulu App Updates:

Not updating any app is troublesome after a few days. New updates always make software and hardware more and more compatible and stable. So the Hulu Error Code P-DEV 322 can be because your system is outdated. 

Unblocking Ads:

If you will block all the ads coming from the Hulu app using an ads blocker then obviously it will show you an error message and doesn’t let you use the services. So unblock the ads so that Hulu app can get some financial assistance and you can get your entertainment back. 

Contact Customer Support:

If nothing works and all the above-listed solutions fail, then call and get help from customer support. And do mention all the solutions that you have already tried.

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Q. How do I fix Hulu error P DEV322?

There are several reasons for this type of error to be shown on your device’s screen and there are multiple fixes for this error. A few of them are restarting the device, checking for poor internet connection, clearing app’s cache data and junk, updating the system interface or Hulu app and many more.

Q. Why am I getting an error code on Hulu?

If you are getting an error code on your Hulu app then there may be multiple reasons behind it. First you will have to understand them then only you can get a potential fix. Few reasons why you can see an error code on Hulu can be a connectivity problem, server error, app not working correctly, your ad blocker being on and many more.

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Q. Why is the Hulu app not working?

If your Hulu app is not working then perform these three fixes first: check for internet connection, restart your device, or try reinstalling the application. These three are the most common and effective fixes related to this problem. 

Q. How do I clear the cache on Hulu Smart TV?

1. Go to the settings of your smart tv. 
2. Open apps sections in it. 
3. Select Hulu app and go to storage. 
4. Tap on clear cache and then clear data.