Bally Sports Youtube TV: Game Over for Bally Sports [2024]

Unfortunately, ‘Bally Sports Youtube TV‘ is no longer available as of October 26, 2023. While there was much anticipation and enthusiasm about a potential merger early this year, the two companies have yet to establish a formal deal. This means that cable cutters who wanted to watch their local Bally Sports networks on YouTube TV are still out of luck.The story, however, does not end there. The potential of a future agreement remains. A cooperation would benefit both Bally Sports and YouTube TV significantly, so talks might resume at any time. Furthermore, the evolving environment of sports streaming and increased competition may put both sides under pressure to find a solution.

Understanding Bally Sports YouTube TV

Bally Sports is more than just a name; it’s a gateway to the heart of American sports passion. It’s a network of regional channels dedicated to delivering live games, dynamic analysis, and insider tales about your favorite teams.

The Standing of Bally Sports on YouTube TV

Currently, Bally Sports is not available on YouTube TV. The channel was discontinued in 2020 owing to a disagreement over carriage fees. There have been whispers of a possible return, but nothing has been confirmed. Diamond Sports, Bally Sports’ parent firm, is looking for arrangements with YouTube TV and other streaming platforms to stay afloat. However, Bally Sports’ costly price tag makes it a difficult pill to swallow for streaming providers.

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Reasons YouTube Doesn’t Have Ballysports

YouTube TV doesn’t currently have Bally Sports YouTube TV due to a few key reasons:

  • High Cost: Bally Sports reportedly commands high carriage fees, which might not be financially viable for YouTube TV, especially considering their smaller subscriber base compared to cable giants.
  • Unbundled Channels: After the Fox acquisition, the government forced Disney to sell off regional sports networks like Bally Sports. This unbundling may have made it harder for YouTube TV to negotiate favorable deals for individual channels.
  • Smaller Viewership: Regional sports channels, such as Bally Sports, may have a lower overall audience on streaming platforms than national networks. This could also be a factor in YouTube TV’s decision.
  • Focus on National Programming: To keep its subscriber base competitive, YouTube TV could choose national programming with greater appeal. Including Bally Sports might potentially raise the cost for all subscribers, including those who aren’t interested in regional sports.

While the situation remains fluid, these are the main reasons why YouTube TV currently doesn’t offer Bally Sports. Keep an eye on official updates from both parties for any potential changes in the future.

Add Ballysports on YouTube with an external source

Unfortunately, Bally Sports isn’t currently on YouTube TV. While negotiations could bring it back, explore alternatives like other streaming services, the Bally Sports app, or regional networks. Stay tuned for official updates!

Current Situation

  • A carriage agreement between Bally Sports and YouTube TV expired in October 2023, resulting in the removal of Bally Sports channels from YouTube TV.
  • There’s currently no official news about Bally Sports returning to YouTube TV. Both parties are likely in negotiations.
  • Some predict on a possible return, but it’s unclear when or under what conditions.
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Alternative Options

  • Other Live TV Streaming Services: While Bally Sports isn’t currently on YouTube TV, it may be available on other platforms like Hulu Live TV, FuboTV, or Sling TV. Check their channel lineups for your specific region.
  • Bally Sports App and Website: You can access Bally Sports YouTube TV content directly through their app or website, but it requires a separate subscription.
  • Regional Sports Networks: If you’re interested in specific teams or leagues, consider subscribing to the regional sports network that broadcasts their games.

Stay Updated

  • Keep an eye on news from both YouTube TV and Bally Sports for any updates regarding a potential re-agreement.
  • Follow social media accounts or subscribe to newsletters for official announcements.


Bally Sports incident YouTube TV is a reflection of the larger streaming industry, where power conflicts and competing interests can catch fans off guard. Whether or not Bally Sports on YouTube TV comes to YouTube TV, streaming providers are under pressure to deliver a solution that prioritizes fans and assures that viewing their favorite teams does not entail a financial cost.