How to Resolve Disney Plus Error Code 38?

If you continue streaming to Disney Plus from one show to another, sometimes it happens that you get the message regarding your time and date setting Disney Plus Error Code 38.

These days, error codes are happening more often. Disney Plus Error Code 38 is a very small error that happens when your device is not updated with time and sometimes the application is not updated, so you just have to always keep your device updated with the latest application and the time that is synchronized with the world.

For a quick and easy way to resolve this Error Code 38, read this article.

Why Does Disney Plus Error Code 38 Occur?

Disney plus is one of the most subscribed and popular streaming platforms in the world, they provide smooth and uninterrupted services. But sometimes you might face issues, you may see an error code 38 pop up on your TV screen. Following are the several possible reasons for error code 38 –

  • You are having poor network connectivity.
  • Your TV doesn’t have the latest software installed in it.
  • Disney plus application is not updated.
  • TV or software is not up to date.

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How to resolve Disney Plus Error Code 38?

If you are facing error code 38, you can try the below given remedies to resolve the issue –

Switch off the TV, unplug the power cable and then replug it.

  • Reset and restart your TV or streaming device.
  • Update your TV and application to the latest update.
  • Go to settings and set time & date to latest.
  • Disconnect your network and then reconnect it.
  • Try repairing or replacing the network driver if a problem lies within it.

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Customer Support

Are you tired of treating error code 38 with a lot of remedies, but nothing really worked? Raising the issue with customer support is the only option left.

(888) 905-7888

This is Disney plus official customer care contact no.; you talk about your issue with them 24/7. They, after going through your issue, will surely suggest something which can indeed help you out. If everything is clear by Disney plus side, it is suggested to contact customer care of your TV brand.

“We’re sorry, but we cannot sync the video you requested to your clock and try again.” If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center Error Code 38

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