DisneyNOW App Not Working, Ways to Fix the Issue

In the times when irrelevant content is highly accessible over the internet, DisneyNOW app not working, one of the channels dedicated to Kids content, is a go to channel for parents when it comes to engaging their child in relevant, knowledgeable and meaningful content. 

Unfortunately, DisneyNOW app not working and application users have been facing some issues for quite some time now. These issues pop up while streaming the content on the app. These issues sometimes take so long to troubleshoot that the user regrets subscribing to it. 

However, before you make up your mind to give an end to your subscription or going to other kids dedicated channels, here are some of the solutions that can help you get rid of the issues on the application. 

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Look for the reasons why is DisneyNOW app not working or creating trouble

Before you indulge into solving a problem, it is always a better idea to understand the causes of the issues you have experienced. Listed below are reasons that can be creating issues and can be a reason why DisneyNOW app not working. 

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Incorrect Login Credentials
  • Older version of the Application
  • Corrupt app data or cache
  • Incompatibility due to third-party apps
  • Bugs
  • Streaming devices error

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Fixing DisneyNOW Application Issues

Once you understand the root of the issue, it is easier to solve it. 

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Here, we have some steps that might solve your problem when DisneyNOW app not working. Make sure to follow each of them until your app starts working again without issues. 

  • See if your DisneyNOW application is up-to-date or not

One of the most common reasons for the issues while streaming on the app is an outdated app that no longer receives the updates from the server. Although many people opt to automatically update the applications, many still rely on updating the apps manually. 

Thus, it becomes important to check your app version before getting into troubleshooting and then fixing issues. If it is an older version of the app, update it and then access the streaming service. 

  • Delete Cache files and stored data

While cache plays a major role when it comes to accessing data offline, it can also cause trouble if it is corrupted or a resource file is missing. It can cause your app to crash or fail while loading.

Delete the cache or other stored data of the app, this can remove or repair the files that were responsible for creating issues. To clear cache, open DisneyNOW app, go to settings and clear the cache and other stored data. 

Delete these data will restore the application, including your login credentials along with your content preferences. 

  • Re-authenticate DisneyNOW

Re-authenticating your DisneyNOW subscription can also fix the issues you are facing. This is one of the ways that can solve most of the problems with the app.

To re-authenticate your subscription, follow the steps below:

  • Open DisneyNOW app settings on your viewing device.
  • Select your TV provider from the menu. 
  • Click “Allow TV Provider Access” to authenticate your app, you will receive an activation code. 
  • Open disneynow.com/activate and enter the code. This will redirect you to your TV provider page. 
  • From this page, login in to your account to complete the authentication process and now you are good to go for your favorite content. 
  • Delete and install the application again

Your DisneyNOW app should work completely fine after re-authentication, however if it does not, then the problem might be with the application itself. Some files may be corrupted, missing or have bugs and this could be a reason that the issue is still persistent. 

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 Deleting the application and then installing it again can solve all the issues lying with the application and give you a smooth streaming experience once again. 

  • Reboot the streaming device

Another way to solve the issue is by rebooting your streaming device. To reboot the device, unplug it from the power, wait for about 2 to 5 minutes and then plug it back in and power it on.

A ‘Hard reset’ button given on the back panel of the device can also be used to reboot and reset the device. 

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What if the issue is still persistent on the DisneyNOW app?

Although the above mentioned solutions are enough to solve the issues with the app, however, at times, it is possible that they may not solve a problem for you. 

In that case, DisneyNOW app not working you can either reach out to DisneyNOW by going on the link DisneyNOW.com/feedback or by connecting with the customer service at 1 (855) 545-0310 for all technical and video playback assistance. 

Activate Disney Plus

To know about activating disney plus on other device, we have a complete step by step tutorials for all supported device. Click on the links below to select your device and see the complete activation instructions.


Why does DisneyNOW keep stopping?

It stops if your internet speed is slow or your version is out-of-date. It also stops if you have many cache or stored data files. 

How can I use DisneyNOW without a TV provider?

You can view it on streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu, Sling, FuboTV, etc.

Is DisneyNOW safe and good?

Although DisneyNOW is a popular platform, it has a rating of 2.14 showing that the users are unsatisfied with their services.

What is the DisneyNOW app?

DisneyNOW app is a channel dedicated to providing content relevant for kids.