Fix Peacock TV Sign in Not Working

Here are the most effective methods, to perform which need no technical knowledge required, to Fix peacock tv sign in not working problem & related issues.

These are major reasons for which peacock Tv might stop working:

  • Usually, temporary bugs and harmless glitches can be one of the causes of peacock tv apps not working. 
  • Another reason is an outage, this can also not allow you to use peacock tv services on your device. 
  • The third reason can be the corrupt cache and data of the application you want to clear up, 
  • If your device’s firmware or the version of the application is old and not upgraded, then your peacock tv services can get interrupted. 
  • One more silly reason can be the non-active internet connection. 

How Do I Fix My Peacock TV Not Working Issue?

  • First, check if your internet connection is active or not. 
  • Then try reinstalling the peacock app. 
  • If the problem still persists, then clear the cache and stored data of the peacock tv app, 

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Here Are The Detailed Solutions To Fix the peacock tv sign Issues

Force Stop/Refresh Peacock TV App/Browser

Sometimes small technical issues cause the peacock app or browser to stop working. So you can opt for basic troubleshooting options like to force stop or close the peacock tv app or browser. Here are the steps:

  • First close all the applications from the recent list. 
  • Go to settings->Apps->Peacock Tv->Force Stop.
  • After this, the apps are gonna stop working. 
  • You can restart the app by clicking its icon from the menu. 

Sign Out from All Devices

Signing out from all the devices can be a good idea. Because in peacock tv you can create up to six profiles and that means 3 people can log in using the same account. However, if there are too many logins like 3 people using the same account on different devices at the same time. So you go to sign out from all devices first to solve the problem. 

Follow the steps to sing out:

  • Access the account settings of peacock tv and select the devices. 
  • Click on the sign-out of all the devices 
  • Now tap again on the option saying “Signout All for confirmation”.
  • Now restart your app and log in again. 

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Restart the Device

Many technical faults of different devices and services are solved by restarting the device. It’s the most reliable basic troubleshooting method which works most of the time. 

Clear Data & Cache of Peacock TV

Many times clearing the cache and app data can fix peacock tv sign-in not working issues and other account login issues. 

  • Follow these steps to clear the cache and app data of Peacock Tv:
  • Go to settings, then apps, then select Apps and Notification.
  • Then navigate to the peacock tv app or browser whichever you use to stream. 
  • First click on the clear data then wait for a few seconds and then click on clear cache. 
  • The browser also repeats the same process to rectify the error. 

Check for Update/Reinstall of Peacock TV App

Majorly when an app or firmware is not updated the device shows problems. This can also be the problem in the case of peacock tv. However, the app has the ability to get updates automatically, but sometimes this may not work properly. So check if any updates are available or not, if not, then reinstall the peacock tv app to give it a fresh start. 

Reinstall VPN/ Service Availability in Your Region

Peacock TV is an American-based streaming service, hardly available in other countries. But if you are one of them who uses VPN services to access the app, you can face many problems. First, check whether the region is correctly selected. Then try reinstalling the VPN service app or replace your VPN app with another efficient service. This may serve as the Fix peacock tv sign in not working issues

Check for Device Firmware Update

  • Checking for a firmware update is an important task and should be done once in a while. 
  • Access the settings of the device and select the System option. 
  • Now click on Check for updates, if any update is available it will get downloaded on auto mode. While installing the update the device will restart again. 
  • Now run the app again and most probably your issue will be resolved. 

 Peacock TV app Not Working on Chrome Browser

  • If your Fix peacock tv sign in not working is related to the Chrome browser then follow these steps to solve it. 
  • Make sure your browser is updated, you can go to more settings and check for updates. 
  • Try clearing the cache and app data of your chrome from settings->apps->chrome. 
  • If the problem is still there then try reinstalling the browser or you can change your streaming browser. Mozilla can be a great alternative.

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Fix peacock tv sign-in not working: Peacock TV Crashing or Not Working on Samsung, LG, or Any Smart TV

If your Fix peacock tv sign in not working or crashing on Samsung, LG or any Smart Tv then follow these steps to restart the power cycle.

  • First, close the peacock tv app and close your device. 
  • Now tap and hold the power button for at least 15-20 seconds. 
  • Wait for a few minutes and turn on your smart tv. 

Fix peacock tv sign-in not working App black screen Issue

Follow these steps one by one as per your issue to solve the black screen problem for your peacock tv app: Fix the peacock tv sign in not working

  • First, restart your Internet connection. 
  • Clear the cache and app data. 
  • Check the peacock tv server, if the service is not available because of an outage. 
  • After that try reinstalling the tv app. 

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Fix peacock tv sign in not working on Firestick?

  • Access the Firestick Home screen, and click Find then Search. 
  • Use the remote for typing and searching for Peacock TV. 
  • Under apps and games click on Peacock TV. 
  • Download the app and install it. 
  • Once installation is finished the app icon will be added to the menu and you can launch it. 

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Fix peacock tv sign in not working: FAQs

Why Can’t I Sign into Peacock?

The most common reason will be that you are entering the wrong password or email address. Make sure the spelling and remember the password will be case sensitive.

How to Log into Peacock?

Steps to log into peacock tv via pc or mobile:

1. If you are using pc then visit peacock tv official website and if using mobile then launch the app. 
2. Click on the option Sign in. 
3. Enter your email and password details correctly and remember the password is case sensitive. 
4. Now click Sign in and you will be able to enjoy the services. 

What to do if you’ve forgotten your Peacock password?

Resetting your peacock account password is the best you can do. Follow these steps:

1. Access your app or visit the peacock website on your browser. 
2. Click on the forgot password. 
3. Enter your email id with which you must have created your peacock tv account. 
4. Then the platform will send you a reset link on your email id. 
5. Open your email account and clock on the link sent by peacock to reset your password. 
6. Remember the link will expire in 3 hours. 
7. Now the link will take you to reset your password. After doing it you will receive a confirmation. 
8. Now go back to the login page and enter your credentials with a new password to log in. 

What to do if you’ve forgotten your Peacock email address?

Repeat the same process as recovering the password for your lost email address. On the login page click on the forgot email and follow the instructions carefully. 

 How to Sign in to Peacock with Xfinity?

1. Access the login page of 
2. Now login with your credentials. 
3. On the next page select your service provider as peacock tv. 
4. Follow the instructions of the platform. 
5. Once complete you will be logged into peacock via Xfinity.

How to Sign in to Peacock with Cox?

1.Visit and log in with your credentials. 
2.Choose the service provider and you will be done.

Why is Peacock not available on Samsung Smart Tv?

1. The only problem should be that your app will not be compatible with your Tv. 
2. Make sure to check the list of support devices.

Why does Peacock take so long to load?

Most probably the peacock tv would be taking so long to load because of your internet connection. Or if the server is experiencing problems. 

Why is Peacock not working on my Firestick?

First, make sure your internet connection is fast. Then try reinstalling your peacock application on your device.