How To Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39 [2024]

Disney Plus error code 39 is a rights management code that typically denotes that your streaming setup is unable to deliver the secure connection that the streaming provider requires. A secure HDMI handshake could be prevented by a problem with your Disney Plus app, your streaming device, your HDMI cable, or even your television. If you can resolve your issue in this area, error code 39 will no longer appear.

What Caused Disney Plus Error Code 39

Close the app and stop streaming if you’ve been using the Windows 10 Xbox app to connect your Xbox One to your PC. The Disney Plus software may also need to be restarted, as well as your Xbox One. Error code 39 should disappear after you stop streaming from your Xbox One to your PC.

We have determined that the following factors are the primary causes of Error Code 39 on Disney Plus after reviewing customer comments.

  • Excessive Devices: 

The number of devices that a single account may access streaming services on is usually limited by those providers. As a result, they are shielded from unauthorized redistribution and receive more subscriptions, which helps to support their library. As a result, if you have multiple devices logged into your account, you will experience Disney Plus Error Code 39.

  • USB Port: 

The Error Code 39 on some devices reads: “This indicates that the video you are attempting to watch cannot be viewed at this time.” This might be a problem with Disney+ or with the availability of certain rights. But occasionally, this error can happen as a result of incorrect HDMI cable installation or HDMI port settings.

  • Projector:

If you are utilizing a projector to stream video from Disney+, it’s very probable that you may get the error number 39 because most projectors call for the use of a “VGA to HDMI or VGA to DVI” converter, which Disney+ doesn’t work well with.

  • Streaming Xbox Apps:

The Disney+ service believes that your Xbox is attempting to launch two content streams, which results in an error with their servers. Disney+ has an application for Windows that also allows you to stream content from Disney+, but if you have left a stream running on your PC and are now trying to stream directly from the Xbox, Disney Plus error code 39 will be triggered. 

  • Elgato: 

Elgato is a tool used to record television shows for later viewing, although streaming providers typically employ countermeasures to prevent console and TV screen recording in order to protect their content from piracy. Therefore, Error Code 39 is likely to appear if such a device is connected to the television.

  • Converters:

Disney Plus has content piracy restrictions that prevent users from recording the screen, but these restrictions can occasionally backfire if the user is using connectors and the service detects them as recording devices. If this happens, Error Code 39 will most likely appear if you are using converters in your connection with the television.

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Fixing the Disney Plus Error Code 39

Follow the easy quick steps:

  • PowerCycling Devices:

  1. Take out the TV power plug, disconnect it, and shut it down.
  2. The power button was on for the last 15 seconds.
  3. After 2 minutes, you can start back.
  4. Check and see for a few minutes if the error code is still occurring on devices.
  5. To ensure eradication from your console as well, repeat this procedure.
  • Reinstalling and Resetting

  1. The Disney Plus application Uninstall that.
  2. Remove the Xbox’s power for the last 5 minutes.
  3. Again, install the application again.
  4. Check for 40-minute error code 39, whether it springs up or not on your screen.
  • Applying Workarounds to Xbox One

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to a different port on your TV or console after unplugging it from the “Game” port.
  2. Try signing out of the WiFi, power cycling your console completely, and then signing back in to see if the Disney Plus error code 39 persists.
  3. Verify to see if anyone else is using your account to broadcast on the Xbox PC app.
  4. As a final resort, you can completely factory reset your Xbox One to resolve the Disney+ Error Code 39.
  • Contacting Customer Support

You could also attempt to get in touch with Disney+ Customer Support and ask them to resolve this for you. To correct the issue, they could need to change the configuration of your account on their end, or it might be related to their servers. So, if all else fails, consider calling customer service.

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