How To Sign Into Discovery Plus Amazon Prime [2024]

Discovery Plus Amazon Prime, the famous streaming service platform, is now added to the Amazon Prime Video Channel list. So, with your Amazon Prime Video subscriptions, you will also get to watch all the shows that the Discovery+ channel streams. 

What is Discovery Plus

Discovery Plus is an American-based video streaming service, of which Warner Bros. is the owner. Most shows streamed on this channel are education-based. Some of them are originally created by the channel and some are streamed from the library of Discovery’s main channel database. The service is very much affordable and the content mainly focuses on educating others. 

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Number Channels in Discovery Plus Amazon Prime

List of channels in Discovery Plus on Amazon Prime:

  • Discovery+ Originals.
  • Her Story*
  • Magnolia Network.
  • HGTV.
  • Food Network.
  • TLC.
  • Investigation Discovery.
  • Discovery Channel.

What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based service pack offered by, Inc. it is available in different countries and mostly covers the globe. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime you will get premium access to a bunch of paid services like free shopping deliveries, Prime Video subscription, Prime Music, Reward Points, Free games, Prime Reading, and exclusive shopping deals. 

Discovery Plus Pricing Amazon Prime Video

The discovery+ and discovery+ (Ad-Free) plans are $4.99/month and $6.99/month, respectively users can subscribe to if they want to watch on Amazon Prime after a seven-day trial period. 

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How To Sign Into Discovery Plus Amazon Prime

  • First, go to 
  • Now sign in to your Amazon account. 
  • Search for the Discovery Plus channel. 
  • Select more if you can’t find it immediately. 
  • After that either sign in or register to start your seven-day free trial. 

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How To Add An Existing Subscription Of Discovery Plus Amazon Prime

  • First, go to this link. This will direct you to the discovery page on Amazon Prime Video Channels. 
  • Now sign in to your Amazon Prime Video account. 
  • You will be automatically directed, but if not then search for Discovery Plus Amazon Prime channel. 
  • Click see more if you can’t find it suddenly. 
  • Now select Discovery Plus. 
  • Click sign in or start a free trial to start signing up. 
  • Enter the password and enjoy. 
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How To Cancel Discovery Plus On Amazon Prime

  • Go to this link
  • This will take you to the Your Memberships and Subscriptions page. 
  • A list of subscriptions will be opened. 
  • Select Manage Subscription of the service that you want to discontinue. In your case it’s discovery plus. 
  • Tap it and Advance Controls will be opened. From here you can cancel it.
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Is discovery plus free with amazon prime?

No, discovery plus is not free with Amazon Prime. On Amazon Prime Video Channel list you will have to add Discovery Plus channel to watch it. But only after subscribing to it. For which the monthly fee is $4.99/month for Discovery Plus and $6.99/month for Discovery Plus with no ads. 

When I try to watch certain shows it forces me to open the discovery app?

To solve this issue follow these steps:
Close the discovery+ app or close the browser if you are watching on it. 
Now clear your device’s cache files and storage data on which you are streaming the service. 
Now launch the  discovery+ app or reopen the browser and sign in to watch it again. 
But if the problem still persists, contact the customer care services.