How to Reset Roku Remote: Resetting a Simple voice [2024]

The Roku remote is one of the most advanced remotes you will ever see. It comes with a lot of features. But sometimes just like any other technical equipment What to do if you are facing any type of difficulties operating your remote How to Reset Roku Remote, it may not work properly. It can be due to many reasons.  You can operate your TV or a streaming device with ease and effortlessly with the Roku remote. There are many useful and foremost buttons on the remote to make your screen do whatever you like. It also comes with the ‘hey Roku’s voice assistant command. Resetting the remote is the one and only option. In this article, we have provided everything you want to know to resolve your issue. 

Roku Remote
In This Image, Roku Remote

Types of Roku Remote

This is pretty much obvious to know the type of remote before taking any further action. There are certain kinds of Roku available. We can differentiate remotes as voice commanding or non-voice commanding remotes. 

Simple / Voice Roku remote: The simple Roku remote comes with basic functions. The simple Roku remote needs to be pointed straight toward the TV or streaming player to operate. This type of remote can be operated with the help of an inbuilt voice assistant, you can command via voice by pressing a specific button or simply saying ‘hey Roku’. 

Enhanced / Gaming Roku remote: This Roku remote is very advanced when compared to the basic Roku remote. There is no need for this remote to point straight in the TV direction. It has the capability to operate a TV or streaming player from any direction, you can call it a ‘point anywhere remote. This feature makes it an enhanced Roku remote. This can be termed as a Gaming remote too because most often this remote is used for gaming purposes. 

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How to Reset a Roku Remote

There are chances of your Roku remote not working. You may experience some troubleshooting problems. Here is a detailed process for How to Reset the Roku Remote :

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Instructions for Resetting a Simple / Voice Roku Remote :

  • Take off the batteries from your simple Roku remote.
  • Plug out the cable of your media player for some time. 
  • Replug the cable and turn the TV or player on. 
  • After a while, put on the batteries.
  • You will see a reset button near the battery compartment, press the reset button and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Keep your Roku remote in the range of the TV. 
  • The remote will start pairing, this process may take 30 – 40 seconds to complete. 
Resetting a Simple / Voice Roku Remote
In This Image, The simple Roku remote comes with basic functions.
  • In case the above process does not work, you can reset your Roku remote through your smartphone. It is suggested to check if the batteries have drained. 

Instructions for Resetting an Enhanced/ Gaming Roku Remote:

  • Press the home button.
  • Click on the setting options from the menu. 
  • Select Remotes and devices from the list. 
  • Click on Setup a new device. 
  • Then, select the remote.
  • Press on the continue button. 
  • Press and hold the reset button on your remote. 
  • After that, you will see a light flashing out. 

Kudos! your advanced Gaming Roku remote has been reset. 

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How to Reset an IR Roku Remote

  • Unlike the basic Roku remotes, the IR Roku remote or infrared Roku remote does not have any dedicated reset button on it. Most of the customers are disappointed with this disadvantage of an IR Roku remote.
  • In case your IR Roku remote not working properly, and you want to reset it – there is no such actual method to reset it. And the worst case, you can’t even place the return request.
  • What you can do is, contact Roku customer support. It is suggested to seek out their troubleshooting. You need to buy a new Roku IR remote if you do not get any response from Roku’s customer team. It is suggested to unblock any obstacle between the IR sensor and the Roku box before making any decision.
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How to Reset Roku Remote Without the Reset Button

You can reset your Roku remote without using the reset button. Just visit the home page of the TV or player, go to settings, and click on the device section. Here you will see – the setup of a new device. Then select the remote and continue button, and click on the reset button. You have successfully reset without using the dedicated reset button. 

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How to Pair a Roku Remote

There can be conditions where you need to pair or re-pair your Roku remote like when you replace your old remote with a new one. The pairing process is the same as the resetting process. Ensure that working batteries are inserted in your remote. 

  • Turn off your TV or streaming player. 
  • Remove batteries from the Roku remote. 
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Locate and press the reset button in the battery compartment. 

The pairing process is complete, now you can continue streaming your favorite programs. You can also do it from the Roku mobile app. 

Resetting a Simple / Voice Roku Remote
In This Image, The simple Roku remote comes with basic functions.

How to Fix Your Roku Remote

You may face conditions where your Roku remote is not responsive or a How to Reset Roku Remote. It could be due to battery issues. But first, it is important to see what kind of battery is inserted in your Roku remote. Generally, there are two types of batteries in Roku remote – standard batteries and rechargeable batteries. There is no battery compartment in case of rechargeable batteries, it is desired to keep your remote recharged and device up to date. For standard battery-type remotes, replacing the batteries and repairing the remote are the available options. 

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Are Roku Remotes Interchangeable?

Most Roku remotes can be interchanged, yet there are some Roku remotes. Roku remotes can be interchanged if you have the right Roku player. IR and enhanced Roku remotes work with different Roku players. So, a Roku remote is interchangeable if it is attached to a compatible player. 

Where is the Reset Button on Roku Remote?

The reset button of a Roku remote is not found on the keypad. It is found in the battery compartment of the remote. When you open the battery compartment and remove the batteries, you will see a pinhole button. Press this button to reset your Roku remote. 

Which Is the Roku Remote Pairing Button?

In some Roku remotes, there is no dedicated pairing button, they have the same pairing and reset button beneath the battery cover. While some Roku remotes have their pairing button directly on the keyboard or backside. 

Roku Remote Green Light Flashing. What Should I Do?

If the green light is flashing on your Roku remote, it is simply indicating that your Roku remote is in pairing mode. If the green light is flashing unintentionally, then remove the batteries of the remote and restart the TV or streaming player to resolve the issue.