How to Cancel Showtime on Amazon From a PC or Mobile Device [2024]

We are here to tell you How to Cancel Showtime on Amazon in a few simple steps. You can watch thousands of movies and TV series with Amazon Prime. Having access to the Showtime TV network is one of the finest things about Prime. You may stream Showtime programming on your computer, smartphone, or tablet if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Nonetheless, you could choose to terminate your membership for several reasons. It’s simple to end Showtime on Amazon, and you can do it from a computer or mobile device. 

A Showtime Subscription Costs How Much?

The free trial includes the same programming as the other Showtime channels, but you must pay to access the complete library. You may get a membership to the Showtime channel on Amazon. Two types of subscription options are available to you:

  • A one-month free trial
  • A monthly membership costing $9.99

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How to Cancel Showtime on Amazon Online

On the Amazon website, cancel your Showtime membership here:

  • Visit
  • And then Open your Amazon account and log in.
  • Go to the menu’s bottom and click Your Android Apps and Devices.
  • To display active subscriptions, click Your Subscriptions.
  • Showtime Subscription is your choice.
  • To terminate your Showtime membership, click Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel Showtime on Amazon App

You may revoke or change your membership using the Amazon shopping app.

  • Get your phone’s Amazon app open.
  • Open your Amazon account and log in.
  • Choose Your Account by clicking the Menu button.
  • Visit Membership and Subscriptions (click Don’t See Your Subscriptions if no active subscriptions are shown).
  • Channel Subscription should be chosen before Prime Video Channels.
  • Locate the Cancel Channel link for your Showtime membership.
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How Can I Cancel My Showtime Subscription?

  • You may cancel Showtime if you have Amazon Prime by visiting the account settings page.
  • Visit the Amazon website to discontinue your membership.
  • Choose Apps and Devices from Your Account by clicking.
  • Choosing to Manage Your Subscriptions will do.
  • Choose the “Cancel membership” option.

Your Showtime Subscription May Be Canceled in Two Ways

  • You may cancel your membership in two ways with no fuss and no fees.
  • via a website or an app

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Can Showtime be Canceled at any time?

  • Sure, you may stop using Showtime whenever you choose. When you register for a free trial, there are no obligations or commitments involved.
  • Only if you choose to discontinue your trial after it has begun will you be charged. The monthly payment of $9.99 will be charged to your credit card if you cancel after the free trial has ended.


One of the most widely used services online is Amazon Prime. With this membership service, you can watch movies, listen to music, and watch TV series from Amazon, which also offers free two-day shipping on many purchases. The fact that Prime includes add-ons like Showtime and Starz is one of its benefits. When the free trial period has over, you can Cancel Showtime on Amazon will cease billing you.

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