How to Resolve Disney Plus Error Code 142 [2024]

Disney Plus is an OTT platform offering assorted content across some selected countries worldwide. Disney Plus Error Code 142 is an error related to it. It has a flexible subscription method. You can cancel the subscription anytime you feel like. Walt Disney launched this platform in 2019 to directly reach their targeted audience. You are one of their millions of valuable subscribers. Honestly, don’t you ever come across any problem while logging into the platform? This issue is minor, and you do not need to worry about it anymore! Here, you will find some quick and easy solutions to deal with the error.

Steps to fix Disney Plus Error Code 142

The Disney Plus Error Code 142 says that there is trouble connecting the service. It further requests you to check the internet connection and then try again. Do not get anxious when you see this statement. Instead, follow these quick hacks to restore service.

1. Closing or Relaunching the App

This is the easiest solution. You can close the app and reopens it. Another method is to relaunch the application. Force close the application and restarts. Many users try and test this coon method frequently. It really helps in fixing the error code. 

Step-by-step guide on how you will do it:

  • Force closes the Disney Plus Application
  • Give a few seconds pause before relaunching
  • Check whether the problem disappears
  • If the problem still persists, try the following.

2. Check the Internet Connection

The internet connection can also cause Disney Plus trouble. The slow or unstable condition of the internet can sometimes be responsible for the interruption of the Disney Plus service. Check the speed of your internet for fast streaming.

Step-by-step guide on how you will do it:

  • Conduct a speed test and observe the upload and download speeds. You will receive a notification on your device in case of a weak signal.
  • If there is no problem with the speed, reconnect your WiFi with the network once again.
  • Is the problem fixed? Yes? Congratulations. If you still face the same issue opt the following step.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to restore your connection.
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3. Take a look at the server status 

This is one of the noteworthy issues. Problems such as issues in the platform server or server down can stop you from content streaming. Wait till the server is back to its normal functioning. 

Step-by-step guide on how you will do it:

  • You can cross-check the status of the server from any third-party service site or Disney Plus website.
  • Are Disney Plus servers down? You can do nothing but wait! As soon as the server is fixed, the normal service resumes. 
  • Keep a close check on the Network Monitoring software. This software is used for troubleshooting the servers. The software tracks the data packet’s route from the device to the servers. 
  • Are you using VPN? Then the issue may lie with VPN connection. Disable the connection and your problem will be fixed. If it is still there, connect with another VPN.
  • Do not overload the server with various requests. If there is a proxy server, disable it to fix the problem. 

4. Log out and Log in again 

You can fix the Disney Plus Error Code 142 by logging out from your signed profile. A survey has shown that this solution has been effective for many users. 

Step-by-step guide on how you will do it:

  • Install the application 
  • Tap the top-right direction of your account
  • Sign out from all devices. You may have to enter your password again
  • Continue the sign in process in the Disney Plus website
  • Is the error gone? If no, maintain your application

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5. Application Update 

Have you upgraded your application? If you are using the old version, it is the reason the problem of Disney Plus Error Code 142 has resumed. 

Step-by-step guide on how you will do it:

  • Go to the application store
  • Click on your account to see which are the applications that need update
  • Update the DisneyPlus app as well. If you cannot find the app, try the search option to search it. It also indicates that there is no update against the app. 

6. Uninstall and Reinstall

Is the problem not solved yet? This is why the Disney Plus Error Code 142 is still there. You can uninstall the application and reinstall it. This is also an impromptu solution that many users have adopted. 

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Step-by-step guide on how you will do it:

  • Reach the application store
  • Tap on the category of my application
  • Search DisneyPlus
  • Redownload and install the application again
  • Sign in with your existing credentials 

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7. Turn off the Proxy and the VPN

Proxy or VPN is sometimes responsible for Disney error code 142. Disable the proxy and try fixing the error code problem. You can also connect to other VPNs.

Step-by-step guide on how will you do it:

  • The Windows users click on the Control Panel and open Network and Internet
  • Click the “Change proxy Settings”
  • Click on the “LAN settings”
  • Remove the tick from the LAN box
  • The Mac user, from the System Preferences: go to the Network Click. In Proxy tab uncheck all the boxes related to Secure Web Proxy and Web Proxy
  • If you are a Linux user, in the GNOME Control Center, click the Network Connections. Tap the network which you are currently using. In the IPv4 tab, upgrade the settings to (DHCP) addresses. These guides are only for disney plus not working on laptop.

If the application is installed in an android device: Go to settings, go to WiFi, press the used network and click on Forget Network. The iPad or iPhone user should go to the settings section, go to WiFi, press the used network, click on the ‘i’ icon adjacent to it. In the HTTP Proxy Section, select off.

8. Switch the Device

If you are having DisneyPlus trouble constantly from one device, it is time to switch to another device. For example:- If the app is installed in your android base device, uninstall it. Try logging in to another related or different device.

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How to fix disney plus error code 142 amazon fire stick? 

Is your screen showing the Disney Plus Error Code 142? In this case the error can be of two types:

  • DisneyPlus Firestick error code 142

Disney plus error code 142 amazon fire stick

If the error showing is either of the two, the problem occurs in the device’s application. You can opt for these methods to fix the problem:

  • Reboot the DisneyPlus app
  • Make sure you are using a stable and strong internet connection
  • Check whether the Disney is properly working or not
  • You can log out and sign back in with your DisneyPlus existing account
  • Reinstall the application
  • Try logging in from another device to check if your device is the problem or not.
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How to fix disney plus error code 142 on Sony TV?

It is quite normal if your Sony TV shows Disney Plus error code 142. Fix the application, not the device.

  • Force closes the application
  • Reboot it
  • Monitor your internet connection
  • You can log out and sign back in with your DisneyPlus existing account
  • Reinstall the application
  • Try logging in from another device to check if your device is the problem or not.

How to fix disney plus error code 142 with Help Center?

This is the last option when all your strategies for fixing the Disney Plus Error Code 142 have failed. The intervention of the customer care can help you to resume streaming service. You can connect with them through the chat or have a telephonic conversation for fixing the issue. 


Disney+ is the popular platform streaming extremely rich and attractive contents. It includes contents of assorted genres. Thus, fixing the Disney Plus Error Code 142 is essential. The solutions given here are all effective. We have summed up these solutions post surveys and research. If your problem is solved by now. Happy streaming!

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What does error code 142 on Disney Plus mean?

This error code indicates that there may be a problem with the internet or the application. 

How do I fix the Disney Plus error code 142 issue?

You can uninstall, log out, update the app and sign in again with the existing credentials. You can also change the device and log in with your application in a fresh device.

How do I fix the Disney Plus connection error?

The connection error is caused due to a poor or weak internet network. You must call the internet service provider to fix your internet. Once the network is fixed, your aop is ready to set.

Why do I keep getting error codes on Disney Plus?

The error codes can come due to the error in the device or the servers or the network or the application.