Disney Plus Error Code 36: Easy and Quick Way to Resolve this Error [2024]

If you continue to stream Disney Plus Error Code 36  means that your device is not authorized to view the video you are attempting to download.  A rights availability issue or a Disney Plus internal problem may be the cause of the video’s usual absence at the time.

Disney Plus, as we are all aware, is an amazing streaming service that we all adore because it offers a wide variety of amazing, interesting, and entertaining content for viewers of all ages to enjoy.

What caused Disney Plus Error Code 36

If the video you’re trying to download isn’t something you ought to watch. The existence of a right or a Disney issue on the company’s internal network may be to blame for the fact that the video is frequently unavailable at that time. If you encounter error code 36, this message will appear on your device’s display.

Disney Plus Error Code 36 Message: “We’re sorry, but you are not authorized to view this video.” If you think you are seeing this message in error, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 36).

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How do I fix this Disney Plus Error Code 36

There is an easy and quick way to resolve Disney Plus Error Code 36.

  • You have to check that your region has the availability of Disney Plus streaming content; if you are in the geo-restriction area, then your content is not available to watch. So first, you have to check the availability of content.
  • If the kid’s mode is enabled, you should check your account to find out why. If it is, you should disable it immediately because doing so will significantly affect the content you see. It may be due to an age restriction.
  • You need to check your VPN and turn it off if Disney Plus is having trouble with it. Then, you must reload the page to determine whether the issue has been resolved or not.

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Customer support 

If none of the suggested solutions for Disney Plus Error Code 36 work, you must get in touch with the Disney Plus Help Support Team’s error specialists. They are ready to make permanent solutions for you and resolve your problems around the clock. Directly call and chat with them at the Disney Plus Help Center.

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