How to Get & Activate Disney Plus on LG TV [2024]

 All you need to know about Disney plus streaming on LG TV. Follow the Easy Guidelines to Get and Activate Disney plus on LG TV. Which models of LG TV support Disney Plus. Follow the easy steps if your Disney Plus not working on your LG TV:-

How to Update Your LG TV (WebOS)

Updating your LG web OS TV can be a tricky and complicated procedure for you. If you want to update your LG web OS TV, you need a USB drive and a PC to download the update. After this, you can move any further. Follow the steps – 

  • Go to the home section. 
  • Click on the settings tab.
  • Select software & drivers. 
  • Find and enter the model number of your LG TV. 
  • Select your TV. 
  • Insert the USB into the USB port of your PC.
  • Download the desired update as per your LG TV model no. 
  • Now, insert the USB into your LG TV.
  • Open the update file and provide access. 
  • It will auto-detect the update. 
  • An update window will appear.
  • Click on the update option.
  • After the update, your LG TV will reboot automatically (if not, do it manually). 

After completing the process, your LG TV will be ready with a new software update. Now you can watch your favorite shows with no interruption.

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How to Get Disney Plus on LG Smart TV

Disney Plus offers hundreds of movies and quality entertainment. You can add Get and Activate Disney plus on LG TV for a great entertainment experience. 

  • It is easy to get Disney Plus on your LG Smart TV.
  • Kindly follow the below-given steps to get Disney Plus on your LG Smart TV –
  • Turn on your LG smart TV.
  • Go to the home tab. 
  • Visit the LG content store. 
  • Select the search box and type Disney Plus. 
  • Select the Disney Plus app from the given list. 
  • Click on the install button.
  • After downloading, launch the app on your LG Smart TV. 
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Basic Tips to Fix Disney Plus on LG TV

There can be many reasons why Disney Plus is not working on your LG TV. Following are the most common and easy tricks though you can fix problems in a Quick time:-

  • Ensure the TV is connected to an internet connection.
  • Examine the location of service and change it to prior.
  • Correct the time and date. 
  • Clear the app cache.
  • Delete unauthorized apps.
  • Scan and remove bugs and mallard.
  • Reset your LG TV.
  • Change your app to its default settings. 
  • Always keep at least 30% of space non-occupied.
  • Change the VPN for network issues.
  • Disable and then enable the app.
  • Factory reset in an intense situation.

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How do you Sign Up on Disney + app on LG Smart TV

After the downloading is complete, you need to sign in to get your streaming started. Follow the below-given steps to sign up on Disney + on your LG smart TV – 

  • Visit the official Disney Plus website.
  • Select your plan.
  • Enter all the relevant information and create your Disney Plus account.
  • Now, Open the app. 
  • Enter your login credentials. 
  • Click on submit.

You have successfully signed up for Disney plus on your LG smart TV. You can now watch your favorite web shows and movies. Happy streaming ahead. 

What If You Have an Older LG TV? Is There Still a Way to Get Disney on Older LG TVs

  • Your LG TV would not be compatible with Disney Plus if you have a 2016 or before LG TV model. Web 3.0 or previous versions do not support Disney Plus in them.
  • There is no such authorized way to get Disney Plus on the older version of LG TV. However, there is still one method through which you can stream Disney Plus on your old LG TV – with the help of an external device. You can use any Firestick, gaming console, or Chromecast to make your older LG TV. 
  • You will have to purchase a smart TV stick. After setting up the device with your TV, you can download and stream Disney plus on your old LG TV. 
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Why is Disney Plus on LG TV not Working

  • Currently, Disney + is only supported by LG web OS 3.0 and above TVs. Models of 2016 or before do not support Disney Plus.
  • In most cases, the Disney Plus app would not be compatible with LG Smart TV because most LG TV versions do not support the Disney Plus app requirements.
  • There can also be some other technical reasons if Disney Plus needs to be fixed on your LG TV. Bug, bloatware, viruses, improper connectivity, and running out of storage are the common issues for malfunctioning Disney Plus on your LG smart TV. 

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Try these remedies to resolve the issue.

Restart Your LG smart TV

Turn off the power of your LG smart TV and remove the power cable. Now, reconnect the cable, switch it on and turn on the ability to the TV. This might help you if the issue is minimal.

Restart Your wi-fi Router

For some internet connections, the wi-fi may go through a technical glitch; in such a case, It will stop your streaming with an immediate effect. In this situation, restart your wi-fi router by simply turning it off and on. 

On your LG television, uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app

Sometimes what causes the error is bugs and corrupt data; you can try deleting and reinstalling the app to solve this issue.  

  •  In your LG TV, search the Disney plus app.
  •  Now press and hold the app.
  • Click on the arrow.
  • Select the X button.
  • After confirming, It will delete the app from your LG smart TV. 
  • Now it is time to reinstall the app. 

Visit the content store, install the app and log in. You will see the app working perfectly if the issue is regarding bugs and a corrupted cache. 

Update Disney Plus App on LG Smart TV

An older version of an app is always inefficient in front of the latest version. Updating the app will help you stream smoothly. In your LG smart TV, visit the content store, search for Disney plus, and install the latest update if available.

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Update LG WebOS to the Latest Available Version

Updating your LG web OS can help you get out of the issue. You can download the latest version, go to settings and install the available update.

You can download the update manually if there is no recommended update. Look for model no. of your LG web OS and download the timely update from any browser. Now, copy the updated file to your TV and install it. 

Sign out from all devices

  • Open the Disney plus app.
  • Click on your profile.
  •  Select account details.
  •  Choose ‘Logout of all devices.
  •  Enter your password and confirm. 

Now, re-login to your account. If the problem were regarding multiple device access, it would be resolved right up there. 

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Disney Plus on LG TV – FAQ’s

Do LG TVs have Disney Plus?

If you ask if Disney plus will come pre-installed on your LG TV, then the straightforward answer is No. Disney Plus is a default app for some streaming players, but this is different in LG TV. To stream Disney plus, you must manually download and install the Disney plus app from the LG content store.

How Do I Get Disney Plus on my LG TV?

It is an easy method to get Disney plus on your LG TV. After finishing the signup process, visit the LG content store and search for Disney plus. Select the app and install it. Launch it on your LG TV and complete the Login process by entering your account details. Now relax, sit back and watch your favourite shows across the platform. 

Does LG still offer a Disney Plus Promo?

Sadly, the offer has expired. The offer was valid from 12th Nov. 2019 to 9th Feb. 2020.
There was an added advantage if you had bought an LG TV. If you had purchased an LG OLED TV, you could get a free 1-year subscription to Disney +. 
If you purchased an LG NanoCell TV, you could be rewarded with a 6 month Disney + subscription for free. 

Is There a Way to Get Disney Plus for Free on LG TVs?

As of now, there is no such offer; the offer of 6 months and 1 year free Disney plus subscription with the purchase of LG OLED and LG NanoCell TV expired 2 years ago. 
However, there is a way – if you subscribe with an unlimited pack, you will get a 6-month free subscription.