Control Your Samsung TV Using Your iPhone

In the generation where smart tv is the new normal, having one less thing to worry about is a blessing. Yes, I am talking about the remote, ever felt the urge to break things down when you can’t find your remote? If your answer is yes then you heard me right you can Control Your Samsung TV Using Your iPhone and not worry about the remote anymore. The one thing that stays with us throughout the day is our phone and being able to control your Samsung tv using your iPhone fully is a blessing in disguise.

4 Different Ways to Control Your Samsung TV Using Your iPhone:

  1. Using Smart things application.
  2. Using apple airplay (if you are using the latest Samsung tv).
  3. Using an HDMI to Lightning cable.
  4. Using other third-party apps.

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How to Use Smart Things Application to Control Your Samsung TV Using Your iPhone?

  • One of the easiest and most convenient ways to control Samsung tv with an iPhone is by downloading the Samsung tv remote app “smart things”. 
  • After downloading the smart things app on your iPhone just hit the app, and before doing anything make sure your iPhone and your Samsung smart tv are connected to the same network. 
  • Now, press the source button on the app interface which will take you to the next page. Then you can find your tv name on the sources page, click on the tv name.
  • And allow the permissions on your iPhone and you are good to go. You can do all the basic functions which you could do with a remote.
  • Such as changing channels, increasing/decreasing volume, powering off the tv, and the best part is being able to type through your iPhone keyboard, yes you can search on YouTube and any other platform.

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How to use Apple Airplay on a Samsung smart tv?

  • All the new models from Samsung support apple airplay, which is a feature to screen your iPhone onto your Samsung smart tv. 
  • To check whether your tv supports apple airplay go to settings in your tv. And then go to general now if you can see the apple airplay button you are good to go. 
  • Just click on the apple airplay button on the tv. which will take you to a menu make sure that the apple airplay is turned on. 
  • Then grab your iPhone and swipe down the quick setting from the top right corner and press screen mirroring. 
  • You can instantly see your iPhone’s screen popping up on your tv. You can watch pictures of your favorite from your iPhone on a bigger Samsung smart tv. 
  • Additionally, you can watch YouTube and Netflix on a large screen by rotating your phone horizontally.

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Potential Drawbacks while you are using airplay to control your tv: Please note you cannot control/change local channels when you are connected via apple airplay because you are just screening your phone screen but you can browse the web, YouTube, and all other apps that you enjoy on your iPhone.

Using an HDMI to Lightning Cable?

  • Don’t worry if your tv doesn’t support apple airplay, you heard me right. you can still link your iPhone to Samsung smart tv with the help of an HDMI to lightning cable. 
  • This cable consists of HDMI and a USB port on one side and a lightning port on the other, connect both the HDMI and USB port to your Samsung tv and the other end to your iPhone. 
  • Now if your tv doesn’t support a USB or has USB 3.0 plug it straight into your charger and then into the socket. 
  • After connecting the cable to your iPhone make sure you are on the right HDMI port, change from HDMI 1 to 2 or 3, and then try again.
  • If you don’t see your iPhone on the tv. It takes approximately 10-20 seconds for your phone screen on tv and then you are good to go. 
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Drawbacks: This method is not convenient because the length of the cable is always limited. 

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Can You Use Other Third-Party Applications on Your iPhone to Control Your Samsung Smart TV?

  • It is always suggested to use only third-party apps because they might be unstable. But Here is one third-party application that works well with your phone it’s called “ControlMeister”. 
  • This app helps you to Control Your Samsung TV Using Your iPhone pretty seamlessly. To control your tv first make sure that your iPhone and Samsung tv are connected to the same network. 
  • Now install the app and get started, as soon as you get to the home page of this app allow it to the permissions of Wi-Fi press ok, and then see.
  • If your Samsung smart tv’s name is on it, if not press tries again then you should see your tv name in it. Press on the name of your Samsung smart tv, and immediately you will find a pop on both your iPhone and Samsung tv.
  • Press continue on your iPhone and allow it on your tv, and then you are ready. The app pretty much consists of everything you need from channels to volume, click on your fav shows.  


There are several ways to Control Your Samsung TV Using Your iPhone, it depends on person to person and what your preferences are, if you don’t watch too many channels on tv then apple airplay is the one to go because you don’t need any additional app to work with. But if you watch too many tv channels then smart things is the app for you because you not only can control your tv but also all other Samsung products such as washing machines, air conditioners, etc. so choose the solution which is easy for you.

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