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Disney Plus free trial was accessible in many areas. Users could access every content hub for free for at minimum seven days (or several months on Disney+ for free in certain instances), including Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic.

  • However, suppose you decide to sign for the Disney Plus free trial. In that case, you’ll be disappointed because Disney Plus no longer offers the option of a trial for free.
  • At the end of June 2020, Disneyplus eventually ended its free trial offered to new customers.
  • Now and again, this streaming service from Walt Disney Company introduces various free subscription options in different regions, particularly during the festive season.Amazon Music Unlimited deal, Xbox Game Pass offer, Verizon, & the Disney+ bundle offer.
  • It also introduced the $2 discount for one month to new customers during Disney+ Day on December 12, 2021. However, the catch was that it was only available until December 14, 2021. Subscribers were charged the standard $7.99 per month after that.

What is Disney Plus?

  • A vast array of shows and movies are available on Disney Plus. Hundreds of films and shows are available in Disney Plus libraries, which spans the universes of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars along with National Geographic.
  • The entire library is accessible any time you’d like via devices like phones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. 
  • However, Disney Plus recently announced that they would no longer provide the free trial.
  • Those new will have to join the base Disney Plus plan for $8 per month or for the bundle that includes Hulu or ESPN Plus for $14 per month. In either method, you’ll enjoy both modern and classic films and series; Disney+ even produces original content, like the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, which You can’t find elsewhere.

What is the cost of Disney Plus?

  • Disney Plus is currently $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually.
  • In addition, you will have ad-free access to the entire Disney streaming library in various categories.

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How can I sign up to get a Disney Plus free trial?

  • New subscribers cannot avail of a week-long, free Disney Plus trial on the Disney+ website or any compatible device.
  • All new subscribers will have to join the service by purchasing an active subscription.
  • You can sign up for it on your Android or iOS gadgets, Chromecast, Roku, smart TV, or gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  •  You’ll have to set up an account using a username and email.
  • Information about your payment is needed because you’ll be asked to select between a month-long or an annually-based Disney Plus subscription.
  • Although there’s no Disney Plus free trial, there are plenty of great movies and shows that you can try out the service. You can end the practice after one month if it’s not your preferred type of service.

Do you want to remain with Disney Plus or cancel?

  • While Disney Plus offers one of the top on-demand libraries available on streaming, it’s a straightforward procedure if you wish to end your subscription.
  • It’s easy to do so by going to the account details section on your profile and following the steps required.
  • In general, it’s an excellent idea to try different services before choosing.
  • Luckily, most streaming services provide a free trial, so you can try to see which one is the most suitable for you.
  • If you’re in search of an expansive library of content packed with well-known titles as well as highly rated originals, go towards Netflix as well as Amazon Prime. Both of them offer a free trial for 30 days.
  • The Prime trial also provides an opportunity to receive two-day free shipping on Amazon.
  • Apple TV+ The latter, however, is a fantastic option for those who prefer small and exclusive catalogs.
  • You can try it for free for 1-week, and make sure to sign up to receive a month-long, free Hulu trial too.
  • This will give you a more thorough idea of whether you think the Disney Plus bundle is worth your hard-earned money.

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Is Disney Plus Free Trial Still Available Anywhere in 2022?

  • Unfortunately, no. It was widely available before in all-powerful nations where it was first launched. After the six-month mark, the deal was no longer available.
  • This is a risky option since the world is based on free trials even when the most well-known streaming service, such as Netflix, provides a trial period of 30 days.
  • However, this streaming service from Walt Disney Company already has one of the lowest prices available.
  • $7.99 is the monthly cost for customers and $13.99 for its bundle deal.
  • Disney Plus is available in Japan was previously offering the opportunity to try a free trial for 31 days; however, following its relaunch on October 27, 2021, It was announced that the trial is now free. Disney trial has been discontinued for any longer.
  • In the same way, when Disney Plus launched Disney Plus Taiwan and Korea on November 12 and 13th, there were no trial trials for free as an element of its launch.
  • This is also the case for the Disney Plus Hong Kong launch on November 16, 2021, which did not have a time-based trial.
  • The other new launches that have been announced, such as Disney Plus Thailand, Disney Plus Malaysia, and Disney Plus Singapore, didn’t offer the option of a trial for free.
  • In reality, on November 12, 2021, Disney Plus announced a deal for new subscribers to sign up for the first month at $1.99 within the USA or PS1.99 in the UK.
  • However, the offer was only valid until November 14, 2021.
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Latest Hacks to Get Disney Plus Free Trial in January 2022

There are various ways in which you’ll be capable of streaming Disney Plus for free. The latest deals are as follows:

Verizon Subscriptions to Get Disney Plus for Free

If you have the next Verizon membership and you are allowed to access Disney Plus for free with its unlimited plan options that are selected for all your family members:-

  • Start a complete plan for $35 gets you the Disney+ free subscription for six months in the US.
  • Playing more with a comprehensive plan for $45 is enough to give you the Disney Plus bundle, including Hulu and ESPN+.
  • Do more Unlimited plan priced at $45 offers the first six months of Disneyplus a free subscription within the US.
  • Getting a better-unlimited service for just $55 will also enable you the option of bundling offers from Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ free.

Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription to Get Disney+ for Free

  • The offer of getting Disney Plus free when you sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription is relatively straightforward.
  • Music enthusiasts who join the Amazon Music Unlimited subscription will receive a no-cost Disney Plus subscription for six months.
  • Once the free trial expires after six months, you’ll be charged the average Disney Plus cost of $7.99/month.

Xbox Game Pass Membership to Get Free Disney+

  • Disney Plus is available for Xbox Game Pass members in the rewards program for streaming during a trial month.
  • After the trial period is over, It will charge the average cost of $7.99/month.
  • The offer is typically only available for a short period of time and often is reintroduced at certain times.
  • The offer was only available up to September 2021, and it’s worth keeping on your radar for the near future.

How Do I Get Disney Plus Free for 6 Months?

  • The most effective way to receive six months’ worth of Disney+ for free is to sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited deal for $7.99 each month.
  • For new customers, who pay $7.99 for the month, existing Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers will get Disney Plus free for three months.
  • You can also enjoy Unlimited downloads to watch offline many thousands of Disney+, Pixar, Star Wars movies, and TV shows from National Geographic!
  • The offer is only available to subscribers located in the US and Canada.
  • For Canadian subscribers, Canadian subscribers can avail of the offer for CAD11.99. 
  • The most significant benefit of this deal is that you get up to four monitors in the Disney+ streaming service with this deal.

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What can you see with a free Disney Plus trial?

  • A Disney Plus free trial granted access to the entire library of streaming content to stream as much as you wanted in 7-days. 
  • If you canceled before the end of the trial, it was possible to watch every movie and TV shows without paying any money.
  • This included a plethora of Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar movies, along with originals such as The Mandalorian and The Clone Wars.
  • In the meantime, at the very least, you’ll need to pay to try the software out, even if you’re within one of the countries where a trial is available.

Are there any ways for free to access Disney Plus?

  • The Disney Plus free trial is null and void for customers new to the US, UK, and Australia.
  • However, there is still a way to avail of a Disney Plus free trial for an entire year, particularly when you’re already a US customer who has recently purchased a phone.
  • Based on which Verizon plans you select, you could get up to one 12 month of Disney Plus free, depending on your plan.
  • Change to choose Unlimited plans and receive Disney Plus for 6 months.
  • Unlimited plans can also bring you your Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle for an entire year.
  • In the same way, there are O2 phone offers across the Atlantic with a similar offer.
  • Indeed, O2 customers can enjoy Disney Plus free for six months as part of their monthly pay package on certain handsets, including the new iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro.

Do you know if Disney Plus has gift cards?

  • It’s not in the same league as a Disney Plus free trial. However, a Disney Plus gift card is available just like its counterparts. 
  • Similar to a gift card to your preferred clothing store or bookshop, you can purchase a gift card that treats one to the entire calendar year’s worth of Disney Plus for USD 79.99 or PS79.90 (or USD 119.99 / EUR89.90 (or USD 119.99 / $129.99 NZD – the exact Disney Plus price for a regular annual subscription.
  • However, unless the Disney retailer is in the US or visits a Disney Park, you can’t buy the physical Disney Plus gift card.
  • The ability to deliver an email with your Disney Plus gift subscription to any email address undoubtedly will add some excitement to any inbox.
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Will Disney Plus Free Trial to Come Back in the Future?

  • Are you wondering when and if you can expect that the Disney Plus free trial will be back? We’re also wondering the same thing. 
  • Disney Plus is doing very well with no trial period, and there’s not much incentive to alter the way it operates as of now in any case.
  • Although we could see the Disney Plus free trial getting an extra boost in promotional efforts.
  • You can temporarily bring the price to $1.99/PS1.99 for those who are new subscribers.
  • You’re upset by the fact that Disney Plus free trial is gone? But don’t fret; it’s not a complete disaster.
  • Disney Plus bundles are pretty inexpensive, and there are a lot of deals to give you the service at a lower cost. We’ve listed the newest deals below.
  • As these prices increase around in the early 2021s, they’ll remain pretty steady for a bit.
  • In the Disney Plus sign-up guide, we won’t be expecting the prices to rise until the end of 2022 in the very earliest timeframe.

What are the Cheapest Ways to Get Disney Plus Subscription?

If you’re not interested in plans such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Xbox Game Pass, or Verizon unlimited plans, the most affordable option is to purchase a Disney Plus subscription from different countries for a reasonable cost, that is:

Disney Plus – USA

Disney Plus (monthly) | $7.99 per month

  • Since you’ve completed the Disney Plus free trial is ended, the essential subscription is the cheapest option to get the service.
  • It grants you access to all the features Disney Plus has on offer, and you can end your subscription at any time you’d like.

Disney Plus (one year) | $79.99 one-time payment

  • If you’re looking for the long run, the annual subscription is more value for money, and it gives you 12 months at the cost of 10.

Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN Plus | $13.99 per month

  • Do you want the most value for money with the best value now that Disney Plus is no longer available? Disney Plus free trial is gone? Here’s the deal.
  • The bundle offers three services for the price of one month’s Standard HD Netflix, netting you Disney Plus itself alongside the more adult-oriented dramas of Hulu and sports in ESPN Plus.

Disney Plus, Hulu (no ads), ESPN Plus | $19.99 per month

  • The bundle is identical to the one mentioned above.
  • However, there’s a significant difference: you’ll be able to avoid the (quite irritating) advertisements on Hulu.

1-year Disney Plus gift card | $79.99 at Disney Plus

  • This is a digital offer which means it’s instantly sent to the email address you choose (in other words, it’s excellent for those who’ve left the gift-buying process somewhat late).
  • Remember that it is only be used for new customers.

Disney Plus – Canada

Disney Plus (monthly) | $11.99 per month

  • What cost of one month with Disney Plus set you back in Canada? Just $12.
  • This isn’t too bad considering all the other things that go into it – you’ll still be able to access the entire library without limitations, and that’s not even including the brand new Star service.
  • It takes the sting of the loss of the Disney Plus free trial (sort of).

Disney Plus (one year) | $119.99 one-time payment

  • Do you want to join for the long haul by signing up with Disney Plus? The best value is enrolling for a whole year.
  • This will save you approximately $24 off the per-month cost for Disney Plus, and you’re getting access to the Star channel too.

Disney Plus – UK

Disney Plus (monthly) | PS7.99 per month

  • You’re looking for the least expensive alternative with the lowest cost now that no Disney Plus free trial is gone? This monthly subscription with a standard price is the best choice.
  • It allows you to access all the services that it can offer in addition to the more established Star channel.

Disney Plus (one year) | PS79.90 one-time payment

  • A one-time fee gets you a streaming service for the entire year.
  • It will also save you around PS16 when compared to monthly costs (you’re receiving 12 months of service for the cost of 10).

Disney Plus gift card (1 year) | PS79.90 at Disney Plus

  • It can be delivered via email to anyone anytime you’d like.
  • This is an excellent option for an ideal gift for the last minute. But, keep in mind that You can only use the gift card for new customers.

Disney Plus – Australia

Disney Plus (monthly) | $11.99 per month

  • A typical month of Disney Plus will set you for 12 dollars to Australia and $12.99 for New Zealand.
  • It’s a pity to see that there’s no free trial for Disney Plus, and the free trial is gone.
  • Still, the regular price isn’t that expensive, considering you’re receiving the brand new Star channel, too.

Disney Plus (one year) | $119.99 one-time payment

  • A whole year’s worth in Disney Plus provides the best price-for-value.
  • With the price of $120 for Australia and $129.99 for New Zealand, it will save you about two months of your cost of the standard plan.
  • You’ll get everything you need on Disney Plus and Star for the same price.

Activate Disney Plus

To know about activating disney plus on other device, we have a complete step by step tutorials for all supported device. Click on the links below to select your device and see the complete activation instructions:

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How Do I Subscribe to Disney Plus of a Different Region?

Follow these easy steps to save money. It is the best alternative to address the issue of not having an initial trial for free and resolve problems about content access by using Disney+ of a different area:

  • Subscribe to a Premium VPN. ( ExpressVPN has buffer-free streaming, and there are no servers disconnections)
  • Set up the VPN app on the device you are using, whether iOS or Android.
  • Open the VPN application from the server listing to join the region to sign up to Disney Plus (obviously, select the least expensive one!)
  • Now, you can sign up for a Disney plus subscription for the region you want to visit.
  • Log in using your login credentials to stream your favorite Star Wars and other Walt Disney Studios productions!
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What is Disney Plus Premier Access?

  • Disney Plus Premier Access allows its customers to stream any film that day it is released theatrical release.
  • The benefit for Premier Access is that you will not have to stand in an interminable line outside of the theater and can enjoy your preferred movies and TV shows from your home.
  • Usually, within three months, the films are transferred onto the primary Disney+ platform, which You can view for free for all other users.

How Much Does Disney Plus Premier Access Cost?

  • Disney Plus Premier Access costs an additional $34.99 per film.
  • For instance, if you paid $34.99 to see The Black Widow on Premier Access, you must pay $34.99 again for a different movie.
  • It is crucial to know that the price is only for one movie. You can, however, play the same film as many times as you’d like.

What Can You Watch If You Get a Disney Plus Free Trial?

  • The Walt Disney Company is home to all the primary Marvel Cinematic Universe, National Geographic shows, Marvel, Star Wars, original content, and more; with The Walt Disney Company, you are always looking forward to a great experience and not like other streaming services.
  • If you can access Disney+ for free through Amazon Music Unlimited, Verizon, or the Disney bundle, below is a list of the top shows and Star Wars movies on Disney Plus to stream.

Best Movies

  • “Home” Sweet Home Alone (November 2021 release)
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (November 2021 release)
  • Black Widow
  • Frozen
  • Mary Poppins
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Luca
  • Raya and the Last Dragon
  • Mulan
  • Hamilton

Best Shows

  • Hawkeye (November 2021’s launch)
  • Just Beyond (October 2021’s release)
  • Cesar Millan Better Human Better Dog Season 1 (September 2021 release)
  • What If..? (August 2021 release)
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
  • Loki
  • WandaVision
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum
  • The Mandalorian
  • That’s so Raven

Is There A Disney+ Bundle Free Trial?

  • Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t offer a trial for their Disney+ Bundle. This subscription includes ESPN+ and Hulu had a discounted $13 per month.
  • That’s in addition to $7 per month, which is what it costs to sign up to Disney+, but a staggering $5 per month lower than what it costs to sign up to the three channels one by one.
Service Price
Disney+ $7 per month
ESPN+ $5 per month
Hulu $6 per month


  • It is now clear this Disney Plus is popular Channel.
  • Disney Plus free trial is no more.
  • It indeed provides a subscription at one of the most affordable rates.
  • A complete month-long subscription is more beneficial than the free trial period of seven days.
  • So, we recommend that you purchase the Disney Plus subscription from an area where it’s cheaper with the help of a trusted VPN service.
  • Suppose you’re a massive Disney fan or just looking to impress the children of your family. In that case, it’s time to sign up to Disney Plus for the ability to access Disney content.

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Disney Plus Free Trial -FAQ

Does Disney Plus offer a 30-day trial for free?

The answer is no; the company has announced that Disney Plus 30-day free trial has been discontinued.
You can subscribe for Disney+ at $7.99 or the Disney bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN+ for $13.99.
Alternately, you can access Disney Plus for free through different offers, including Amazon Music Unlimited, Xbox Game Pass, or Verizon

What is the duration of the trial period for free Disney Plus?

Disney Plus offered a seven-day trial at no cost when it was delivered. The offer is not valid, and it could be reinstated shortly.

How can you access the 7-day trial free for Disney Plus?

You can avail of a Disney Plus free trial by subscribing to the Amazon Music Unlimited offer for $7.99 or opt for Verizon unlimited plans or purchase a Disney Plus bundle offer for $13.99 with Hulu and ESPN+.

How many viewers can be watching Disney+ at once?

Disney Plus allows up to 4 streams simultaneously.

Do you know if Disney Plus has gift cards?

Disney Plus does indeed have gift cards costing $79.99 within the US.

Do I have to sign up for Disney Plus with no credit card?

Yes, you can avail yourself of Disney Plus free trial with no credit card if you’re an Amazon Unlimited subscriber or are on one of the Verizon unlimited plans.