on CNBC on Roku, Fire, & Apple TV [2024]

How do I enter the CNBC Activation Code?

  1. Visit
  2. Use a web browser to access your computer or mobile device. 
  3. Select your TV service provider. 
  4. When you open the CNBC Program, enter the CNBC activation code. Next, click on Continue to verify your TV provider details.
  5. Activate CNBC on Apple TV using
  6. Turn on your Apple TV.
  7. Get the CNBC App on Your Device.
  8. Open the CNBC Program.
  9. Notify the screen with the activation code.
  10. Visit
  11. Any internet browser.
  12. Choose your TV provider
  13. Enter the Code
  14. Click on Continue.
  15. Register with TV provider details.
  16. Check out CNBC and enjoy it on your Apple TV.

Activate CNBC on Roku Player Using

  1. Visit the Roku app store.
  2. Search CNBC or Select Add Channels.
  3. Open the CNBC Program.
  4. Get the activation code.
  5. Visit or using a PC, Mobile & Tablet.
  6. Enter code
  7. Click on the Go button.
  8. Roku is the best way to watch CNBC.

Activate CNBC on Amazon Fire TV Using

  1. Open Fire TV application store.
  2. Get the CNBC App.
  3. Open the CNBC Program.
  4. Note the activation code that appears on your screen.
  5. Using any browser, visit
  6. Select your TV provider
  7. Enter the Code
  8. Verify the information of your TV provider.
  9. You can view CNBC online.

How to Access CNBC using Page?

CNBC is a new pay-TV channel that focuses on content related to the US and international financial markets. The network is owned and operated by NBCUniversal News Group. 

It is best known for its financial and business-themed reality shows and documentaries. CNBC can be accessed by more than 80% of US households that have a TV. The channel is accessible via almost all Cable Systems, IPTV, and Satellite IPTV and Streaming Media mediums. However, if you want to access it on your Roku, you will need first to download the App from the channel shop and then activate Page.

Guide to Activating CNBC on Roku using CNBC.COM/Activate

  1. Please turn on your Roku device, connect it to the internet and TV. 
  2. You must log in to your Roku account from your Roku device.
  3. After turning on the Roku device, press and hold the home; use your Roku remote to click the home icon (button). 
  4. The home screen of your Roku account will appear.
  5. Once you have logged on, Home Screen of your Roku Account, scroll to the bottom and navigate the Streaming Channels.
  6. Choose the Channel Store Option to go to the Roku application store screen Roku Channel store. 
  7. You will need to search for the CNBC channel in the section. 
  8. You can browse the list or use the link to locate it. 

 To use the search option:

  1. Enter CNBC into the search field.
  2. Press the search icon.
  3. Select the CNBC icon from the search results and press the button.

It will take you to the next screen, where you’ll find the preview page for the App:

  1. Once you reach the CNBC app preview page, press the Add channel Option to install the application. 
  2. If you are asked to enter a PIN, enter it in the appropriate field to complete installation.
  3. After you’re done installing, the CNBC channel is added to your Roku account. 
  4. Go back to the home screen of your Roku( account, and search for the CNBC channel. 
  5. You will generally find the newly installed App at the end of the list. You can drag the App around using the navigation buttons on your remote.
  6. Open the CNBC channel app, and sign in to CNBC’s account if asked. 
  7. Enter the login credentials provided by your TV provider in the appropriate fields to sign in to your account. 
  8. Once you are logged in, the application will allow you to access the content that interests you.
  9. If you have been given an activation code, use a web browser to open a browser on your computer or phone and navigate to the CNBC activation webpage using the
  10. You will be asked to enter your activation code when you reach the CNBC activation webpage.
  11. Next, enter the activation code into the field. Click or tap the “GO.”
  12. You will then need to follow the prompts on the screen to activate your CNBC app.
  13. After activating your CNBC channel, you can access it on your Roku device.

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what can I see? What can I watch once I have completed the activation?

  1. Shark Tank– A group of smart investors listens to investment pitches by inspiring entrepreneurs
  2. Mad Money– A journey inside the mind and heart of one of Wall Street’s most respected money managers
  3. Fast money – This panel of five people provides investment information normally reserved for the trading floor
  4. Billion-Dollar Buyer – Billionaire Hospitality Moguls try to make small businesses big.
  5. Adventure Capitalists– In rigorous outdoor expeditions, aspiring products are tested.
  6. After activation at the CNBC Fire TV Page is completed, the device will stream full episodes.
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Stay current with CNBC-Activate Roku for DIRECTV NOW

  • DIRECTV NOW allows you to stream CNBC Live or On-Demand from your favorite devices.
  • You can use Roku to access other DIRECTV NOW channels, including apps such as Hulu and Netflix.

 CNBC makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest news.:

  1. Get CNBC.
  2. DIRECTV NOW allows you to access 60+ streaming video channels and on-demand titles for $35 per month without an annual contract.
  3.  Sign up for a DIRECTV NOW trial for free, and if it’s a good fit for you, you can get your first 3 months for only $10/month.
  4.  It’s easy to install. You don’t need any cables or satellite dishes. 
  5. It takes only minutes to connect via your wireless internet. 
  6.  Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW to get your favorite news channel on your big screen and anywhere else you may be.
  7. You can catch up on ABC, CBS, and CNN and Comedy Central, FOX, FOXDisney Channels, USA, FOX, Comedy Central, CNN, Comedy Central, FOX, and many other channels! 
  8. You can activate Roku to access CNBC using CNBC.COM/Activate Page. 
  9. After Activation by using
  10. DIRECTV NOW channels are different for each package.
  11.  You can choose to start with the standard package that includes 60+ channels per month, or you can upgrade to more than 120 channels per month. 
  12. You can add HBO or STARZ to get a little more each month.

You can now stream CNBC on your TV Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW

  1. DIRECTV NOW works with smart TVs such as the Amazon Fire TV(, Android TV, and Apple TV. 
  2. To stream content, you don’t even need a smart television. 
  3. Roku, a device similar to DIRECTV NOW, plugs into a regular television and allows you to access Netflix( and DIRECTV NOW.
  4.  Get the news feed you want with CNBC. 
  5. Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW using CNBC.COM/Activate Page.
  6. You can stream your TV instead of watching it on traditional TV. 
  7. CNBC can be viewed almost anywhere you are, so you don’t have to miss a moment of the news or your favorite shows. 
  8. You can view CNBC on your TV at home or via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. CNBC is your source of information.
  9.  Activate Roku DIRECTV NOW to enjoy flexibility and options.

How to Watch CNBC Live Without Cable?

  1. Register for a 1-week free trial to Hulu Live TV CNBC is included. 
  2. CNBC is included in Hulu’s Live TV Channel Listing. 
  3. Hulu’s website is also available. Channels Available by Zipcode to see local channels, click here. 
  4. After the free trial, Hulu charges $64.99 per month if you keep your subscription.

CNBC Online Streaming Services

CNBC is available on Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and FuboTV.

 Below are details on each streaming service:-

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Stream CNBC on Hulu Live TV

  1. Hulu Live TV allows you to stream live CNBC.
  2.  This service provides access to a wide range of live TV channels.
  3.  This handy tool allows you to see all available channels in your area.
  4.  Hulu Channels By Zip Code.
  5. You can also check out our list with channels that are available on Hulu.
  6. Hulu’s vast streaming library was a hallmark of its past. 
  7. Hulu Live TV, one of the most popular streaming services, is also available.
  8.  Best live TV streaming services available. 

These features are included in the product:

  1. Over 70 channels, including local network channels
  2. The basic package includes 50 hours of cloud DVR storage. (Upgrades available)
  3. You can watch on two screens simultaneously. (Upgrades available)
  4. It includes 6 profiles that You can customize using
  5. Includes entire Hulu streaming library

Register for Hulu Live TV

  • Hulu Live TV costs $64.99 per monthly after discounts.
  • It is the most affordable of all the current services.
  •  You can stream local broadcast networks, CNBC, and many other channels.
  • For more information on this service, please check out Hulu Live TV review.

CNBC on Sling TV

  1. Hulu may be the best choice for streaming CNBC, but Sling TV is cheaper to stream live CNBC. 
  2. Subscribers need to sign up for Sling TV’s Blue Package at $35 per month.
  3.  Then, they can add the “News Extra” package for $6 per month. 

Subscribers to Sling TV have the following features:

  1. access to CNBC, AMCHistory Channel, A&E, and other channels on Sling TV
  2. Sling also offers cloud DVR and on-demand services
  3. The Sling Blue plan allows you to stream up to three devices simultaneously
  4. Supported on Windows and Mac PCs and laptops, Android and iOS devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Nexus player, Xbox One, 4th Generation Apple TV, Chromecast, and more.
  5. It also includes a cloud DVR and other great features.


FuboTV is a streaming platform that’s designed for cord-cutters. FuboTV offers CNBC and 70+ channels at $64.99 per month.

 FuboTV offers the following features:-

  1. CNBC, ESPN, FS1, and more are available in fuboTV’s channel lineup
  2. You can use three screens simultaneously
  3. 250 hours cloud DVR storage
  4. FuboTV is available on all major platforms, including AppleTV and AndroidTV, as well as Roku and Amazon FireTV.
  5. You can register for a free 1-week trial. Check out our FuboTV review for more details.

CNBC is available on YouTubeTV

  1. YouTubeTV offers CNBC live streaming.
  2.  CNBC is available in the base package at $64.99 per month.
  3.  It includes the following features.
  4. Access to CNBC, ESPN, and FS1 Local Network Channels as well as over 70 other channels
  5. unlimited cloud DVR storage
  6. Stream on 3 devices at once
  7. Youtube TV is compatible with Android, iOS, and Fire TV. 
  8. Roku doesn’t have the YouTube TV app. 
  9. However, users can use YouTube TV through the YouTube app on Roku devices.
  10. Includes Youtube TV on-demand
  11. Check our review of YouTube TV for all the information on this service.
  12. YouTube TV offers a 1-week free trial.

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  1. DIRECTV Stream allows you to view CNBC live online without having to subscribe.
  2.  CNBC is available as part of the Entertainment package at $69.99 per month. 

These features are included in the Plus plan:

  1. You can watch up to 20 streams per subscription
  2. A cloud-based DVR
  3. Channels like Discovery, AMC, HGTV, and CNBC are just a few of the many channels available.
  4. Supported on AppleTV, Android TV, and Roku.
  5. You can check out everything this service offers by reading our DIRECTV Stream review.

How to Watch CNBC For Free?

  • CNBC is available for free in Few streaming services. 
  • These offer a chance to watch CNBC free for up to a month or more if you have different email addresses. 

Let’s take a look at the free trials:-

  • FuboTV Offers 1-Week free trial
  • Hulu Live TV– Get Offers 1-week trial for free
  • YouTube TV –offers a 1-week free trial
  1. You won’t be charged if you cancel before your free trial ends.
  2.  To get almost a month of CNBC, you can use the free trial to cycle using CNBC.COM/Activate Page.
  3.  You can watch CNBC for as long as you like if you are creative with your email addresses and payment methods.
  4.  It would allow you to test the different live TV streaming services and see which one you prefer.
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CNBC Live on Roku

These are the steps to watch CNBC on Roku:-

  1. Subscribe to a streaming provider that offers CNBC (Sling TV. YouTube TV. FuboTV. Hulu Live TV).
  2. Navigate to the Roku menu and click “Search” then “OK” on your remote.
  3. In the search bar, enter the name of the streaming service you are subscribed to. 
  4. Click on the streaming service you wish to use, and then press “OK.”
  5. Click “Add Channel” and then press “OK.” 
  6. If the channel has been installed, you will see “Go To Channel.”
  7. Now the App has been installed on your Roku.
  8.  Log in to the App using the credentials that you used to subscribe. 
  9. CNBC will now be available on the App’s live TV guide.

CNBC Live on Fire TV

These are the steps to watch CNBC on Fire TV:

  1. Subscribe to a streaming provider that offers CNBC (Sling TV. YouTube TV. FuboTV. Hulu Live TV).
  2. Click on the search icon at the upper-left corner.
  3. In the search bar, enter the name of the streaming service that you are subscribed to
  4. Click on the streaming service you wish to use and then press “OK.”
  5. Choose “Download” to install the channel.
  6. Now the App has been installed on your Fire TV. 
  7. Log in to the App using the credentials that you used to subscribe.
  8.  CNBC will now be available on the App’s live TV guide.

CNBC Live on Apple TV

These are the steps to watch CNBC on Apple TV:

  1. Subscribe to a streaming provider that offers CNBC (Sling TV. YouTube TV. FuboTV. Hulu Live TV).
  2. Scroll to the upper-left corner of your screen and click the search icon.
  3. In the search bar, enter the name of the streaming service that you are subscribed to
  4. Click the cloud icon to select the streaming service, and then It will install the channel.
  5. Now the App has been installed on your Apple TV. 
  6. Log in to the App using the credentials that you used to subscribe. 
  7. CNBC will now be available on the App’s live TV guide.

CNBC on Roku, Fire TV, and Android

CNBC can be viewed using the App that you subscribe to for streaming services. 

These apps will download to your streaming device:-

  1. You can access CNBC through the App’s guide. 
  2. Some readers wanted to see a specific CNBC app.
  3. CNBC can be viewed on the NBC app, along with many other NBC-owned channels. 
  4. Here are the steps for installing the NBC app to watch CNBC on Roku. Other streaming devices, such as Fire TV, Chromecast, Google TV, or Apple TV, are identical.
  5. You can go to the channel store from your device.
  6. Search for “NBC.” You’ll see the “NBC App.” 
  7. Add it to your device.
  8. Start the App. Scroll down to “Network,” then choose CNBC
  9. The activation code will be displayed along with a URL or
  10. Using a web browser, go to and enter the activation code.
  11. You can still use your browser to select the streaming service that you want for CNBC. 
  12. Hulu is my preferred streaming service. 
  13. However, Hulu and Sling TV, as well as YouTube TV, are all acceptable. 
  14. Log in to this service using your login credentials.
  15. The App will refresh your TV screen and show you NBC and other NBC networks.

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  1. We have Discussed Activation Process.
  2. All Guidelines are explained related to CNBC Activation of CNBC by using CNBC.COM/Activate Page.
  3. We have Covered Roku, Apple, Fire TV, Direct TV Devices where you can watch CNBC after Activating By CNBC.COM/activate Page.
  4. All Steps Are Clearly Explained with easy Solutions.

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