How to Cancel Prime Video Subscription [2024]

If there is Confusion about Cancel Prime Video Subscription Then, here you can know about it in very easy and simple steps. Just find the steps given below, simply follow them and you are set to go for the cancellation of your prime video subscription.

What is a Prime video subscription?

Customers who have a subscription to Amazon Prime membership can avail of the subscription of Prime video to watch TV, videos, and movies all in one place. They are additional paid subscriptions that give you the choice to add the content you want from third-party premium networks and other streaming entertainment channels. These Prime Video channels give you the choice to pay for the channel only you want to watch and allow you to cancel anytime you want to stop.

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Steps to Cancel Prime Video Subscription:

  • First login to your Amazon account, whether on its website or on its app.
  • Next, go to the option for an account, and then, choose an account setting where you need to scroll down a little.
  • Next, you will find the manage prime membership option.
  • Click on manage prime membership, then you will get the option, prime videos.
  • Again click on that option, and click on the options end membership and its benefits.
  • Confirm cancellation of the subscription.
  •  Later, you can choose to get reminders several days prior to the renewal of the subscription. This way, you will have time to think if you still need the subscription or if you actually want to terminate it for good.
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 You can also choose another option to mail, asking the support team to Cancel Prime Video Subscription.

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Many customers these days are feeling the rising cost of OTT platforms. Some are looking for alternatives, then some customers don’t seem to get affected. Many want to Cancel Prime Video Subscription but don’t know the procedure to do it. So, this article can solve any problem related to the cancellation of a Prime Video subscription just by following these simple steps. 

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