Fix Disney Plus Error Code 401 [2024]

It is claimed that the Disney Plus Error Code 401 is caused by network troubles or even server issues with Disney Plus. Resolving these issues is indeed difficult because you may not know the fundamental source of the problem. However, if you want to fix it yourself, follow these instructions.

What is Disney plus Error Code 401

Error Code 401 is among the worst of all Disney Plus errors. This is because Error Code 401 prevents a user from accessing Disney Plus at all. Disney Plus has not yet stated an official or confirmed cause for this problem. However, the support page claims that it occurs due to an unknown issue streaming to the user’s device. It could be a device compatibility issue, a connection failure, or a problem with your account. It has now been discovered that Roku users are also experiencing the Error Code 401 issue when using Disney Plus on their devices. A few users also reported being immediately logged out of the application.

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How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 401

It’s possible that Disney Plus maybe not operating properly or your internet connection might not be stable or your device may require an update. So, the best place to start fixing the Disney plus Error Code 401 is to determine whether the problem is with the service or on your end. We will tell you about some common ways to fix the error.

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Checking the Compatibility of Your Device

You should check your device’s compatibility. Error number 401 typically signals a device-to-Disney Plus compatibility issue; the first thing you can do is verify the Disney Plus device and the list of software compatibility. If your device does not appear in your list, you may need to change your device.

Checking Your Internet Connection

Examine your internet connection’s status. If your internet connection is not strong enough, you will be unable to view Disney Plus. The internet speed requirements of Disney Plus might give you an idea of what speeds you need, and you can then test your internet speed and try Internet Speed Testing sites to check if you have to stream material from the service.

Try Rebooting Your Device

You should try resetting your device. If you restart your device. The Error Code 401 problem is more likely to be resolved by restarting the device.

Update the Disney Plus App

Another problem could be an outdated version of the application. If you are still using the old version, you should update it to the new one.

Reinstall Disney Plus app

You should uninstall and then reinstall the application. This is a strategy that mostly works with all the error codes.

Update the Disney Plus App

Update your device’s firmware or operating system since old versions of your device’s operating system can cause compatibility issues.

Log Out and Log in Again

Log out of your current Disney Plus account and try checking in with a different account.

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Try Contacting Disney Plus Customer Service

If your issue remains unresolved even after trying the above solutions. You can contact the Disney Plus Customer Executive through the app. The live chat support is available for 24*7.

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How Can the Roku TV Disney Plus Error Code 401 Be Fixed

Check the servers of Disney Plus and Roku TV

When the Disney Plus Error Code 401 appears, the first thing we need to do is check for both the Disney Plus and Roku servers. You may be wondering why the Disney Plus Error Code appears, however, the underlying issue is that the service is unavailable.

Try Streaming Another Show on Disney Plus App

You may be seeing the Disney Plus Error Code 401 for a specific episode or movie, and the problem isn’t with the entire platform. So, try closing that particular show and switching to another to see if the same issue number appears. If not, you can be certain that the show is experiencing temporary difficulties as a result of being deleted or unavailable.

Check the Compatibility of Your Device

Although Disney+ is available on Roku devices, not all Roku devices are compatible with the platform. You must first visit the Disney+ support center to determine whether your Roku device is compatible and then proceed.

Restart your Roku device

It has been observed far too frequently that restarting your device will resolve the majority of difficulties, and this is also true for Roku and Disney+. You must restart our Roku device as follows:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your Roku TV.
  • Go to the System Restart tab after selecting
  • Wait for Roku TV to restart after clicking on Restart.
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Try Clearing the Cache or Data of the Device

One solution to the Disney Plus Problem Code 401 is to clear your Roku device’s cache and data so that any temporary cache and data that is generating this error can be erased.

Update your Roku TV

Try upgrading the Roku device with the most recent software update to resolve any potential faults in its system.

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Now you can know what might be wrong, so can fix the Disney plus error code 401 by troubleshooting your device and following the instructions given in this article.