HDCP Issue Disney Plus

Are you facing the Hdcp Issue Disney Plus? Well, you have to restart streaming. The full form of HDCP is High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. The main aim is to prevent any unauthorized duplicacy of the digital video content. It performs a thorough checkup of the devices from where you access the Disney+ app. While watching the video you may encounter the issue which in turn pauses streaming. The HDCP Issue Disney Plus is related to the device that streams the Disney+ content. So, next time you encounter this challenge, do not worry! There may be nothing wrong with your application. Get to know the strategies to fix this issue below!

Why Am I Facing Hdcp Issue Disney plus?

To face the HDCP issue disney plus is not something extraordinary. It arises due to the following causes:

  • If your device is experiencing a problem
  • The internet network is not stable 
  • The application is facing an HDCP Issue Disney Plus

If you are facing any of the issues, you are likely to encounter HDCP Issue Disney Plus in your app. 

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How Will I Resolve the HDCP Issue Disney Plus?

You can fix the HDCP issue disney plus with the following steps. 

Is Your Hdmi Cable Okay?

If your HDMI cable is damaged, it can be responsible for causing this error. Is your HDMI cable broken? Replace it asap for uninterrupted service. However, if the cable has no trace of damage, follow the below steps:

  • You must power on the streaming device
  • Disconnect the HDMI cables along with the other power cords from the device
  • Give a pause for couple of minutes before you reconnect the power cord with the device
  • Turn on the device, reconnect the cable 
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Hope your problem is solved now.

  • Try Another Port

Sometimes defective HDMI ports can trigger the HDCP Issue Disney Plus. Try a different port and check whether the streaming resumes or not.

  • Restart the Device

Restart your device if you encounter Hdcp Issue Disney Plus while streaming DisneyPlus. It will not only solve the streaming issues but also refresh the entire connection. 

  • Exit the Disney+ app
  • Power off your streaming device
  • Disconnect all the power sources from the device. Also, switch off the modem or the Wifi router
  • After a few seconds turn on the modem and reconnect your device with the other power sources
  • Relaunch the app 
  • Verify whether the issue is resolved or not

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  • Switch to HDCP Compatible HDMI Cable

The old HDMI cables are not HDCP compatible. Replace your cables with the latest versions. All the latest HDMI cables are HDCP compatible. So, the reason for your app is showing HDCP error can be the cable. Try this trick now!

  • Update Your Streaming Device

You must update your device regularly. You can be a Roku Tv, IOS, Samsung TV or Android user, but your device must be updated. To update your streaming device:

  • Click the settings
  • Here you will see a notification if there is any available update
  • Update the device (if any update is there)
  • Install it
  • Update Your App

You must update both the device and the DisneyPlus application. The company offers frequent updates to launch new features and repair the prevailing bugs. Follow these steps to update the app:

  • Go to the app store from your streaming device
  • Look for the DisneyPlus app
  • If there is any update, you will find an update icon
  • Tap on it to update your app
  • Restart your app after the update is finished
  • Switch to Another Device

If you have another device, install the app on it and log in with your registered credentials. You can also change your existing web browser.

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How to Reach the Help Care Center of Disney plus?

If you still cannot fix the Hdcp Issue Disney Plus error, contact their customer help numbers:

  • UK- +44 20 3936 2903
  • US- 888-905-7888

To reach customer chat support login with your registered number and then with their 24*7 executives for further support.

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