How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku Device

With Disney plus on your Roku, you can watch Disney plus content with Marvel, Pixar, Starwars, and National Geographic. Buy or Cancel Disney plus Subscription on Roku because it offers bundle packages along with the Disney plus subscription, which, if you purchase bundled package, you can save on the total bill.

  • The Disney Plus Subscription costs you around $6.99 per month and $69.99 annually; it offers unlimited content downloads for offline streaming. The contents are available in 4K UHD and HDR streaming quality and can stream on 4 devices simultaneously.
  • However, many people consider the Disney plus subscription a bit higher, so if you want to cancel your Disney plus subscription, follow these simple steps to cancel your subscription at any point in time. 

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How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku Device/Remote?

To cancel your  Disney Plus subscription using your remote, make sure you turn on your TV and have a stable internet connection. Cancel your subscription by following these steps:-

  • Go to Roku’s home page and select Disney Plus on Roku.
  • After going to the Disney plus icon, press the asterisk button on your remote.
Press asterisk button on your roku remote
In This Image, press the asterisk button on your roku remote
  • Then press the manage subscription button, which appears on the screen after pressing the asterisk.
  • Press cancel the subscription and confirm by tapping again on cancel subscription. Your subscription is now successfully canceled. 

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How Do You Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku via Roku Website?

Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on Roku using your phone or computer in case you don’t have access to your Roku device in these simple steps:

  • Go to the Roku website on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Sign in to your Roku account; skip this step if you are logged in already.
  • Scroll down to see your subscriptions.
  • Choose the Disney Plus application and press manage/ Cancel subscription.
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Press manage/ Cancel subscription
In This Image, Disney Plus application and press manage/ Cancel subscription
  • Select any reason for canceling the subscription.
  • Confirm the cancellation by tapping yes.

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What Happens When You Cancel Your Disney Plus Subscription?

  • When you Cancel Disney plus Subscription on Roku device or mobile phone or via the Roku website before your subscription ends, you can still enjoy all of your favorite shows until the last day of your subscription.
  • If you cancel Disney plus on Roku after your subscription period, you won’t be able to continue watching the Disney plus content anymore.
  • Even after canceling the subscription, you can still log in and log out from Disney plus but won’t be able to watch any premium content.

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How Can I Cancel My Disney Plus Subscription?

You can cancel your Disney plus subscription by using your:
*Phone, open the Disney plus app and go to profile and press manage subscription and then cancel your subscription.
*Computer, open the Disney plus website and log in with your details and then head to the profile section and select the manage subscription button and press the cancel subscription button.
*Roku website logs into the Roku website by using your login details and scrolling down to manage your subscriptions. Press Disney plus and then press the cancel subscription button.
*For the Roku device, go to the Roku home page, select the Disney plus icon, press the asterisk on the remote, press manages subscription, and select cancel subscription. 

How Do I Change My Disney Plus Subscription on Roku?

If you are on any bundled Disney plus plan subscription or a Disney plus general subscription and want to change your subscription, open the Disney plus app, head to the profile section, press manages subscription, and charge the subscription plans you would like for yourself.

Where Is the Cancel Button on Disney Plus?

The cancel subscription button is available in the profile settings of the Disney plus app. Open the application on your phone and press the profile button. On the manage subscription button then, you can find the cancel button. 

How Do I Find My Subscriptions on Roku?

If you have any active subscriptions on Roku, they are automatically shown on the home page of the Roku tv. You can find all your subscriptions and their details and end date on the website of Roku if you log in with your Roku details.

How Do I Get My Roku to Stop Charging My Card?

Login to your Roku website on your laptop or phone, head to the payment settings and then turn off the automatic debit option of the selected card. Then, Roku will stop charging you automatically unless you enter the card details.