Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details [2024]

On Disney Plus, you may prefer the Disney Plus Marvel television programs. I have faced numerous complaints regarding Disney Plus not accepting payments. If Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details, any formal confirmation of the same happens because Disney Plus streams all over the world, so having a problem with not getting paid seems weird. Sometimes maybe it happens when the gateway’s payment tokens don’t match, so we have a temporary solution for this Disney Plus payment issue.

Disney Plus has a powerhouse of amazing content  Marvel, Lucasfilm, Fox, and Pixar are the biggest production companies. And everyone can watch all this content easily on Disney Plus. even though the extra payment hasn’t gone through for some reason.

Do all users experience the same error codes when a payment problem arises?

When you face the message “Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details,” which is also known as a “transaction error,”

Step 1:-

  • First, you have to check if your debit or credit card is still functional and valid throughout the nation.
  • Fill in all the correct information.
  • Make sure the ZIP code and postal code you entered are correct.
  • Check that the encrypted PIN is on the correct point.


  • If you are still getting errors, then just try to sign into your account and continue with payments. Just follow the steps and try to re-login.
  • Launch the Disney Plus app. To begin with, select the D+ icon and go to the settings page 
  • And log out of the account and enter the information for your current account or start a new one.
  •  Now you log in to the account, go directly to the payment page, fill in the card information and confirm, read and agree to the terms, and continue.
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Step 3:

  • first and second steps If they are not working, then just try with another credit or debit card.

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Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details: Some aspects to review

Regarding credit or debit card information It is advised that the data entered be checked; the following should be examined:

  • Your card must be affiliated, debit, or credit.
  • If it is credit, then the card was entered as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • Check the expiration date of the card. Maybe it has been underfunded to charge a subscription.
  • You must check for approval for payment.

Why is the Disney Plus Update Payment Button Not Working?

One of the reasons that Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details is because the payment button is not working. The payment button may not be working or have expired on your debit or credit card. If you are facing this, then choose the other card for update of your payment details.

Disney Plus Not Accepting Payment Details : Customer Service at Disney Plus

If you are not getting the solution, then just connect with customer service. They can help you chat with them and call them on Disney Plus Customer Support for this error.

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