How to Resolve Disney Plus Error Code 118 in Easy Steps

The programme cannot be downloaded from the app store due to Disney Plus Error Code 118 It’s mostly related to your internet connection. Let’s figure out how to solve it. You may download and install third-party programmes on your television through the smart TV app store. When trying to download apps for your smart TV, there are instances when it fails. Error code 118 is the reason why the app is not downloading and failing.

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How to Resolve Disney Plus Error Code 118? 

Cycles of Power

The process of surging electricity from the source to the gadget is known as power cycling. To resolve the issue, you must conduct a power cycle on the device that is Utilised or linked to the TV and smart hub. Simply switch off the device’s power. Reconnect once it done.

Smart Hub should be reset.

To resolve the difficulties, reboot the smart hub as follows:

  • Press the Home button on the TV remote to access the launcher menu.
  • Navigate to Settings and then Support.
  • Select Self Diagnosis, followed by Reset Smart Hub.

After completing the smart hub reset, restart your smart hub and television.

Install DNS

  • Select Network from the Settings menu.
  • Select IP settings, followed by Network Status.
  • After selecting Enter manually, type

Make a different network connection

If problem 118 occurs again, change the network connection. As a result, there is a problem with the connection. Change the connecting medium or move to another network to repair network connectivity issues on your smart TV.

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Network reset

  • Go to Network under Settings.
  • Choosing Reset Network.

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Concluding Remarks

This Disney Plus Error Code 118 prevents programmes from being downloaded from the app store. Switch to another network if your internet connection is the source of the problem.

This issue, however, is triggered by a failed internet connection. When you fix the internet connection problem on your smart TV, the error will go away and the software will download easily.

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