Disney Plus vs Hulu: Which Streaming Service is Better [2024]

Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services across the US, however, with the launch of Disney Plus, the streaming experiences of the people took a turn. Although both the services owned by Disney are not competitors, the two give completely different viewing experiences. The comparison of Disney Plus vs Hulu: Which streaming service is better? draws a clear line between them. Read till the end to know which one is better.

Disney Plus vs Hulu: Pricing Packages

Pricing is one of the factors that one looks for while buying a service. Both services come at different pricing packages and at comparatively different price ranges. 

Disney Plus

The current subscription of Disney Plus costs $7.99 for a month and $79.99 for a year when you pay upfront and have no add-ons that will cost you extra.


  • Hulu on the other hand comes in two different options- basic and premium along with extra cost for add-ons. The basic package of Hulu is priced at $6 per month, it contains ads in between shows.
  • The premium subscription of Hulu costs $12 per month and removes the majority of ads, and has shart ads at the beginning of the show. Even the premium version of Hulu costs extra for add-ons with different add-ons costing different. 
  • Hulu costs more but what is noticeable is that a lot of content of the platform is also available on Disney Plus. 

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Disney Plus vs Hulu: What kind of content do you get to watch

  • When you subscribe to Disney Plus, you get access to most of the Disney owned shows and movies. The platform has a range of shows from new to old and even shows and movies stretching back to 80 years. Disney Plus also has original TV shows and movies including Star War Movies and Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. 
  • Hulu, on the other hand, has original productions that gained interest from the audience worldwide.  It has original series including The Handmaid’s Tale and mature-rated movies and shows. The biggest pro of Hulu is that it offers shows from all the major networks of the US.
  • Both the services offer great shows and movies, however, the US counterpart Hulu has a larger library and also gives you an option to expand the library using add-ons while there is no such option in Disney Plus.

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Disney Plus vs Hulu: App Availability

When it comes to comparing the two platforms in terms of app availability, Hulu clearly takes the lead over Disney Plus. Both Hulu and Disney Plus are compatible to run with iOS, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox One and PS4. Hulu app is also available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch and PS3. However, as of now, Disney Plus seems to have no plans to launch its version for such devices. 

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Disney Plus vs Hulu: Which streaming service is better

As the Disney Plus vs Hulu comparison between these services is clear, the choice to subscribe to one of them remains with you. If you want a family friendly content, then Disney Plus is the choice for you, but if you want grittier content then Hulu is the better choice. 

Before subscribing to any of these services, it is important to keep in mind the kind of content you like to watch and which one fits all your requirements.

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Disney Plus vs Hulu: FAQs

Is it worth getting Hulu with Disney Plus?

The bundle comes at $13.99 for a month. The choice of getting the subscription completely belongs to the user.

How is Disney Plus different from Hulu?

Both the services are owned by Disney but differ in their features, content and costs.

Which is better- Disney Plus or Hulu?

Both the services have different things to offer to its viewers, so it is difficult to say which one is better.