Disney Plus Error Code 1027

While most consumers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the United States, Australia, Canada, and Italy are seeing the Disney Plus Error Code 1027 while streaming Disney Plus on their smart TVs, such as Samsung TV and LG TV (mostly on Sky TV), it is unclear whether this mistake has spread to other devices. Read on to know about Disney Plus Error Code 1027 and ways to fix the issue on your devices. 

What is Disney Plus Error Code 1027?

  • Error Code 1027 occurs when the Disney+ profile fails to load via the profile services. 
  • A message “Profile Service Init Failure” appears when you launch the Disney Plus app on your devices. 
  • It’s a profile-related issue. It happens when you try to launch the application with your profile. 

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How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 1027?

The following ways can help you solve the Error Code 1027 on your Disney Plus app and let you watch your favorite content on it again: 

  • Restart the device on which you are streaming the Disney Plus app. 
  • Try updating the software of your device.
  • Factory reset your device. 
  • Try updating the Disney Plus app. 
  • Try reinstalling the Disney Plus app on your device and logging in again with your credentials. 
  • Try clearing the cache of the app.
  • Try logging out from the app and then logging in again to fix the problem. 
  • Try resetting the DNS or clearing the DNS caches. 
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If the issue remains unresolved, try contacting the Disney Plus Help Centre and chatting with a Disney Plus live chat representative. 

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When and on what devices might Disney Plus Error Code 1027 appear?

Disney Plus Error Code 1027 might appear on your Samsung TV And Sky TV. 

Here’s how to resolve the Disney Plus problem code 1027 on your Samsung TV:

  • Navigate to your Samsung TV Settings.
  • Choose the following options: Support > Self Diagnosis, then Reset Smart Hub. 

You can also try reinstalling the app on your Samsung TV. 

Here’s How to Resolve the Disney Plus Problem Code 1027 on Your Sky TV or Sky Q Box:

  • On your Sky Q remote, press Home, then Settings.
  • Then select by pressing 0,0,1. Choose Apps, then Refresh All Apps in this Box. The notice ‘Your apps are being refreshed’ will appear.

You can also try restarting your Sky Q box. Also, try checking with the SKY TV Forum if the issue remains unresolved. 

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Conclusion: No matter what device you are using or which nation you reside in, one of the above methods should undoubtedly work to resolve the issue code 1027 on your devices. 

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