How To Delete Viewing History On Disney Plus [2024]

Delete Viewing History On Disney Plus: Disney Plus is one of the most popular and very easy-to-stream services they provide to us for movies, shows, live shows, and many other things to explore.

When you are blessed with such an amazing app with a great number of entertainment options, it makes you agitated about its viewing history. You might be worried about it because it is sometimes not safe for other users to see your Delete Viewing History On Disney Plus. This case will only arise when your account has multiple access.

Also, it is always better to Delete Viewing History on Disney Plus if you do not want the other person to know what you have been streaming. You can opt to delete content under ” because you watched Delete Viewing History on Disney Plus” on Disney Plus, as it is an ideal method to get out of the customization feature.

Unlike other apps or streaming platforms, Disney Plus does not allow you to delete your viewing history. But there are a number of ways which will help you with the problem.

In this article, you can grab all the information needed to Delete Viewing History on Disney Plus. Scroll down to know further:


  • You can edit your watchlist so that the disney plus app will stop showing you contents related to them.
  • For editing the watchlist on your mobile, here are the steps: Open the app> click on watchlist> select all the movies and shows you want to remove> click details> select on the tick icon.
  • If you are streaming disney plus on a web browser: visit the website> login to your account and click on watchlist> select the series and movies you want to remove> click on the checkmark.
  • This is an alternative method of not letting other users watch your content. Once you remove the checkmarks, disney plus will stop suggesting you shows related to them.
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  • To make your streaming personal and not to be viewed by anyone, creating multiple profiles can be an ideal method for this problem.
  • You may find this a bit tedious but it’s worth your time.
  • Just go on creating profiles for every user with the access.
  • To create another profile, go ahead: Open the app> select on your profile> click on edit profile> select add profile> enter the details and save it.
  • If you want to create a profile on a tv or net browser: Follow the same steps as for a mobile.
  • When you create multiple user profiles you are just free to stream anything you want, without the tension of your Delete Viewing History On Disney Plus.
  • All the users will have their own profile and it will not affect any other person’s viewing history. 

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  • This is one very effective way to avoid the direct view of any user towards your content. Because on the “continue watching” list all your history is shown.
  • If you are not interested in a particular type of series or movies and are not planning to watch it again, just fast forward to the end so that it is removed from your history.
  • Though it is time consuming and also pretty boring, if this is the only option you have, you can go for it.

This article contains all the necessary information regarding the deletion of the viewing history, and I hope that this will help you ultimately one or the other way. Since there are no direct deleting options in the Disney plus app and Delete Viewing History On Disney Plus these options remain the only best way to remove the history you have been viewing.

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