Fix Disney Plus Error Code 90 With Easy Steps [2024]

The Disney Plus Error Code 90 is one of the many issues a Disney viewer may face. The Router is the sole factor responsible for such an error. We have seen the Disney Plus users keep on complaining about the application! Thus, we have decided to analyze the cause. To our surprise, we found that it is not the application that always gives us such a headache! It can be the fault of your internet, streaming device, or Router. Are you surprised? Yes, yes, it can be the fault on your end. Thus, to fix the error code 90, you must be aware of the actual cause.

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 90?

It is necessary to have a fair understanding of the error codes. How can you solve the issue without understanding it? The Disney Plus Error Code 90 is triggered when the OTT platform blocks your IP address. The Router’s misconfiguration can also be a factor in this error code. You can encounter this error irrespective of the Device you are using.

What Are the Reasons to Face Disney Plus Error Code 90?

There can be many reasons responsible for the Disney Plus Error Code 90. Knowing the reasons will help you better understand the actual underlying cause. It will also assist you in scrutinizing the problem from your end. The reasons are as follows:

  • There may be a problem with the Disney Plus Server
  • The restrictions of the ISP cause a hindrance in the functioning of the platform
  • Your Device can have some problem
  • You have a faulty HDMI connection
  • Your internet connection is weak or unstable
  • A software glitch in the application

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How Will I Fix the Disney Plus Error Code 90?

As you are now aware of the reasons for the Disney Plus Error Code 90, you must know how to fix it.

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Here is the way you can fix it:

The Reboot of the Router and the Device 

Rebooting your streaming device or the Router will fix the problem to reboot:

  • Power off the Router and disconnect it from the power source
  • Give a pause for a maximum of 5 minutes
  • Connect it to the power source and turn it on
  • Your Router is rebooted

In the case of the streaming device, you can restart it.

Log Out of the Account

To log out of the Disney Plus Account, you have to:

  • Open the application
  • Sign out from the Disney Plus account from all devices
  • Log in again after a break of a couple of minutes

Does the issue still prevail? Consider the following step.

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Reinstall the Disney Plus Application

To reinstall the application, you first need to uninstall it. To uninstall the application:

  • Tap on the application
  • Click on the pop-up stating uninstall
  • You can now reinstall the app from the application store

Switch Your Network Connection

You can change your internet connection. It will confirm the fact whether the connection is hampering the smooth functioning of the application or not:

  • Disconnect the Device from the network you are using
  • Connect it to a different connection
  • Reinstall the application

Router Firewall

The firewall, aka IPv6, can be one of the major causes of the error code 90. Changing the router settings is the best way to fix it:

  • Click on Windows under the command prompt
  • On the Command prompt right click the mouse
  • Select ‘Run as Administrator
  • Enter the code ‘ipconfig.’
  • As a result appears, jot down the address 
  • Open the browser and click Router’s portal
  • Login with credentials 
  • Click Settings 
  • Click Advanced settings
  • Go to the IPv6 tab
  • You will see the dropdown beside the ‘Internet Connection Type.’
  • Select the option ‘Disabled’ from the dropdown
  • Now open the application to see if the error is still showing or not
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How does the Disney+ Help Center Assist in Fixing Error Code 90?

Sometimes, you can fail to fix the error code. Do not be panicked! Call the support team, or you also chat or mail them to convey your issue. They are available 24*7.

  • UK Support- +44 20 3936 2903
  • US Support- 888-905-7888


The Disney Plus Error Code 90 is a common issue. Do not worry about it! First, ensure you have identified the actual cause of the error and then take the initiative to fix it. Thus, we have put together the list of issues and the problem-fixing guide to get you quickly through the process. 

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Q. What does error code 90 mean on Disney Plus?

The error code 90 on Disney Plus means either your Router or the server is causing a problem. 

Q. How do I fix error code 90?

Modifying the settings in the router firewall, restarting the devices, reinstallation of the Disney app, and logging into the account will help you to fix the error code 90.

Q. What will the error code message be displayed during Error Code 90?

The error code message states that the connection is interrupted due to a problem. You have to fix it and return it later.

Q. Will restarting the streaming device solve the Error code 90?

Yes, sometimes you can restart your streaming device to solve the error code 90