How to Buy a Disney Plus Gift Card

Are you in a last minute hassle to decide upon a gift for your near one or you want to buy yourself something that is worth paying for? If yes, then nothing can be better than a Disney Plus gift card. Nothing can actually make for an easier and killer gift than a Disney Plus Gift Card. With a Disney Plus card as a gifting option, you don’t have to fuss over going out and spending your precious time finding the perfect gift. 

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Since its launch in 2019, Disney Plus had no such thing like a gift card until its first Christmas season. In 2020, Disney launched the service to give a Disney Plus subscription to someone. In 2021, Disney Plus launched Gift Cards that are available on the Disney Shop, Target and more. 

Where are Disney Plus Gift Cards available and how much do they cost?

Now that you have decided upon the Disney Plus Gift Card, you might be wondering about the availability of these cards and their package prices. 

You can buy the standard Disney Plus gift card from the following retailers. 

  • Disney Plus
  • Shop Disney
  • Target

The pricing package of the gift are:

  • An Annual Subscription of Disney Plus costs $79.99 at Disney Plus.
  • One year subscription costs $79.99 at retailers Shop Disney and Target.

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How to give the Disney Plus gift card subscription?

After purchasing the gift card, you will receive the detailed redeem instructions over your registered email address. Then you have to go to Disneyplus Begin Code’s subscription page and follow the steps prompting on your screen. You will be asked to enter the name of the recipient, their email address and the date on which they will receive the subscription, at the same time you can also include a personalized message for the recipient. Then you will proceed to the payments page where you will have to enter your number and card details to complete the payment process. 

Note: Remember that gift cards can only be redeemed by new Disney users or an email that is already registered on Disney Plus cannot redeem the gift card. So before purchasing the card for someone, make sure that their email is not registered with Disney Plus. 

How to give a Disney Plus, ESPN Plus and Hulu bundle subscription to someone?

The combo subscription of Disney Plus, Hulu and ESPN+ is also a great deal when it comes to gifting an entertainment pack to someone. The combined pack also lets you save up to 25%. 

However, there is no direct method to give this subscription to someone so you have to go with the crappy method of setting up an account using the recipient’s email. 

To set up the account, sign up for the pack, add your recipient’s address then set up a password, now you will be proceeded to the payments page to enter the card details. As soon as you enter the details and complete the payment process you will have access to the entertainment bundle. 

This method might be crappy and definitely not prettiest but it will get the job done. 

Activate Disney Plus

To know about activating disney plus on other device, we have a complete step by step tutorials for all supported device. Click on the links below to select your device and see the complete activation instructions:

Activate Disney plus on – Smart TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Samsung TV, Xfinity, Chromecast, Sony, Philips via

Activate Disney Plus on – Android, iOS, PC, Roku, Xbox etc with the help of login/begin URL.

Disney Plus Gift Card- FAQs

Is there any gift card on Disney Plus?

Yes, Disney Plus offers digital gift cards that are delivered over email along with details.

How do I get a Disney Plus gift card?

You can buy them from the following retailers:
Disney Plus
Shop Disney

How do I send a Disney gift card?

You will be asked for the recipient’s email, delivery date and a personalized message that will be delivered over email.

How do I pay for Disney Plus for a year?

You can pay for the subscription, either monthly or annually, from the accounts section on Disney Plus app.