Disney Plus Error Code 38

If you continue streaming to Disney Plus from one show to another, sometimes it happens that you get the message regarding your time and date setting Disney Plus Error Code 38.

DiStream Plus is a fantastic streaming service, but occasionally there are error messages. These days, error codes are happening more often. Disney Plus Error Code 38 is a very small error that happens when your device is not updated with time and sometimes the application is not updated, so you just have to always keep your device updated with the latest application and the time that is synchronised with the world.

And for a quick and easy way to resolve this Error Code 38, read this article.

Why Does Disney Plus Error Code 38 Occur?

This issue exists because your self-device settings do not correspond to your present location. Disney Plus sends error code 38. Because of the time change between the server and your device, you will see Disney Plus Error code 38.

How to resolve this Disney Plus Error Code 38?

To resolve this issue, you have to go into your device’s clock settings and make sure it’s correct and aligned with the current world clock time.

  • Go to your device’s clock setting.
  • Switch the setting from manual to automatic in order to align it with the world clock time.
  • And the last save is the correct timing.

Disney Plus Error Code 38 is not a major error. This was easy to fix. You just have to go to the setting and fix it yourself, and the problem will be resolved.

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Customer Support

If you’re still facing this error, then you can contact the Disney Plus Customer Support Team. They are available 24/7 to answer your calls and chats.

“We’re sorry, but we cannot sync the video you requested to your clock and try again.” If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center Error Code 38

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