Resolve Disney Plus Error Code 73 [2024]

Disney Plus is a fabulous streaming service for all kinds of users. They offer a wide variety of content for all audiences. As the VPN connection is the most likely culprit for Disney Plus Error Code 73, if you keep streaming your preferred content, you might experience a problem. To protect region-locked content, the website tries to detect VPN connections; if it succeeds, an error screen will show whenever you try to watch a video or movie.

Why is my Disney Plus not working

This issue could have a number of root causes and difficulties, most of which can be linked to a sluggish internet connection or other account-related problems that can be fixed by reconnecting or logging back in. This error code 73 may be brought on by a VPN setting or by the fact that you are streaming in a region with geo-restriction. Therefore, you must check your VPN settings or confirm that location services are enabled. 

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How did this happen? Disney Plus Error Code 73 

Disney Plus content cannot be streamed when in a geo-restricted area. Despite the fact that Disney Plus has not yet been released in many nations, attempting to access its content results in an Error Code 73.

How Does Disney Plus Error Code 73 Occur

This message shows on your screen when you are facing Disney Plus Error Code 73.

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Disney+ is only available in certain regions. Depending on where you are located, you may not be able to access Disney+. If you think you are seeing this message in error, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 73).

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73

This is a simple way to resolve this Disney Plus Error Code 73, so follow these easy quick steps:-

Change your location service

Make sure location services are activated on your device. Anytime you use a device, make sure your location is turned on and that the app, such as Disney Plus, needs certain services in order to be physically located.

Enable Android location services.

  • Go to the set
  • Select your location.

Restart the Internet Connection

If you are streaming the Disney Plus content and you are getting messages that your internet connection is poor, try again or re-connect again with your WiFi. This problem is typically caused by a problem with your ISP and the server it offers, but you can fix it by restarting your internet connection.

Use a variety of VPNs

If you are trying back-to-back and still having issues, then try using a different VPN service. Try to use different VPN services. Most paid services are more reliable and provide a better connection than free ones. As an example, consider the following:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfsshark
  • VeePN

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Turn off your antivirus software

Take this easy step to fix the issue. It is well known that antivirus software can disrupt internet connectivity or stop some programs and services from functioning properly. You can test if the antivirus you’re using at the moment is causing the Disney Plus Error Code 73 by temporarily disabling it.

  • Right-click on an empty space in your taskbar and choose Task Manager.
  • Click on the Mode Details buttons.
  • Switch to the Start-Up tab using the header menu located at the top of the window.
  • Find the antivirus application.
  • Click on the disabled button.
  • Now restart your computer and try to log into your Disney+ account.
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Move to a different DNS server

 Move to a different DNS server to get better internet speed on your device. Follow this server to a well-known, fast, and public DNS.

  • Open the Google Home app .
  • Tap on Wi-Fi Settings. Advanced Networking
  • Tap DNS.
  • Choose your desired public DNS server. If you choose a custom DNS server, enter a primary and secondary server address.
  • Tap Save

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Contact support and your ISP

  • Another way to fix the Disney Plus Error Code 73 is to try watching a different show or movie on Disney+. This can help to rule out any problems with a specific piece of content. If you’re still seeing the Disney Plus Error Code 73, please contact Disney Plus customer service for further assistance.
  • Please get in touch with your internet service provider if the Disney+ team was unable to solve your problem. Although unlikely, the problem may have been caused by your ISP accidentally assigning you to a different country, giving you a wrong IP address, etc.
  • Contact the customer service of your VPN provider if you live in a location where Disney+ isn’t available. They might be able to tell you which server you should connect to and which content to watch.

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