How to Fix Disney Plus Lagging, Buffering and Freezing

Fix Disney Plus: Since its launch, Disney Plus has been the most successful streaming service. The popularity of the service grew manifold in recent years. However, the service also saw several issues while streaming content, the most common were the lagging, buffering, and freezing of the Disney Plus app. Although it is frustrating when you are viewing interesting content, you need not worry about these problems. There are many solutions to Fix Disney Plus lagging, buffering, and freezing.

Ways to Fix Disney Plus

After careful examination of the issues popping up on the streaming service, we have summed up a few solutions to these issues. Some of the other methods are sure to solve the problem with your app. 

Check Internet Connection and Its Speed

Any issue with the internet connectivity or its slow speed can result in problems while streaming the content. Video quality is often reduced to reduce buffering on the app. Persistent lagging or buffering means that your internet connection is unstable. 

To fix Disney Plus issues and improve the viewing experience, a 5.0 Mbps internet speed is required to experience high-definition streaming or a 25.0 Mbps speed is needed for 4k UHD video streaming. An RJ45 cat8 ethernet can also help in increasing the data transmission speed from a router to a streaming device.

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Updating the App

An outdated version of the app can also be the reason for such issues and poor streaming experience. Every few days new versions are released to facilitate the optimum performance of the service and increase the viewing experience. 

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To get the most recent version,  you can install updates from the app store of your device. 

  • If you are using an Apple device, then go to the App Store and install the updates by searching for Disney Plus from the search bar and then clicking on update.
  • If you are an android user, then go to Google Play Store, search for Disney Plus and tap on the update button and you are good to go with the recent version.
  • In Mac computers, find and open the App Store, click the update button and find Disney Plus and then select the relevant option to start updating the app. 

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Reinstall Disney Plus

Another way to Fix Disney Plus app is to uninstall the app and reinstall it again. After reinstalling, login using your credentials and see if your problem is resolved. 

Reinstalling the Disney Plus app reduces the storage occupied by the application by removing the cached data from it. 

Clear Cookies and Cached Data

While using the service on a browser, some of the data is cached and stored as cookies on the device. At times, these cache and cookies get stored in large numbers and overload the app which results in lagging and buffering. 

To get rid of this frustrating problem, make sure to clear the stored cache and cookies. To clear it, go to settings on your browser and find more tools, then scroll down to clear browsing data. Check the cooking and site data box to remove all the data stored for the Disney Plus. 

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If you are using the application, then go to device settings, find Apps option and then select Disney Plus, select storage and then click clear data and clear cache button to clear all saved data of the app. 

These solutions should solve lagging, bufferin and freezing problems and Fix Disney Plus. Note that if you are using ps4 or a similar device, then issues will come up even after troubleshooting, then the only thing you can do is wait and use the app after some time. In case the issue is still persistent, then try contacting Disney’s support service to get the problem solved.

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Fix Disney Plus- FAQs

How to fix the Disney Plus buffering issue?

You can try restarting the app or reinstalling the application or even checking your internet connection. 

Why is Disney Plus lagging?

There can be several reasons for the lagging of Disney Plus, but the most common is the large cache and cookie files on the storage. Try clearing them before using the app again. 

Why does Disney Plus buffers a lot?

Chances are that there’s an issue with your internet connectivity and speed. 

Why does Disney Plus keep glitching?

This might happen due to internet connection issues.