How to Reset a Ring Doorbell to Fix an Issue WiFi App [2024]

How to reset the ring doorbell? To reset, press the reset button on the back panel or Restart the ring doorbell and reconnect it with your smartphone. Many of you may have seen a problem in your Ring doorbell. In such a case you don’t really know how to fix it, right? In this article we will provide a detailed guide about resetting a ring doorbell. Now, ring doorbells are not one type, there are different models, so we have tried to cover all the major models. 

Need To Reset a Ring Doorbell

  • A doorbell may need to be reset if it has stopped functioning properly. You need to reset it, if it is not responding when pressing the ring button or otherwise not working as expected. Resetting the doorbell will usually reset its settings and reset the connection to the Wi-Fi router. This will definitely help you to resolve any technical issues the doorbell may be having and help it to operate as normal again.

How To Factory Reset Your Ring Doorbell In Most  Models?

  • First of all, start by pressing and holding the orange button on the back of the doorbell for 15 seconds.
  • Then, release the button after 15 seconds and the doorbell will start the reset process. 
  • The LED light on the front of the doorbell will start flashing purple, which indicates it’s being reset.
  • Once the doorbell has been reset the LED light will turn off and the doorbell will be ready to be set up again.

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Reset 1st / 2nd Generation Video Doorbell

  • First, unscrew the back panel of your 1st gen. video doorbell. 
  • You will see an orange button on the back. 
  • Press and hold this button continuously for 10 seconds  
  • Now, the light will blink for some time. 
  • After the light stops blinking, your reset is finished. 
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Reset Rind 2, 3 & Pro Doorbell 

  • Ensure your 2nd gen video doorbell is fully charged. 
  • Open the doorbell box, you will find a black button. 
  • Press hold this button for 15 seconds. 
  • A light will flash and your doorbell will restart automatically. 
  • Now, reconnect your smartphone with the doorbell 

Resetting process of the  doorbell is complete. 

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell to Fix an Issue

  • Remove the cable from the power source.
  • Locate the reset button and press hold it. 
  • Connect the cable to the power supply. 
  • Restart the doorbell. 
  • Re-connect the doorbell with your smartphone. 

On completion of the whole process, your ring doorbell will be reset and free from any technical glitch. 

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How to Reset a Ring Doorbell to Disconnect Your Account 

Kindly obey the below given steps to reset ring doorbell to disconnect your account – 

  • On the Ring app, go to the main menu and select “My Devices”.
  • Select the Ring Doorbell you want to reset.
  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Choose the  “Reset Device” option. 
  • Enter your Ring account password.
  • Click on “Remove from my Account”.
  • Confirm that you want to remove the device from your account.

The Ring Doorbell is now reset and your account is disconnected.

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  • It is a common problem that a ring doorbell may not work properly and many users face it. It can be due to any technical issue that may arise. You can resolve the problem by resetting your doorbell. Here above in the article we have provided an overview to reset your doorbell, hope you have found it helpful. 
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How to Reset a Ring Doorbell – FAQ’s

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell?

Start by removing the panel of your doorbell box. Now you will see a button on the back side. Press and hold the button till it starts flashing. Wait for it to restart. 

How to Remove the Account Ring Doorbell to Reset?

Just visit the ring doorbell app and select my device. Now, go to settings and select the reset option. Enter your password and click on Remove account.