How To Connect Airpods To Samsung TV [2024]

How to Connect AirPods to Samsung Tv. Even though Apple creates its products to be very exclusive towards its own ecosystem. Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro are one of the few products with amazing features, which Android users can also be a part of and enjoy. So, for Samsung TV users to connect Apple AirPods and enhance their viewing experience is feasible. 

How To Connect Airpods To Samsung TV

Just like any other Smart TV, there is also Bluetooth-enabled Samsung TVs. So, a user can connect to Apple AirPods by activating the Bluetooth pairing mode. 

Follow the Steps to – How To Connect Airpods To Samsung TV:

How To Connect Airpods To Samsung TV
In This Image, Follow the Steps to – How To Connect Airpods To Samsung TV
  • Let the lid open and keep your AirPods inside the case. 
  • Once you see a blinking light, press and hold the reset button placed at the rear for a few seconds. This will mean that your AirPods are in pairing mode now. 
  • Next, you should check if the Bluetooth is turned on through Samsung Tv settings. 
  • Now, from the list of displayed speakers choose Apple Airpods, tap on them to pair, and start enjoying your shows.

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Is Airpods Compatible With Samsung TV

You will first have to check whether your smart Tv or Samsung Tv has Bluetooth technology or not. Because to connect a wireless device like headphones, or AirPods to your Samsung Tv you will need it and there is no other way to connect them. No way to connect AirPods to Samsung tv without Bluetooth. However, Bluetooth connectivity in any device is not a luxury anymore which is only restricted to premium devices. All the modern devices that are bound to connect wirelessly have Bluetooth. So, for your answer, we can say that Samsung Tv devices that have Bluetooth connectivity are compatible with Airpods. 

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How To Disconnect Apple Airpods From Samsung TV

  • Open the settings of your Samsung Tv. 
  • Go to the Bluetooth section.
  • Choose the name of the Airpods listed along with the other paired devices. 
  • Tap on them and they will be disconnected. 

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For Using Airpods With A TV With Soundbar

Most people add a soundbar device to their smart tv using Bluetooth to boost their device’s sound output. However, if you want to use Airpods with your Samsung Tv or any other smart tv you must first disconnect the soundbar because only one device at a time can be connected to provide an audio output. 

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So, You Have to Learn The Certain Points:

  • Airpods can be paired and connected to Samsung TVs.
  • You will need a Bluetooth connection to pair them. 
  • The pairing mode on Airpods should be activated first before connecting them to Samsung TVs. 
  • People using soundbars to enhance their Tv’s volume will have to disconnect it first to use AirPods. 

However, to know about the activation process related to Samsung Tv you can visit the tv activate code.

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What To Do When Airpods Won’t Connect To Samsung Tv?

Follow the steps if your AirPods can’t connect to Samsung Tv:

* First, disconnect your Airpods through Samsung Tv settings and turn off Bluetooth. 
* Then, unpair them and undo the pairing mode on Airpods. 
* Then turn on the Bluetooth on your Samsung Tv again. 
* Re-enable the pairing mode on Airpods. 
* Try to pair them and connect them again. They will surely connect this time. 
* But if the problem persists, then repeat the process but this time also restart your Samsung Tv. 

Once Connected to the Samsung TV, Can the Apple AirPods Be Turned Off?

Yes, you can turn off the AirPods after connecting them. You will have to select airplay mirroring through the control center of your iPhone. Then disconnect your AirPods and then turn them off your AirPods.