How to Activate Disney+ via 8 digit code

Welcome to the Disney+ activation page. To activate Disney+ on any device, Directly Visit Disney+’s official website or type login/begin on any web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, Bing, etc. Once You visit the official webpage, it will ask you first to sign up or Sign in. Next, It Will Ask you for the 8-digit code, which you will get displayed on any Smart Device During the Setup. Just Enter that Code and Finish. Let’s Start it with the TV Activate Code in Details Step-by-Step and also with the Video Tutorial Below.

How to Create a Disney Plus Account [Sign up/Login]

Activate Disneyplus on any device using url
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Step 1: First, go to Disney’s official Sign-up and login webpage:, You have to Select anyone either from Sign up or Log in.

Step 2: Just Enter the Basic details, like Name, email ID, and Password then verify it through your email id which you are using during Sign Up.

Enter the Basic details, like Name, email ID, and Password then verify it through your email id which you are using during Sign Up

Step 3: You’ll need to log in first to complete the activation process, if you are using Disney for the first time then make your account then Login back.

 Step 4: Remember you have to Select the Subscription plan First during the sign-up process it is mandatory to successfully Run Disney Channel on your Device.

Step 5: You can Select any Plan from Basic (With Ads) and Premium (No Ads) that suits you most and move forward to the next page.

Step 6: Once it’s done, Next you have to go to the login page where you have to Enter your email address tick the checkbox and accept the terms and conditions.

Last Step: Next, You will be asked Subscriber agreement just read and scroll it down and click on the Agree & Continue.

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How to Activate Disney+ using login/begin 8 digit Code on Any Device:

Activation of Disney Plus is a straightforward process; you need to follow the process to activate login/begin 8 digit code on TV on multiple Supporting devices like Roku, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Amazon Firestick, or Fire TV:

Login to Disney Plus Account by email id or Mobile Number and Click on CONTINUE

Step 1: First, Install the Disney+ App on your Smart TV from the app store. Once you downloaded and installed the Disney+ app, you have to log in with your registered email ID or Mobile number, as explained above in the Signup Process.

Step 2: Once logged in, You will get the 8-digit code on the TV Screen, Which is required during the Activation Process later in the coming Steps.

Go to google and Type in the address bar or search and click on the link

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Step 3:  Next, Open any Preferred Browser like Google Chrome, Bing, MSN, Firefox, etc. Just type in the address bar or Search bar at

Step 4: Next, You have to log in with the registered email ID or Mobile number with the Correct Password to enter the Activation Code.

Step 5: Once You log in, you will be redirected to the activation Page, where you must Enter the 8-digit code on the webpage.

Last Step: Finally, You will Successfully Activate the Disney Plus on your Device and can now Stream Successfully.

Watch Video Tutorial:

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How to enter login/begin 8-digit code on Mobile:

Step1: Firstly, Open the App Store or Play Store, Then Download and Install the Disney+ App on any Smartphone (iPhone, iPad, Android).

Step 2: As you have already opened the Disney+ app on your smart TV, 8 Digit code will be visible on the TV screen,

Step 3:  Next, use any browser on your mobile device. Try Chrome Browser; Just Type in the Google search bar and Begin directly. You can also use the address bar and type

Step 4:  Next, log in with your details, such as email ID or password, and click Continue.

Step 5 : Next, You will be on the Disney Plus Activation page, Where you have to use login/begin 8 digit code TV to enter the code.

Last Step: Once you complete the Steps, your Disney Plus account will be automatically activated, and all the programs and Media will be Available to Watch.

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How to Use 8-digit code via URL on Gaming Console (PS4/PS5, Xbox)

Step 1 –Firstly, Open any Gaming Console like PS4, Xbox, etc., and Search for the Disney+ App from your Microsoft Store or App Store.

Step 2 -Next, Add the Disney+ App, then download and install the App on (PS5/PS4, Xbox).

Step 3- Once you log in, you will receive an 8-digit code on your Screen, which you will need during the activation.

Step 4- Now, visit the URL and enter the 8-digit code in the appropriate field.

Last One – Watch login/begin enter 8-digit code on the Screen, and click the continue Button. Once you successfully enter the code, your gaming console will be activated automatically.

Watch Video Tutorial:

How to Activate Disney Plus Using  QR Code

  1. Suppose you have a QR code or go to official website. You can use two devices: Any PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile to Scan Disney Plus QR Code displayed on the big screens.
  2. Once you scan the code, go to the Disney Plus website and create your account. When the site prompts, you enter the code. Then complete the payment and log into your account again to enjoy the content.

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How much is Disney Plus: Price & Plans

How much is Disney plus? Price and Plans

Disney Single Plans: users will pay $7.99 a month for ads. $10.99 for a month with no ads. Or they can also choose to pay $110 a year to get without ads service, which will mean they will save 16 percent by paying annually.

Disney Bundle Offers: They offer basic duo plans for $9.99 a month, $12.99 a month for trio basic plans, and $19.99 per month for trio premium plans.

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Customer Support:

As we have explained to you all the steps related to Disney+ activation for all devices, if your issue is still not resolved, then don’t worry. We have a direct solution. Just follow the link: 

You will get multiple solutions to your activation issue with the begin URL directly. You can also contact the Disney Plus Team directly at tel:+1888-905-7888. Then, you must provide basic details like your name and registered email ID to fix the issue.


Disney Plus Activation Process is easy for any device on Smart TV like Roku, Apple, Samsung, Fire TV, Mobile and Gaming Console like PS5, PS4 or Xbox. Users need an 8-digit activation, which is available on the TV screen, and you have to enter this code using the URL. Once you successfully enter the code, your account is automatically activated, and all the features of your Disney+ are activated.

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