Eonline.com/link Activation Code Roku & Android TV [2024]

Do you love watching TV shows? Everyone does and thus most of us want to update with stories and news rumours about our favourite shows. You can watch your Favorite show on E-Online via eonline.com/link. You can view all the clips and episodes of TV shows. You can also buy DVDs of your favourite shows and play games. You can do all these with just a few simple steps. Yes! You do not have to pay money for this.

What is Eonline.com/link

Eonline.com/link is a popular entertainment website that features celebrity news, gossip, and exclusive interviews. The website covers everything from TV shows and movies to music and fashion, making it a one-stop shop for pop culture enthusiasts.

Use of Eonline.com/link Activation code

  • The E-Online come up with the latest news and information related to the entertainment section. To activate the channel online, you need to create your eonline.com/link activation code
  • Once you enter the eonline.com/link enter code in the correct section, you can turn the channel on streaming devices such as Android Tv, Apple Tv, Apple iOS, Roku Player, Google Chromecast, Fire TV tablets and others.

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Where to enter the Eonline Activation Code

  • The EOnline activation code will appear on your screen if your internet connectivity is good. Do not forget to copy that code. To save this code, open the Eonline com link activation code website.

To activate the code for the E-online, follow these steps:

  • Visit the eoline.com/link page in your web browser.
  • In computer systems and on mobile devices you can access the browser.
  • In the given area of the webpage, type the activation code.
  • It will prompt you once you click continue.
  • Pick the Pay-TV Network (or the network that your cable provider is using) and log in.
  • When you complete all the steps, you are done.
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Activate E-Online Channel on Roku with Eonline/link

  • On your Roku remote, click the Home button.
  • After you open the channel store on your Roku Device, Click on the search channel.
  • Now start searching for “Eonline” or “E! News” channels.
  • To Install, click on the add channel option.
  • Now, open the Eonline app. Here you will get the E Online activation code. Note it down.
  • Firstly, choose your preferred browser then open eonline.com/link.
  • Enter the eonline.com/link activation code Roku here. Click the Continue button.
  • Now your Roku device is linked to E! Online. Enjoy! 🙂

Activate & Watch the E-Online channel on Firestick

This service provides you with fantastic content related to education, movies, TV shows and web series. The best part is that you can watch it whenever you want on your own schedule. If you are an office person who is stuck in the 9-5 program and can’t watch shows around these hours. E-online is the best option for you.

The steps for the Activation are as follows:

  • Visit Amazon App Store and download the E!
  • Go to the Fire TV settings page.
  • Select the app from there.
  • The screen will show you the activation code with some instructions.
  • Open your browser and navigate to eonline.com/link firestick.
  • In the space shown on the screen, enter the activation code.
  • Select your TV provider and log in to your account.
  • Wait for a few seconds then the output will appear.

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How to Activate Eonline Channel on Apple TV with Eonline.com/link

Can’t wait to watch news about your favorite celebrity, follow these steps for activation of eonline.con/link:

  • Go and find the Apple store for apps.
  • Install ‘E!’ from there.
  • Now, open the E! App on your TV.
  • The code is available on your screen, copy it.
  • Open E online.Com/link from any browser of your choice.
  • Enter the activation code.
  • Click Continue and your process will be complete.
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The Steps for Xbox (using eonline.com/link)

It’s a gaming brand developed and owned by Microsoft. This game console enables connecting with different media or TV. The steps to activate the E-online Tv on your Xbox are:

  • Go to the Xbox. Download E-Online from there.
  • Go to the menu tab and click on the Activate Channel option.
  • From the drop-down, choose your TV provider. The activation code is in front of you.
  • Visit E-online.com/link from your mobile and enter the activation code on the given fields.

The Steps for Ps4

It’s also a game console by Sony Entertainment. Follow these instructions to activate the E-Online TV app on PS4
First of all, to use E-Online, you should have it on your device. If you do not have one, then go to the Playstation store and download the E-online TV App from there.

  • Open the PS4 and go to the home screen. Then go to the TV option and video option.
  • Now select your TV provider from the drop-down menu. The activation code is in front of you.
  • Visit eonline com link activation code on your mobile and enter the activation code there.

Which devices can I watch Eonline on

  • You can watch E! News anytime everywhere. It is handy to have this facility. Do you know you can activate Eonline on your Apple TV, Roku Player, Chromecast, and Samsung-connected TV and Fire TV?


So, overall, we have guided you on how to watch your favourite shows E-online via different platforms using eonline/link url. Read carefully all the instructions given above. Don’t rush. Because sometimes it worsens the situation, and we can’t find the mistakes. So, follow these tips and tricks and enjoy the results.

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Does E have a streaming service?

Yes, of course, E has a streaming service and these are- Sling, DirecTV Stream, Fubo TV, Hulu or YouTube TV.

Why is my audio not working on a different device?

If your audio is not working properly, maybe some glitches. Reboot your device. It will repair the glitches. Until you see the options on the screen, press and hold the power button. Tap restart to reboot your phone.

What kind of shows is available on E Online Channel?

There are many shows that are available on the E-Online channel. Botched, celebrity beef, DRIVE!, daily pop, Mathis Family matters and if we are being honest.

How can I get A&E without cable?

Without cable, you can do it on Sling, Sling Orange, Philo, Direc TV Stream, or Hulu.

How is E! And NBC universal connected with each other?

E! is an American basic channel. It focuses on pop culture, reality shows which are celebs-centric, and movies. It is owned by NBCUniversal.

Why can’t I link my TV provider to the NBC app?

If you are able, try to relink the TV provider using eonline.com/link URL. Try to load the Tv provider menu again in between steps. Now see if the issue is resolved. Clear cache/cookies from your web browser. It will diminish the chance of data-or storage-related issues.